Thursday, August 16, 2012

#79 Milano 'A Divine Calling"!

Hiking in Lecco, Lake Como! Anziani Scheurn and Sexton.

Anziano Schuen AKA,,"the Karate Kid"!


Alright well things are going fantastic here in Milano Italy. Thats right you heard me Milano Italy! I'm super stoked to meet Gabrielle! I'm going to learn some Sardinia dialect!!!! AHHHHHH YUH!!!! I'm sorry mom but I hate to say this but we will be speaking in Italian ALL THE TIME!!! haha its going to be fantastic! I'm sure you guys picked the right student! I know that it was inspired by God and that it happened for a reason! I'm super stoked! You and dad don't need to worry because he will be awesome! When I get home I will whoop him into shape, if things go down ehh!!! But i'm stoked!!!
WALKER!!!!!! A baby GIRL thats what i'm talking about!!!! Walker is a stud and he will be a awesome father I have no doubt about that! I can't wait to see how it goes!! I have looked up to Walker in so many ways its insane! Just the bomb example! I can't wait to hangout with him when I get home!! Its crazy you guys always seem so busy! The funny thing is you guys are just doing work as part of the Bishopric! But not going to lie just a little nervous to be in your guys ward haha! But i'm super excited and pumped You tell Pops that I better not have a calling for a little bit hahaha! Just kidding, I know it would help me super well and keep me focused! I just want to continue growing my testimony when I get home! I want to help the missionaries every now and then as well. I think it would be super fun!! Thats just some food for thought! You and dad look amazing in your pictures in Hawaii! Probably the best parents that anyone could have. Yeah thats right I sure did say it and go there! Thanks for your guys support. I know you guys are great because you guys act on the spirit so well! Just seeing how you guys acted on Gabrielle! You guys weren't acted upon but, you guys acted upon it... and that is what we need to do in this life!
You know we had interviews the other day and I got to tell you... every time I see President, I just love him that much more! SO INSPIRED!!! The things he says! My goodness it just blows your mind and makes you think like crazy! He is a boss!!!!!!! AND Sorrella Wolfgramm!! LOVE HER!!!! The best mission mom ever! She did a little activity about some awesome things! She made a yellow circle on the whiteboard and it represented us and our core. We wrote some things on the outside about the things that we like and think about! Like family and our comp and just other things.. but then she put another circle up and it represented another core but... focused on Christ! She wrote the same things on the outer side! Basically long story short, when we act upon, instead of being acted upon, we are doing everything for Christ!!! Its kind of hard to explain over email but I got to tell you its was amazing!! Every missionary conference I just get blown away! There is just to many great things to write down! I wish I could write everything but I love it so much!! Alright well the work here in Milano is still going great we are hanging in there! We have our superstars! Roger from Philippines! Still working with him and its going super strong but.... we have to explain things slow to him because he doesn't have a very religious background which is crazy because.... usually everyone in the Philippines have religious backgrounds but, he is so great!!!!! He is on track for baptism Sep 7th! Then we have Rolando.. still just having a confidence issue! We are really focusing on getting him to know that he is ready and he won't be perfect before baptism but he doesn't need to be, just clean enough to be baptized! He is great and should be baptized August 25! He calls me Arizona and me and Anz Sexton call him Peru! haha because he is from there! He is great! We did set another baptismal date with a man named Fabbian from Equator! I might have told you this already, but he is cool! His son who is 16 years old who is a member and brought him to church one day! YEAH!!! Now we are teaching him and he is super awesome!!! Then we actually have another Fabbian from Venezuela!! He is a stud!!!!!!! Really gold!! A member brought him to church and he has come 3 weeks in a row and.... loves it! We will see him tonight so that is cool!!! Pray for that! It was funny Anz Sexton and I went on splits because we had more then one lesson at the same time. So we got a member from the priesthood to help us. I went with Fabbian from Venezuela and he has only been in Italy for only like 2 weeks I think! He does not speak Italian so... I did the lesson in Spanish!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!! It went well surprisingly! So that was cool to see how the Lord works and I get to see miracles happen. Thats really the big news right now as far as the work. We have other gators (investigators) but we are just working with them right now, but those are are superstars!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!! There is actually a man named Salvatore from Italy, I think I told you about him. He is so sincere and just awesome but he did drugs in the past and is now pretty slow. He wants to tell us so many things but it is hard for him but he reads the Book of Mormon and he even laminated it!!!! He is a boss!!! So we are just seeing what to do with him! But he really wants to change his life for the good! I see it!!! Thats the work now!! Its crazy us as missionaries... we have the divine calling to really make and notice miracles in these two years. Every night Anz Sexton and I, sit down and before we plan.... We think of a miracle that happened! Its just wonderful to do that!!!! I love it! So speaking of the "SUPERMEGAFANTASTICGREATBOSS" Anziano Sexton! I love him so much!!! He is just so humble. We both invested in a blender!!! So we make fruit shakes all the time!! ALL THE TIME!! Its great!!! haha but anyway he is so great mom! I feel blessed because I will do another transfer with him!! But I can't explain how great he is!! So FUNNY!!!! I think i'm going to sign off here thats about it. I know that this church is true mom!! I have said it and... I will continue to say it! I love you all so much!! Just keep doing what you all are doing because you all are fantastic!!! I love you all!!!!!! 

Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

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