Wednesday, May 16, 2012

# 66 Bolzano Moroni Is Calling!!!

Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement! I don't know its the craziest thing you have always just know what to say as a dad! Crazy!! Your amazing dad, thanks for everything! I'm sorry about the softball game but don't worry in a little bit you will have "R Spice" to help out haha! We need those Coyotes to win! Lets GO, and keep me updated on the NBA! haha we will see whats going on! I love you dad and thanks for everything you do!!

Love Anziano Scheurn Your Son
Dear Mom,
Okay I need to be honest that has got to be one of the most boss and bomb things I have every seen in my life! Seeing Moroni getting hoisted up! It just makes me feel proud to be serving my Heavenly Father and trying to find HIS elect children! Man that temple is coming! I can't wait to be able to go to the Gilbert Temple when I get home!!! Everything is going great since we last talked Sunday! We went to visit Walter and his wife! The couple I talked about! Michele Accorino, he is a member and was baptized about 4 years ago! His parents were taking the lessons with the missionaries about 4 years ago! They told the missionaries off and said to them you know we need some more time to think! Now they have came to church 4 weeks in a row and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are super awesome! We are kneeling with everyone now when we give the closing prayer! It is something president has asked us to do and I need to say you feel the spirit one thousand times more! I love it! Everyone is on the same page when we ask them which is even better! It was funny, quick story about 6 weeks ago or 5, president when he was explaining how he wants us to do this! He called me and Anz Warren up to demonstrate it in front of the zone! I was nervous! President was the investigator and it was great. It was great and we prayed and it was just a little small role-play showing everyone we need to kneel when we say the closing prayer! But anyway its going great with them! We saw them last Tuesday and gave them the date of the 24 of June to be baptized. They were on the same page and now are going to pray about it together! They are super bravi!! I know its there time to accept the gospel! So as for the 3 young boys! Okay well its kind of a mess! Next week they are all suppose to get baptized but.. Daniel and Pietro's dads have not signed the paper yet saying they can be baptized. Now they are saying that we need that slip so, we don't know if they will be baptized next week! We are going to ask Simone if he wants to wait and be baptized with them or by himself but if he waits.. I might be transferred and wont be able to baptize him which will hurt him.. but hey, I know what ever happens the Lords hand is in it and they will be baptized! The work is going great right now we are still going to town!! So thank you for all of your prayers! I just pray that you can and will continue with them that would be LOVELY :)
Man Walker! that is what I'm talking about! I know that he will do good mom! He is a stud and I look up to Walker so much! Man he is just a stud! I miss him so much! I need to tell you just speaking to Joe killed me! I love him so much!!! I miss him so much! He is just a boss brother and we are going to have some good old times when I get home! Posey is just a great,hilarious sister! I wish I could have seen Blake, but thats okay, I will see him soon! I'm so thankful for my brothers,sister and sisters in laws too! There example is just wonderful and I'm thankful for them! I'm even more thankful for wonderful parents who get up at 4 30 in the morning to see there son! Thank you so much mom and dad! As for Erin tell her I said happy b-day dang! I would of said it on skyp but I didn't know! I am so thankful for everyone! I love Eric! I love all my FAMILY!!! They just awesome!! Things are going good mom! I will always focus on this great cause I'm doing! Don't worry about that, "I ain't done yet"! :) I will serve until the end! The Lord needs me until the end! Man bummer about the soft ball game! But hey don't worry when "R Spice", gets home its over! I will be owning everyone! Don't worry about that! So today for p-day Fratello Vetterato and his wife took us for a hike! They are amazing! He is a rocker! hahaha and his wife is the same, They remind me a lot of you and dad! They ride bikes and stuff. He made a bike a motorcycle haha!! They are boss! It was great to see Cita and Ralph! I will be writing her very very soon! I'm sending the pictures today! I even bought the cds.  Well anyway I'm going to go but I love you all so much!! This church is true!! I love my Heavenly Father ! Anz Stanley is a stud and Anz Parker is a boss!!!!!!! He has helped me so much in my missionary work!! Anyway tell everyone I love them and I think when you all pick me up we will be able to go to Rome and Switzerland but, I'm not 100 percent sure yet. I will ask president in interviews next week! I love you so so so so much and thank you all so much for everything you all do! LOTS OF LOVE
Joe and Erin picked their kids up early from school to watch Moroni be lifted to the very highest point of the Temple! This is a day they will never forget!! It was a hot day as you can see!!
Joe and Erin!

Would you like to have this job!!

You can see the size compared to people!

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