Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#78 Milano No Time To Waste!!!!!


Alright well first things first! You must know where I'm actually doing email from right now, yup its Lecco!! My old stomping grounds!!! Because, Milano is so close to Lecco we ask President if we could go to Lecco for a p-day and he said it was a-okay! So us and the zone leaders and Muggio came!! It was super fun! We did that one big hike and I got a couple of pictures that are great! I don't have time to send them, because we need to take a train back to Milano! So just bare with me ehh! Grazie! I got to tell you being here just brings back memories some good and some bad because.... I started in Lecco so its kind of crazy!! Just makes me feel like I'm restarting my mission haha!!! But it is just gorgeous here, truly my stomping grounds. I remember everything!!! Its pretty awesome!! So I just thought I would let you know about that haha!

Alright so about the work! Well Rolando... I'm just a little worried about him! He is progressing and doing the right things but the only thing is, he doesn't know for sure if he has that testimony. He doesn't want to make mistakes. I know he is ready so we are just trying to let... and help him know that he is ready for baptism! Rodger is just weefy!!! I don't understand! He kind of fell off the planet but, we will see if he shows up again. We are just kind of letting him sit right now! We will see! So Jane and Roen are still doing good! They feel good when they read the Book of Mormon but the only thing is last Sunday they went to a born again church.... What the heck!!!!! We will see them tonight so we will see what they are doing and what the deal is with that! Some cool miracles that happened was that we had just two random South Americans come to church last Sunday and we got a appointment with them. Now there are two new investgators and they love the Book of Mormon!! They are great! We are getting lots of member referrals! There is also an African named Nelly from Nigeria and he read the Book of Mormon and LOVES it he says! He is now sharing it with his friends and they want to learn MORE!!! Thats so awesome I swear! I say it always and I will say it again.... if the people will just take the time to know about the Book of Mormon and the gospel, they would know that it is contagious! Just like a sickness and a good sickness that is!!! haha The work is growing! We are truly working hard!!! I know we will see some baptisms really quick here if we just keep going and find the elect! We just need to keep going because the Lord never ever goes back on his promises!! Thats what we need to remember always!!! Just please keep praying for me!! I feel your prayers and I'm thankful for them! Thank you so much!! I love you all so much! So THE GREAT Anziano Sexton is probably the biggest boss ever! He just is a hard worker and knows what he is doing! I swear its like he has been in the mission for like 2 years already! Just a rock solid missionary and has a huge testimony! I love that kid so much! I'm not even kidding! I have so much to learn from him its ridiculous! Just the most humble kid ever! Just never gets mad and always has the best attitude about everything! I'm glad the Lord knew I needed a "ballin" trainee haha.... so he gave me one! Thats whats going on with Anziano Sexton! I feel like he still gets a little frustrated with the language but, I tell him to not worry about it because, I was the exact same way! He will get it! I just continue to try and help him and encourage him! He will be ok!!!! He is a awesome! I'm thankful for all that he does for me! Mom that is so cool Brady is home, he is a stud!!! O and I know that Nick gets home very very soon but I just don't know when! He is a stud! Man Vaughn!!!! Man!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! My best friend! He just is a stud, just look at him, I love the pictures!!! He is a great and amazing missionary, I know that! What else has been going on here in Milano! No crazy stories yet!! But we will get some!  So mom yes I would love to get into international business. I honesty have thought about that a lot. I know it will push me a lot to work hard and study hard. Its good that I'm starting right when I get home. I will be in the study habit. Mom I want to take an Italian class as well. That will help me keep my Italian! That would be good to do that! It will be interesting to see where I go next. We will see. I will for sure be with Anz Sexton for one more and then we will see where I go for my last two transfers....!!!! Yikes two transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness, I better go do some work then! No time to waste ehh....!!! Mom I know that this church is true! I hate to say it but, I think about my friends and relatives who don't have the gospel in there life's. I pray every single day that they will learn of it! Because it WILL help them! Not maybe it WILL! We just need to trust God first!! Its just glorious to have this gospel in our life's and I know its true!! I know the Book of Mormon is true! It will bless the life's of everyone who will read it. Like Joseph Smith said.... no man can get closer to God then a man who reads the Book of Mormon and abides by its precepts! I LOVE YOU ALLLL SSSSOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! You all keep going don't quit!!!! Cause I never ever will!!!

Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

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