Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bolzano #68 Transfers and a Passage To...!!

Cara Famiglia,
Alrighty, well lets start out with the missionary work shall Well okay here is the deal. I will be getting transferred... bummer! I will be going to go serve in Milano 2! In the big city! I'm nervous, so nervous!! I'm going to need some prayers ! But hey I think I will be okay because I know that the Lord has called me there for a reason! It was crazy because we were at a ward activity and there were tons of investigators there. We actually drove with Walter and Emilana! So we were there and we played some soccer and you know it, the Italian came out of me a little. thats right I tore it up in soccer! Everyone was like wait are you American or Italian Anziano Scheurn. I was like, lets just say thats our little secret haha! But anyway we were there and it was about 1 O clock and we received a call... and sure enough it was.. yup you guessed it, our dear President Wolfgramm haha! My companion Anz Stanley will actually be training but then he passed the phone to me. I was so nervous on where I was going! It was funny because there are lots of returned missionaries in the branch in Bolzano. After president called, everyone was like well we will see you later Anz Scheurn. I was like....... noooooooo!!! Pres told me I would go to be district leader in Milano 2 ...  I was very very sad because I will not be seeing Walter and Emilana get baptized! When Walter found out I was leaving and found out that is was pres on the phone he was like no no no!!! "parlero con presidente"! Which means I will speak to the president! He wanted to ask Pres if I could stay for their baptism! On the way home from the activity the car was just quiet.. and he still wants to call president to ask him if I could come back for the baptism. Anyway it was sad and we will be seeing them tonight for the last time... It will be sad but I know that the Lord has called me to do a marvelous work in Milano 2! I say Milano 2 because there are 3 wards in Milano!!! Its huge! Walter said I have to come back and visit him.  I will visit him and he wants to come to Milano to find me haha! That will be boss.. But thats not the end of it.. so yesterday after I got home, I was still a little sad. I received another call..... it was the office and he told me that my remimbursments could not be turned in because I did not have the price of each ticket on each ticket. There was 206 dollars that I was suppose to receive back... but I wont be getting it... and then on top of that I received a call from the assistants... hmm thats weird.. they told me that president had done something new... I now have instead of one companionship of sisters in my district now I have 4 anziani! and 4 sorelli......... a huge district!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They call it a "mega district"! I'm scared and the district meetings will need to be done in Italian because the sisters are from south America and only speak Italian or Spanish and I obviously don't speak Spanish so it will be in Italian... and the zone leaders are in my district... ice me... But hey its all good I'm just scared out of my mind and I will need lots of prayers.. I will be receiving a new companion who is in his 3rd transfer! His name is Anz Collins! I will be his second companion... i'm scared out of my mind.. but I will do all I can! Please pray for me! Frances was a referral from Zimbabwe and he is so elect!!!!! He has a baptismal date for the 30 of June!! This is how it goes. When the work goes great, I leave.. but its okay.. I will tear it up in Milano hopefully! I think president is just testing me... i'm scared, please please pray for me! I need it bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to be great to tell you some crazy stories I will have haha! The big city!! I'm stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ghetto!!! Thats how I roll! Pres will probably be coming to my district meetings all the time... yup thats a confirmation i'm nervous!!
So the baptisms of the three kids went amazing!!! I did not mess up on the baptism prayer which is good. Man its crazy like as I walked into the water I just felt the spirit! Its so nuts!! Like I was shaking! I just knew that Simone was receiving a huge passage towards his Heavenly Father and because of this, and... if he continues to the end he will be receiving eternal life! It was sad saying bye to everyone, Our ward mission leader Fratello Adolfo was like when are transfers and we were like this week and he was like okay facciamo cosi, io chiamo il presidente della missione e lo dico che dovete rimanere qua!! Which means like you all need to stay here. It was tough! I love this branch so much! I took tons of pictures. I will be sending some to you all after I send this message! So apparently this ward I will be going to is 80% hispanic!!! So I will be learning some spanish!!! I'm so stoked!!! YUH YUH! Its crazy we will be using the subway a lot and it will be just like being in New York!
So it looks like guys look like your having a great time!!! I'm super happy that you and dad get to spend this time together! Everyone does need a break every once in a while and you guys deserve it a ton!!! I bought new shoes and they were only 55 euro and they are nice!! Super comfy! So thank you for that mom and pops.  Man crazy stuff is going on! I cant believe I'm going to Milano! I'm stoked! I'm going to be a baptizing fool! Bring it! When we come back we need to come back to this branch because I need to see Walter and Emilana! And Frances! So how is the family? I hope they are doing good! Praying for them every day! I will be hanging out with Anz Bushman and the Duomo of Milano as well on p-days because he is in Pavia! Which is super close! Also in the Milano Zone! There really isn't anything else that has happened that is crazy! Transfers and the baptism were the biggest thing but I will send you some pictures and I think I informed you enough on the transfers so yuh I think I'm going to close.
Mom and Pops.... I know this church is true and I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father who cares about me and looks out after me!! Mom this gospel is wonderful! and 'm so thankful for the temples!! Temples are the reason families can live together forever and eternity! I just wish that Italians could understand the plan, and how families are so important! If our families are focused on the gospel we will NOT go astray! My family is amazing!!!! Because I have two wonderful parents who really raised there kids in the gospel. I know I was sometimes stubborn and selfish when I was young. Just a little punk! Now I just see it when I get home, I will be so much more mature! Like just talking to Joe on skype made me miss him so much! We will just talk about are missions all the time and the awesome memories and miracles we have had on our missions! I will never come down, I will keep going and going until I got no more! I love you all so so so so much and I'm stoked for Walker and his kid on the way! The plan of Heavenly Father is a perfect plan! I LOVE YOU ALLLL!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn
 Pure JOY!!!!!! I will remember this moment for EVER!!
 Erternal HAPPINESS!!! Me, Max, Daniel, Pietro, Simone and Anziano Stanley!
 Oriana, Simones mom. She is awesome!!!  LOVE HER!!!!!
 Daniel and his family. Max his step dad baptized him! Love them all!
 Simone and me!
Daniel, Simone and Pietros!!
 Pietros family, Maribell his mom in the white. She is a member and she is great! I will miss them! She speaks to me in Spanish haha!!

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