Wednesday, May 23, 2012

# 67 Bolzano " WOOT WOOT!!!

Cara Famiglia!! Alrighty well some crazy things have happened this week and some problems but according to me some beautiful problems haha! So anwyay as you all know there will be 3 baptism this week! yeah!! WOOT WOOT! That means people reciveing eternal life! If you guys aren't jumping right now out of your guys chairs then there is something wrong with you all! Because its huge!!! Simone and Pietro and Daniel all passed the interview! It was given by the branch president, presidente Vingiatti! He is a boss infact, It was funny because after the interviews he pulled me and Anz Stanley in the room! His room! He told us to sit down and we were a little scared! But anyway he just went on about how great the kids are and how prepared they are and how the kids told him that we taught them everythign and he was just telling us how great we did! Well not me, Anz Stanley is a super great missionary and just doing work!! He is a boss! It was cool!I will be baptizing Simone and Daniel will be baptized by his step dad Max Longo and Pietro will be baptized by Anz Stanley! It will be flawless! I will send some super sweet pictures! So we will see how it goes! Thats a super cool miracle! We have some more news! We in fact have received and set 3 more batism dates!! WOW crazy stuff!!! Two of them are those parents I told you about! Walter and Emiliana! They are parents of a member who was baptized about 4 years ago and he was flirted to convert but he is a stud and has the biggest tetimony ever! We met with them and they were reading the Book of Mormona and praying and we invited them to baptism for the 23 of JUNE!! WOOT WOOT!! They are super super elect! o my goodness! It will be great because Micelle(the son) will baptize them!! It was a cool story when Micelle and his wife were sealed in the temple the parents went but they weren't members and before Micelle went in the Temple he looked at his dad and said don't worry dad we will see each other in the Temple one day!!! Just gives me goose bumps!!! The Temple is awesome!!!!!! and this gospel is great! We need it and thats that! So that was a huge miracle! We said a baptismal date with a kid named Benjamin! He is from Equador! His brother is a less active and we are working with him as well! Benjamin wants to be baptized and we set the date for the 23 of June! He needs to come to chruch and challenge himself! We will see. Tonight we received a referral from the office of a man named Frances who is African but he seems so elect! We called him yesterday and he was like when can I see you guys! We said well tomorrow and he was like ok ok ok! We will try to get a baptismal date with him tonight! Miracles miracles!!! Lot of prayers from you all and us! I know that prayer works man, I feel like I can't express myself through a letter but.... just imagine me throwing my hands in the air just screaming at the top of my lungs these things! haha! Thank you all for your prayers and all your support I know its helping tons!!   So tomorrow we go to Verona for interviews. I'm a little nervous cause I love president but man he is intimidating haha! He is a great guy! Truly is inspired! I love him to death and will serve him util the end! Yeah so we will learn tons of needo stuff that will help this work grow even more! So I'm stoked for that! Mom so anyway we had to go down to Siena! Last Saturday back to the Toscana zone!! Because Anz Stanley had to pick up his permesso he started there! It was a 8 hour train ride! YIKES! But it was great because you know why! We stayed overnight with my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANZ SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man he is a boss! It was super fun! I will send some pictures. Me and him ran in the morning to the piazza! We saw a super cool car show! but anwyay that was great and I felt at home! The Toscany zone is the best zone in the mission and if I get transfered which transfers are next week, I would love to go back to the Toscany zone! Mama Mia!! It would be great! We will see what happens next week if I get transfered. It will kind of stink because I will not be able to see Walter and Emiliana get baptized by there son but, it will be great to g.e.m. another missionary who comes and takes my place! Wow thats crazy about Posey and Ben and the kids! Thank goodness that the Lord is looking out over them! I know the prayers have helped! Its weird to the last week I have been praying for Posey and Ben specifically because I felt I needed to! Weird! But thats good that they are okay! I'm glad for that! So Anz Devincents parents!!! YUHYUHUYUH Eternities!!! Thats what I'm talking about! He is great, I love him so much! I want to serve with him again. So about the earthquake! No I did not feel it but some people who live in Bolzano felt it but I did not! So mom I gave a talk in church last Sunday and Anz Stanley said I did very good! It was funny we received a call the day before asking me to give my tetimony and thats no big deal but then the next day the councilor comes up to me and says are you ready for your TALK!!!! I was like what!!! So I gave a 10 min talk or maybe 8. I can't remember but, Anz Stanley said I did good :) so thats good. The Lord blessed me! Thats cool you guys are going up to Seattle and Alaska enjoy..! I love you all and I'm thankful for everything you guys do for me and your guys support! You guys always say that I'm the one blessing you guys at home but I know its the other way around! I'm blessed to have a wonderful family! I know this church is true! I know that the Book of Momron rocks!!!!! I know my Saviour lives! I love you all so so so much!! Thanks for everything again! LOTS OF LOVE   Love Anz Scheurn

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