Wednesday, August 29, 2012

# 81 MIlano Praying, and It Works and Gabe!!!

Welcome Welcome Sweet Gabe!!!!!
First time to meet his American parents!~

First day of School!
Gabe's American nieces and nephews!! 
First American taco with His American brother Joe!

Family!!!!!  La Mama!

Alrighty well first lets start with that work ehh?!! Well the work is going great but I got to tell you that Satan is trying to get to me as much as he ever has so far in the mission. Its crazy I swear he will do anything he can to disrupt the plan of God but I need to tell you.... IT AIN'T HAAPENIN!!!!! So anyway  I will start out with a miracle story to get ya'll to feel the spirit a little bit!

Well it was crazy Tuesday night and we do a little service and host English class and people can come learn English and we share a spiritual thought afterward! Its a great way to find investigators! Because I have learned that Italians love to learn English. So we teach it! We get a call Tuesday morning and its from a man and he said he was a member but he just went inactive and that he wanted his son to attend the English class, so we were like va bene! So we were waiting for English class to start but no one showed up!!!! Then sure enough this kid shows up and his name is Andréa! He is from Equator and he is 18 years old and he wanted to speak English but no one else showed up so we were like well..... hey Andréa the GANs who are the young single adults in the ward were playing basketball and a lot of them speak English! So we were like we could go there and you can play and speak English so, he was like alright!!! So we took him and loved it!... and we got his number! So the next day he calls us and is like hey are they playing basketball again? We told him no  but we have a GANs activity tonight and you can come with us. He was like okay! We gave the lesson about prayer and Andréa was just very into the lesson! So afterwards he was gone! I found him in the bathroom just balling! As I went in to comfort him, I asked him, what is wrong? He was like I just don't feel loved right now and just feel bad! So we taught him a lesson. He is just going through hard times but he loved the church and how nice we were and he wants to serve a mission!!!! Long story short he has a baptismal date for the 21 of September!!!!!! He is awesome!!!! It was just awesome to see the hand of the Lord!!! This is my miracle story! Andrea is doing great! Rodger came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was just going through a really hard time now! We are focusing on getting him to know members!!! So he will be taken in easily!!  We have Fabbian who is a baller but living with a lady..... not good but he is working on it he will be baptized next month!!!! Then Salvatore is doing good but still just having a very rough time stopping smoking... but he will do it, I have faith he is a baller and we gave him a blessing!! We also found a Dominic  who is a baller!!!!!!!!!! AND totally accepted baptism and he is Italian!!!! Just going great right now but like I said at the beginning Satan is working hard... our phone is busted... we have no contact with any of our investigators... I'm not even kidding one day we turned it on and there was a pin number we needed to put in but now its just turned into a mess but we are doing fine we will do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satan got nothing!!! That is the work and Anziano Sexton and I are just tearing it up!| okay mom so about the girls. I knew you were going to be stressed about that... its not a big deal just forget I said that! you need to understand mom, I know what i'm doing... I love the advice and I will always take it and we are not teaching them anymore. so no worries!! I'm focused on the mission and I will continue to focus on it it!!! I got a package from Shayla and it was great!!!!! She is great though! Mom Gabe seems like a boss!!! I honestly can't wait to meet him and..... we will go to Sardinia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beaches are so gorgeous!!!! Its so great to hear that he is a awesome and is doing good! Mom you will be fine you are just a fantastic women so you will be okay!! :) but anyway I know I need to give it all I got!!!! I pray everyday for like 5 hours for my district and everyone!!! I LOVE PRAYING!!!! IT WORKS!!!! But, I'm even more grateful for a family who loves the gospel just as much as I do!!!  So mom I don't know if you remember.... okay there was a Chinese kid that I found with Anziano West in Lecco! His name is Ben!!! Well anyway he went back to China because he wanted to serve a mission.... he was baptized!!!!! So he went to China to do the paper work but the government would  not sign his papers or something so..... he couldn't go and he forfeited school to go there so, he came back to Torino to try but nothing.. and he got kicked out of the school because of the mission! Anyway long story short I go to church last Sunday and who do I see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He remembered me instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hugged for like 5 hours!!! A BALLER!!! He is getting into school in Milano so now he is here!!!!! His family is mad at him and stuff is sad but he is a baller!!!! So strong in the gospel!!! Its cool! And another thing get ready for this!! For p-day today Anzaino Webb and I AND President Wolfgramm, all went golfing!!! We played 9 holes!!! It was a blast!!!!!! I didn't play so hot but Pres is the most patient and awesome man in the world and was just helping me out a ton and Anz Webb is a baller and a great golfer!!! What a treat!  Anyway thats all that is going on right now. Mom I love you so so so so much and I will keep going until the end!!! I will take lots and lots of pictures I promise! Mom don't worry about me mom, I'm concentrated! Mom I know I have little time left and I need to make the best of it!!! I know this church is true!!!! I love you all so so so so so much and I can't wait to see you all!!!! Keep up the prayers!! I pray every single day for you all!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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