Friday, September 7, 2012

#82 Milano Yo Yo Yo!!!!!!!!

Anz Sexton and Scheurn!

So Great to see Anz Creed Mangrum!!
yo yo yo Family! 

Alrighty well thinks are going fantastic here in Milano! Just need to say, the work is going great! Those prayers are really paying its toll thank you so much! I can really feel them! Well first things first. I will start out with a freaking awesome miracle that we encountered about 2 weeks go! I never told it because I didn't know how it was going to turn out but here it is! Well, about 2 weeks ago we were on the metro because as you know we take the metro everywhere in Milano or we walk everywhere! So we were on the metro and sure enough there was a man just staring at us and luckily the boss that my companion is…. Decided to just say a warm welcome "salve"! The man was like hey who are you guys? We said we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and he was like hmm….. I have never seen you guys before. We said well here we are for the first time ahaha. So anyway he just so happened to get off at the same stop as us haha hmmm go figure... but anyway I took his number down and we said we could call him in a day! And we called him and we asked if we could see him and it is so scary setting up first appointments because you never know if they will show or how serious they are. Anyway he agreed to meet us in our church and so we did and he was Catholic but not practicing and he is from Salerno by Napoli and he was like I studied with different regions like Jehovah Witnesses and stuff like that, well we explained the Book of Mormon and gave him a copy and he loved it!!!! So anyway but the sweet part of the story is that actually as he was on his way home from our appointment he saw other set of Elders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure and they stopped him and were like hey thats our book and he was like yeah I'm going to read it, He called us Sunday morning and was like what time does church start again??? We were like 9 and he said I WILL BE THERE!!!  He came and loved it!!! He really felt the spirit and now he has a date for the 28th of September! And is reading the Book of Mormon and loves it!! MAN the Lord really does prepare his children just like that lady you are talking to mom she is prepared to know.The key is we need to have the faith that they are prepared and that they want to learn about the restored gospel because I know the Lord prepares his children!!  That was the awesome miracle of the week! Fabian is still doing good he will be baptized he already finished the Book of Mormon, he just needs to work out some things before his baptism but he will be baptized he is a baller! Then Salvatore is so elect its insane, he texts us just randomly and is like…. I love the Book of Mormon, I really feel the spirit as I read it but just the smoking, but we are getting members on him that had the same problem and I know that he can do it because he is a baller!!! Those are our three superstars right now and Andrea... we don't know... his phone is off and we have tried to call but we will just hope for the best… but hey its okay the Lord is blessing us! I fasted the other day because we need a baptism so badly. I'm trying so hard for it... but I know the Lord will do his part…. I just need to continue my part and get better everyday!! Rodger is a baller and so is Roen I don't know if you remember her but her name is Roen and she was a Philippine investigator that we found in the park and she is just fantastic! But anyway we met with her and Rodger at the same time but... are you ready for this... we brought Tina with us!!! She is a Philippine member who is just absolutely amazing! But we call her "tita" which means big sister in Philippines. I love her so much and now Rodger and Roen are just hooked on meeting with us and Tina!!! We will see them tonight!! That was a HUGE blessing! So mom it sounds like Gabrielle is a score! I knew he would be! You guys are probably so good with him and I'm not even kidding you…. I will take that trip. I want to go to Sardinia so bad you have no idea!!! So gorgeous!! But hey mom just know that Eric Kentish is the legend and a baller and I love him so so so so so much and he better be there December…. Please please!!! But I can't wait to meet Gabe! I know that Katy Pugmire will be a wonderful missionary! She has always been great and just a huge example to me! She is fantastic and she will work miracles and I know that…. but we do need the Lords hand in it because if we dont have his hand we are pretty much done for!!  Just a random funy story to tell as well! As you know Anziano Sexton and I run every morning! We were running and I didnt have my running shoes becaus I lent them to another missionary and he took them to his house but anyway... I needed to run in my vans hahaha! So we were running and we were on our way home when this man who is all nifty and fancy in his running stuff passed me up.. and I look at Anziano Sextona and I'm like nuh uh!!!! So I ran pass him and sure enough... he jets pass me... I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! So I just turned on the jets and just jetted pass him haha…. it was so funny!!!!!!!!! We were just laughing and ask if he wanted any more, the answer was... NO he did not come back for more and I have not seen him since, try and pass me!! Haha thats just how we Americans roll haha! It was good times!! Anziano Sexton is doing so wonderful, I love him so much and I will be forever friends afterwards!  O and another miracle... MAN just miracles, but anyway we were going though our book and we came across a family and it said they were close to getting baptized and didn't say anything on the teaching record as far as the missionaries leaving them so I gave them a call and asked them if we could meet with them and they were like well now we are in the Milano 3 area and I was like hmm thats Anziaon Wilkeys area! I called him and gave him their number and the next day I get a call from Wilkey and he was llike hey Anz Scheurn…. Actually he always says in his in accent "hey beautiful" just hilarious!!!!!! Anyway long story short that family was baptized! The wife had prayed and asked God for help in her life and right after they received a call from me!!!! She took it as an answer and now a whole family is reactivated!!! So awesome we just need to listen to the spirit and we will be guided! Well anyway I have written a lot! I love you all so much! We are going to go play some soccer today for p-day… WHAT WHAT!! Gots to show off my skills!! I know this church is true mom! I love this gospel so much! I have been fully converted and one thing I have learned on my mission is that I will always be a faithful member! If someone needs my help I will always help them because I want to be like my Saviour as much as possible! I love you all so so so so so much and….. just keep trucking!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

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