Thursday, April 26, 2012

#63 Bolzano... About to Explode and... FRUITY PEBBLES!!!!!!

Cara Famiglia!!!!
Okay first let me just tell you all right now!! THIS COMPUTER BKS!!!!!!!! I'm experiencing some just enormous lag!! Hey its all good because where there is a will there is a way and I got the will!! haha so anyway FIRST I'm going to start out with the work! Let me just tell you its kind of on fire right now! About 2 weeks ago in zone conference president gave us a couple invites... one being to read all of chapter 9 Preach My Gospel in one sitting! The other to pray a ton!!! I have seen the blessings of both! Truly the Lord's hand is in this work! Chapter 9 talks about finding work and, the best ways to find the elect children! I read it! President made a promise. He said, if you will read this chapter and apply it in your work.... ALL OF IT! Your teaching pool will be, to much for you to teach! Its happening as I'm writing you now!| We have picked up so many investigators and awesome potentials! We have some sweet South Americans! One being William! He was taught a long time ago but the missionaries just stopped teaching him... it didn't say on the records why they stopped. So we called him and set up an appointment really fast! Basically he was super stoked that we were teaching him again and he accepted baptism but..... he is living with his girlfriend right now. They want to get married but can't because his documents are wrong! So just pray for him that that gets settled, he is a BOSS! There is just to many miracles to count. Its just intense and insane! I will tell the coolest, biggest and sweetest and most fantastic miracle EVER that happened this week! Well shoot its a long story and I wrote it to president so anyway I will send it in another letter  but it is super Amazing!! The wife is from Rome and the husband is from Napoli!!! They are sick!!

I cant even believe how many miracles we have seen in the last week! To many to count! I will just tell the biggest one! Me and Anz Warren were doing casa about 4 weeks ago! We entered into a palazzo and we knocked and a man answered. He was like "o its you guys"! We said, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But that didn't seem to click with him! The wife came to the door and let me just say.... I have never been that scared so far in my mission haha! She started going off on us! Its you guys again! You guys come here all the time and.... she said you don't celebrate birthdays! We were like wait what? haha and we were like yes we do and she was like what about Easter and we said yes again! haha so she was okay with us. We left a restoration pamphlet because they would not let us in! Anyway me and Anz Stanley passed by them again. The husband was home! He let us in... SUBITO!! He was like yeah what do you guys want to talk about. We talked about the restoration and he liked it, and in the end we invited him to baptism. He said he didn't know but if he would get a answer. He kept telling us how his wife would be more interested so we were like well, man.. we want her to be home! Sure enough the doorbell rang!!!! It was her! She came in and o my goodness!!!! She said, I have been waiting for you guys!!!! She just was super nice and super interested! At the end we asked to say a prayer and asked for the kids to come in as well, they have 3 kids!!!! A beautiful family! We said a kneeling prayer! The kid said it!!! It was so spiritual!! and one more thing.... it was funny because we told her we don't believe in Padre Pio and she was like well I already like this church!! haha so she said she is for sure coming to church!!!! PLEASE pray for them!! It was amazing to see the Lord's hand in it!
President invited us to make sure that when we pray with our instigators, we are praying on our knees with them so its super great! I just really pray their work can continue, because I know that the Lord knows I'm working my hardest and talking with everyone!! I will continue to pray and work!! Its going SUPER! Just please continue to pray and.... thank you for your prayers already! My new comp is Azn Stanley he is awesome. He is cool! 
So anyway about being a district leader, its super great. I really have the chance to grow and learn and be of somewhat of a help! My district is awesome!!! I love them!  I'm just really trying to do what the Lord wants me to!  I mean obviously I'm going to do all that I can to fulfill my calling but.... at the same time I just want to work hard and find the Lords elect! Its a good experience!! 
So Pamela Trexlar she is awesome!!!!!!!! That was thee funniest story when we called her! I was laughing so hard!!! She is so great! She better come to Arizona!!! I will tell you a story and it is hilarious!!!!!! So we were doing finding work and all of the sudden the phone rang and a man spoke. He was like hey, "spreckins zi deuch" and I was like ummm no.... Who is this? He was like you don't know! It was Fratello Trexlar!!!!!!!!! I had never been so stoked to hear anyones voice then I did his!! It was awesome!!!! We met up and he brought me peanut butter, fruity pebbles because he knows they are my favorite! AND.... a 12 pack of  Dr Pepper! hahaha o my goodness it was amazing!!!! We talked for awhile about the Pisa ward and how it was doing! LIN is amazing... mom they LOVE HIM! Apparently he gave a talk in church in Pisa and there was a member who he really liked when he first came into the church and that member told him, Lin if you ever need anything and I mean anything let me know! Well when he was giving his talk at the very end, he was like, a man came to me and said Lin if you need anything I'm here. Lin went on to say, I'm here for all of you, and if you all need anything let me know! Fratello Trexlar said that the church was just dead quiet and the spirit was so strong! Lin has a calling... he is the secretary archivist!! AMAZING!!!! I will always love Lin! He is my Bro for life!!!! I just want him to be in the temple with me mom! Thats my biggest wish! You know that Lin will be able to go to the Temple 6 months!!!! I want to go to the Hong Kong Temple with him and I want him at my wedding haha!  It was good to see the Trexlars!! I just LOVE that family! They are really my family in Italy i'm not even joking they are to amazing!! ALL OF THEM!!!We did get Sorella Graziedei to come to church and that was SWEET!! So things are going good thanks to the Lord!
Things are good!  You guys are just to bravi! I love you all so much!! Okay so yes mom I will send some pictures now and a cd. I have not sent the box yet. Its a little tough hahah....I need a mom to help haha! I hope the family is doing well. I pray for them alllllll the time! I mean all the time! I love you guys so much! Bolzano is about to explode with baptisms! So just need to be ready for that okay, okay good! But yeah Eric is awesome! He told me he was going to New York! Man I love that kid so much and I just miss him and pray he can be there when I get off that plane!! Mom so we found a place to do skype at a members house named Debbiazi. They are awesome and have two computers and by the looks of it... good connection. Next p-day i'm going to tell you the times. I will be on! But anyway mom I love you so much!!  But I need to go! I love love you and I will talk to you all very soon!!!!! Cant wait to see you all! 
Love Anziano Scheurn
P.S. You know what.... these computers stink and I know you have patience mom so you will need to wait until next week to get the pictures! I think I'm just going to send a CD today! So that will be boss!!!! You will get good ones.... I promise you!! Ti Prometto!!!!

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