Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#51 Bolzano.... Love The Area Book!!

Bolzano, Italy!!

Man you look like a huge just stud up in that golf swing!! Keep it up!! Well i'm so glad to here your doing good! Its crazy in German Scheurn means beautiful so I get that at least every other day 300 times haha but its cool i'm proud of it haha! Anyway its cold. Trying to keep it real here and do what I do and.... find these elect children! I love you so much. Thanks for all of your support!! I love you so so so much! Keep on truckin! 10 months until we get to hangout again!
Love you, Love Anziano Scheurn! I continue to pray for you!!! And the Family
Bozen Reporting For Duty!!
HaHa.... I say Bozen because Bozen is Bolzano in German! Who would have thought!! Its so crazy hearing German but I love it! It is for sure an experience haha! But anyway I know that I always share an experience at the end of the email to leave you all on a spiritual note but hey let me just tell you I have been here in the great town of Bolzano for a good week and have already seen the biggest miracle ever!! Let me put it to you this way we have a baptismal date GIA!! (Already) I will tell the amazing liahona addition story to this baptismal date! Here we go:
Okay well it all started out and you all know that in every apartment there is an area book! It is a very great useful tool to finding work! I have really never had a HUGE testimony of this tool and have never really used it in my work but I have definitely kept it updated for the next missionaries who come in so they could find that investigator in a good year who wasn't ready to hear the gospel but now they would be ready! Anyway it was a Saturday night just last Saturday and I was sitting having a good glance at the area book in Bolzano! and all of the sudden I came across a man who was about 23 and his name was Marco! He is italian and he had been taught lots of things of the gospel but there were about 2 sets of missionaries who would pick him up to teach him but then they would drop him or he would just stop contacting them! It was very strange! So I asked my boy Anziano Warren who is a BOSS by the way, if he had ever taught this man Marco and he said no I have no idea who this man is! So I decided to go with the spirit and give a call to this man because he had been to church lots of times and seemed like he was being receptive to the gospel from the area book! So I called him and I was pretty nervous because I don't even know this man and had no idea who he was! But anyway he answered and on the area book the missionaries said that he stopped answering his phone for them so that was a big shock that he answered! But anyway he answered with a warm welcome! Hey Anziano!!! I was like what the heck!!!! I went onto talk to him. He was like man this is crazy you guys are calling me at this time because I had just ordered a lot of books online of your guys church and I just received them and now your calling me thats awesome!! So anyway I said well we are new missionaries here in Bolzano so we would like to meet with you. We were like of course!! We set up a appointment with him that Monday! I was a little nervous but stoked! Anyway we met with him at our church! He was talking in english to us and had a huge backpack on and I was just a little weirded out. I thought o man this guy only wants to talk English!! We went in to teach him we said a prayer and talked to him about why he stopped talking to the missionaries and he said he didn't think he was ready back then! He was like yeah I have all these books, he opend his backpack and pulled out a million LDS books!!!!!!!!! Including Eternal Marriage! He loves this!! He even has a girl friend who is interested in the gospel and wants to be married in the temple as does he!!!!!!! She lives in LUCCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my area!! Its crazy!!! We fixed a baptismal date with him for Feb 25 just a huge miracle!!! I love the Lord and its all because of him that , that happened! Now I have a huge testimony on the area book!! So that was awesome!
Anyway yeah Bozen is awesome I do feel a little lonely up here just like its me and Anz Warren up here by our self because it is a good way from everyone! But hey thats okay we will do work up here anyway so thats all good! We are seeing lots of success talking to everyone! Really trying to find those people who are ready to here this wonderful message! But yes the bad news is I am freezing my buns off!!!!!!!!!!!!! But hey thats all good.  I need to by gloves and a new jacket for real mom because we will be receiving snow I think here in a couple days because it actually snowed in Milano which means that cold it coming our way now! So I will buy that stuff and that will be great!  But the members here in Bolzano are super nice and awesome! I mean its different from good old Pisa but I will adapt just need to give it some time but I love them all to death! Already! I have a awesome  district as well we are in a district with Anziano Gammel and Anziano Druggi who are both just awesome! Druggi is a little new in the mission but Gammel actually extended and goes home next transfer they are in Trento! So thats fun. Its beautiful there as well! Okay so about this whole apartment situation its a little crazy and right now. We are getting or actually in the process of getting a new apartment right now which is right across the street from ours now. So when we move into that apartment which should be tomorrow I will give you that address. I will be getting a lot of pictures here in Bolzano! Its crazy we run in the morning and its so cold!!!!!!! But I need to run so we do it and it feels great after! But anyway thats whats going on here in good old Bolzano right now! I will defiantly need to get warm here fast because its cold!
 But yeah I don't know! But I will receive the Valentine package in a good week at interviews so thats okay!! hmm what else! I'm stoked to work with Warren he is a boss! I love him so much and he has a huge testimony!!! He is great and a hard worker and we are gong to continue to do work!!! We will really find these people because I know president is inspired and i'm here for a purpose!! By the way i'm at a internet point right now and its FREEZING!!! And the faster I type the warmer my hands are haha! But anyway thats awesome about the Trexlers! They are so so so so great! By far my favorite family I have ever met!! I love them so much and will definitely stay inconstanct with them for sure! Their son served his mission in Utah! He is a stud and helped us out a ton! Pamela is so AWESOME!!!! I love her so much SO NICE and the mom and dad and Micela, they are all so great!!!! I have been going on for a long time, I hope everyone is well! Make sure you give Eric a huge hug from me! I love him so much and he better be there when I get off that plane and for Mothers Day!!!! LOTS and LOTS of LOVE
Love Anziano Scheurn

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