Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#65 Bolzano, Almost Mothers Day and NEW PICTURES!!!!!!

The Balcony of Romeo and Juliet!!
Worlds biggest kebab! The answer is, yes I felt sick after I ate this!
In Front of the Coliseum in Verona!!!
Anziani Scheurn and Stanley!! 

Anziano Scheurn taking it all in!

Haha, Long story some people in front of the coliseum!!

Papa la guanc cheina (SP). A Peruvian dish that is phenomenal! The meat is heart! Tasty!!   
Helping cook with Pietro, one of our baptismal dates! So exciting!!!

Ya you best keep it short! Ha kidding I know the cds!!!! I'M SORRY its just tough! but I'm sending them! I will send some pictures right now for you over email! The same stuff goes for skype next week!  but anyway talk to you guys this Sunday!!!! 
LOVE YOU ALL LOTS! I have some cool stories!!
Love Anziano Schuen
 Just dropping a quick note! Miss you tons pops! and we will talk this Sunday I love you alot! LOVE Anziano Scheurn your son!
Anziano Scheurn:
It is so good to hear that you are doing good! I know that things aren't always easy but you have managed to become focused in the Lords work. You have been able to recognize certain situations and most important how to act upon them! I love you! See you Sunday!! Love Dad

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