Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#77 Milano... Who Could Ask For More.... It Converts Me More Than....!!!

Anziano Scheurn
Crazy when you think you have only 150 days left to go! You need to cherish these last days knowing that you will never have the opportunity in this life to be where you are, and in the position that you are in as a Young Missionary for the Lord serving in a foreign country. You need to finish your mission knowing that you have given everything you have to offer. Every habit that you have developed whether it be good or bad will be with you through the eternities. Kind of scary? Shouldn’t be as long as your habits are conducive to the Lords teachings. I know you have grown and learned so much in the past couple of years and will be so valuable for you to use in every aspect of your life. It is my prayer that the Spirit of the Lord stays with you as strong as it has been since you were set apart to do his work! You know I love you and am so proud of your progress! Love always


I know right! 150 days its just going so fast and trust me Pops I will continue to the end! I know that this time goes fast because I have been here and I know I need to give it all I got because it is the end! I won't slow down or give up! Because when things gets tough as President says we are that much more closer to seeing the miracles! We just need to push a little more and really dig deep, as they would say in football! I'm so thankful for you, and for how awesome you are! You are the best example to me! I know that everything I learn here on my mission will help me forever! I will always value this gospel with everything I got! I love you and thanks for never giving up on me!!!

Love Your Son,
Anziano Scheurn

Yo Family!
Alright well another great week here in the huge "ginormous" city of Milano, man when I say that, I literately mean it! This place is so big! They use to have 4 missionaries here in Milano 2 because it is so crazy and there so many members and... less actives to work with, so I think I'm going to bring it up with President in the next interview to put another set of missionaries here again because it is badly needed! There is just so much work I'm going crazy haha! Its great because it really keeps me focused and busy! Some great and I mean great things have happened since last week. We are seeing the hand of the Lord in this work! First Rolando is doing great!! He wants to continue!! We met with him last night and he is sober!!!! He has not drank in a week!! He went to a concert and only drank water when everyone was drinking beer!! He is truly making changes in his life and really wants to find out if this church is true and I know he will.... he is just to close! Its funny every time he sees me he goes Rhhhhhhet with the tongue roll! Its hilarious! I love that man! Just doing great, his date is for the 25 of August so just pray for him! We have another baptismal date for the 25 of August and he is from Philippines, his name is Rodger! Just super elect! We met with him and he just loved every little thing we shared! He is alone in Italy and just wants to be closer to God! We showed him the baptismal font and he got goosebumps... come on.. don't be crazy!!! He is elect! He is progressing super duper well! We will see him again tomorrow! We also have Jane and Roen!! They are two Philippine ladies! They are great!! We will see them with a member tonight and we will get a baptismal date with them for the 25 of August! They too are really elect sisters. We will have a Philippine sister with us to help us, and she is a member! Just a awesome lady! It will be good. Its crazy how good the work is! We also met a man named Salvatore! He is from Italy. He is a little slow and we think he did drugs in the past but, he wants to change is life! He underlined everything in his Book of Mormon and he even laminated it!!!!!!!! Yeah I know just so awesome! Those are our superstars right now, and I know that they are just blessings from the Lord! Its crazy everyone of these investigators are praying and reading to know the truth and it truly is just a testimony builder to me! If people would just read with real intent and having faith to receive the answer like it says in Moroni 10:4-5... everyone, and I mean EVERYONE would get there answer!! We just need to trust our Heavenly Father first!! The work is going well! We also met an African man named Nelli who is awesome and he is from Nigeria!! We will see him tomorrow!! I LOVE this work.... I swear it converts me more then it converts our investigators! AND that is the truth!! I can't even tell you how big of a boss my companion is! Anziano Sexton is a inviting fool! He has invited everyone to baptism!!!! He does not hold back ,thats what he does, its his verb! Just a stud! We are running everyday and that is why I maybe look so thin? I don't know but its good! We just have a ball and work hard while doing it!! So as far as pictures, I will send them next week and I promise you that! So mom and family, I just want to thank you all so so so much for the prayers! I KNOW that the Lord answers prayers. Mom, he has done it for you, he has done it for me, and he does it for everyone! This gospel is true!!!!! Thanks again! Ok mom so here is the deal don't worry okay, I will still preach in Italian and be a boss while doing it okay. Don't you worry about that!! I know its a bummer you guys won't get me but don't worry about it okay because... I will still be with you mom.  When we come back for the Rome Temple that will be better because... I will be able to do things and be able to go to Switzerland to go to the Temple there!!!! I can't wait for the Temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Gilbert Temple looks so so so so gorgeous!!!!! I can't wait for that and... to go with the family into it! Mom so about the cities. I will most likely go to another city for my last two transfers! I won't die here in Milano! I could and... I wish I would but... I don't think it will happen! We will see what goes down but I think I will for sure stay here for another transfer with my trainee which is ssooooo great!!!!!!!!! Because he is a boss! Man I love my mission and I love President Wolfgramm! He is just so inspired!!! AND a great great man! I'm so excited for Emma to be baptized! You guys will need to send lots and lots of pictures! By the way speaking of pictures!!!! What about Joe in the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a tool!!!!!!!! He is so funny!!!!! Gosh I miss him so so so so much! He is so funny! I love him so much! The best example ever!!! I love all my brothers and sister! I'm thankful I can live with them in the eternities, all the Lord asks us to do is... be obedient and really live the gospel!! yuuuuuuh!!!!! I'm praying for Walker to get the boy he wants, exciting!!!!! Make sure you tell Gavin I said happy birthday! I love that kid so much!! We just have to many good memories! So you went to lunch with everyone, that must of been a treat! How are they all doing!!? I hope good! Scott is a great kid and i'm so stoked for him and the things he is doing in his life!! Just a stud!! Man I miss my friends so much!!!!!! Conner, Vaughn, Lincoln and Colby and Scott just all studs. I can't wait until we are united once again! haha but anyway, things seem like they are going well! Mom I got to tell you its true what everyone says... I will be fly when I get home but mark my words... I will get off that plane in my destroyed suit and shoes! haha it will be funny! I love this work so so so much and I know that it is the work of the Lord and I will never... and I mean never go astray!!! I have felt the spirit so much in my life in this church! I just don't get why people don't even try!!! And all we need to do is read and pray.... Simple but we NEED to want to know, and our Heavenly Father will tell us the truth! I got to go on another scambio with Anz Webb our zone leader!! O my goodness so funnnnnny! Just a bomb and great missionary! He is in my group! I love scambioing with him! I just don't laugh that hard when i'm not with him! I love him! So the district is going well! I can't believe Anz Neff goes home next transfer..... I love him so much and I just can't believe how fast time is going! It just makes me know that I need to get out there and work harder and harder!!!!!! AND really find the elect that the Lord has prepared for me!! Well i'm going to go now. I played some b-ball today and I tore it up.  I love you guys so so so much and I hope that everyone feels how much I love them AND they can feel by the spirit that the things I say are true!! This church IS!!!! TRUE!!! I know that!!!! We have a living Prophet.... I mean who could ask for more!!! I love this gospel!!! I love you all! I continue to pray for each and everyone of you! Just keep going!!!!

Love Anz Scheurn

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