Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#64 Bolzano Just nuts!!!!! My Last Call!!!!!

Man Pops you stud!! Just tearin it up fishing!!! Boss!! Hey but anyway I'm not sure about the release date yet because the thing is! Transfers are 6 weeks! The last week of when we come home would be after Christmas! I have hear that President would send us home a week  earlier because he does not want us missing another x- mas! I think we are released the 21 of December! but I'm not sure! I will give you updates on skype! I love you all tons!!

 Dear Family!

The work has definitely picked up here! I will start off, first things first we have 3 baptism dates!!!!! Yeah!!! Its kind of a funny story! So anyway well there are three families in the ward! One of them is a lady from Peru named Marilbell, I told you about her already she is amazing!!!!! So great!! She is about 30 or 30 something. I want to say, Anyway her and her husband got a divorce so that wasn't cool. She has two kids and one was baptized she is 12, I think, and the other is Pietro! He is 10 and he is kind of a punk. We have been working with him a lot because it says in Preach My Gospel anyone who is over the age of 9 and not a member of the church is considered a new convert baptism! So we have been meeting with him a lot. and Anz Stanley and I met with them one day and watched the Restoration and we invited him to baptism! We had invited him before and thought well he probably will just say the same old thing, but NOPE! He was prepared! Mom he felt the spirit so hard!! He said yes! We made a baptism calendar for him and he was super excited so he will be baptized the 26 of May!!! Then very quickly after we had another lesson with another 10 year old in the ward! SIMONE!!!! A boss! His mom is a single mom as well and the lady is amazing!!!!! She is such a good mom! We taught him a lesson and wouldn't you guess! The Lord blessed us again! He accepted after forever saying no! He said I want to be baptized so he will be baptized may 26 but then there is another 10 year old, I know crazy stuff!!! His name is Daniel! His mom is a convert. His mom and real dad got divorced! She is amazing and his step dad is Max Longo!! Max is a boss!!! Such a stud!  We got a date with him for may 26 as well!!!! So thats awesome they are all friends and they are all super excited! We are teaching them the discussions to get them ready! They are all amazing! That was some awesome miracles!!! Another side note thats awesome is we called Simone to check up on how is reading and praying was going and of course they are all continuing to read and pray which is awesome but then... Oriana, the mom who is awesome!!! She asked me well hey Anziano who will baptize Simone! I was like well a member or someone could do it, its his choice! Simone is a really shy kid! Anyway she went on to tell me that Simnone had picked me to baptize him! I think because I really got him to open up and he trusts me and stuff. So thats super cool! I will be doing that! Its just awesome the Lord is truly blessing us! We are continuing to do all we can to talk with EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE!! We are seeing numerous and countless blessings!
Well anyway this letter isn't going to be really long because I will be skyping in about 3 days! Wow thats pretty intense and crazy! Well I know and heard that Walker wont be there....... which is a huge bummer!!!! So he said I could skype him after I'm done with you guys. So if you could get his skype name and give to me on skype that would be lovely. So just to clear things up first! We have an awesome family to go to for skype!!!!! His name is Aaron Puff and he is a boss! His wife is Monica Debbiazzi and they are a young couple in the ward! We asked Aaron and he was like are you kidding of course you guys can come!! So what will happen is they have 2 computers. and we will go right over to there house after church! We will eat lunch with them, they invited us to do that! Then at about 3 o'clock HERE!!!!!!!! That means 7 o'clock your time but make sure you check that! It will be great! I hope I can see everyone! Looking forward to it! But anyway yeah mom Stanley is great! He has kind of has a shy personality but he is cool and a really funny kid! We are having a good time! DL is a little stressful not going to lie but it is helping me grow. I love it! Yes I arrange the scambios which is again a little stressful but it a wonderful experience to learn from the other missionaries! Also as the DL we go on scambios with the ZLs so thats a cool thing as well! The ZLs are Anz Neff and Parker, I think I told you about him but he is amazing!!!!!!! A boss missionary! So we will be scambioing with them next week! Looking forward to it! Yeah mom its funny like I served in Pisa for 5 transfers and its hilarious. Its true like the Trexlars really are my Italian family that is just how it is! They are truly great!!! Sorella Trexlar that lives here is a sweetheart! We are still working with them. They have came to sacrament the past 2 Sundays, so its going good! Still working with them! Yeah mom that family I told you about! They aren't convinced and I'm not going to lie it truly breaks my heart like no joke, kills me, to see someone reject the gospel.. Like its a bummer because as missionaries we do all we can to help them but.. in the end they just don't believe! It and its bummer! Because This Gospel is really the only thing that makes sense in the world and thats the truth!! We continue to try anyway!! Well anyway I think I'm going to go! I'm sorry if this is a short letter but things are great here! I will be looking for that package! I hope I can see everyone on skype!! I love you all so much and I will talk to you guys in about 3 days!!! AWWWW YEAH wow my last phone call!!! JUST NUTS!!!! Anyway way peace out!!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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