Friday, August 24, 2012

#80 Milano "Greenies"!!

Anziani Sexton and Scheurn!
American Candy!!!!

Hola Mama!
Don't sweat it about the short email truly in fact if there is anyone who feels absolutely terrible!! It would defiantly need to be me because, I did not wish you a most exquisite happy happy birthday! You are the best mom in the whole world so I'm pretty much blessed that you were born! Its so great knowing that I have a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of me and gave me such a wonderful loving mom with tons and I mean tons of patience! Thank you for being born! For being thee best mom in the world and yes I used that word the best again!!! Happy Birthday! 
Mom about Christmas did the thought ever come to you guys and just wondering if maybe you guys wanted to wait on doing Christmas so I can be there, but its just a thought! I think it would be pretty sweet! Anyway I support everything you do so don't worry about that!! 
So the work is going good! Salvatore remember the Italian that I talked about.....! He accepted baptism for the 21 of September and accepted to stop smoking!!!!! He is super excited and he came to church and loved it!!!!!! Its crazy how the Lord prepares his children!! We sent him a text of encouragement and we were like you can do it and sent a scripture and he told us he read it and, also read the restoration booklet and just loves it!! And believes it!!!! He is fantastic it just comes to show you never and I mean never judge a book by its cover!!! We have Fabian as well who is a boss! He also accepted the word of wisdom. We are a little scared, he is living with a girl!!! But we will teach him the law of chastity tonight. Please just pray it goes well he need this bad!!!! But he is great!!! Other then that the work is going! We have had some people drop us! You remember Rodger! He dropped us, he didn't show up to an appointment one day and was just like sorry you guys, I can't do this right now! We wanted to meet with him to see what had happened because he sounded pretty upset! We tried but he just denied and it is our job to try to bring testimony and help others but they do have there free agency! Giving them the opportunity! but hey its okay.... he will accept the gospel one day. I don't know when but he will! Rolando.... kind of a headache right now.. We are letting him sit for a while for him to choose himself! So thats okay it gives him room to think! So thats basically the work right now. O wait so yeah Creed Mangrum came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He came to see me here in Milano 2!!!!!!!! Man I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a stud!!!! He was stoked to see me, I will say bye to him today because he will go back to the states, but man just a major inspiration in my life.... honesty no joke he was and is a huge example to me! He is awesome! He went to visit a convert that he baptized and sure enough there was another lady there from Russia and actually now she wants a Book of Mormon and wants to know more about the gospel!!!!!!!! So we will go visit her and its all thanks to my boy Mangrum!!! Thats the work right now! Anziano Sexton and I are just trying to do all we can!! haha But the blessings are coming and I know that!!! Speaking of Anziano Sexton.... man he is a stud! I feel like I don't even need to train him he is already trained!! Transfers did happen, and I'm still district leader.. man its tough.. especially with just sister missionaries and to top it all off!!! Both Sisters in my district, Sorelle Soh and Forbes, they will be TRAINING!!!!!!! So I will have 3 greenies in my district!! What is p-ress doing!!!!! I don't know about this its just hard! And it just keeps getting harder... but I know I just need to push through and thats when the blessings come the most! So please just continue to pray for me!!! Mom I know you aren't feeling good but don't worry because you are awesome and just a fantastic mom!!!! I did get the package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom you just know me to well! Thank you so so so so much!  I'm thankful for your support.When I get home the Temple is the first plave I want to go!!! I love the Temple!
 I need to go but I love you guys so much mom and I'm super super super stoked to meet Gabriele, I cant wait! He will be stud!!! I know this church is true! I can't believe Forrest and Newton!!! Thats insane!!!!! How did they meet up!!! This church is true and I love you so so so so so so much mom and I will see you soon!!! keep trucking!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

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