Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#54 Bolzano! Whoot Whoot ,Put Your Hands In The Air!!

Famiglia Mia!
Alrighty so what has been going on here in the good old town of BOZEN or Bolzano! Its halarious me and Anz Warren get a long so well its hilarious. You know how Anz Warren is District leader well its funny because every single Sunday he has to report to the zone leaders on how our district is doing! Its funny because we just made up a joke because Bolzano is called Bozen in German so every time we answer we say really loud ...."BOZEN REPORTING FOR DUTY"!! Its hilarious! Anz Warren is so great and truly amazing how great we get a long with each other. Its scary because next week we have transfers so we will be receiving calls. I hate to say it but i'm a little nervous about this one, I mean transfers are always a little scary because you just have no idea on what is going to happen. I just need to trust in President Wolfgramm which is also the Lord because he has not led me astray so far. I know he is inspired and I can trust him!! We will see what happens.
So today for P day we will go to Trento to play some football with our district so that will be fun. Anz Warren has some taco stuff his mom sent him, so we will be making that, it will be a blast!  I miss mexican food so so so so much!!! I cant wait to eat it again! Pasta is getting old but, I will say I can cook a mean pasta!! I'm trying to learn the lasagna its still a work in progress but we will see how it turns out haha. hmm okay so about that work!
Well there was a very cool miracle that actually happened this week. because to tell the truth no, we have not heard from Marco so we think something happened. Its such a bummer, man sometimes I just want to hit some people over the head with the Book of Mormon and then maybe it will in print into them and they will understand what they need to do haha. but.. thats not the most Christ like thing to do haha so instead I will do all that I can sharing my testimony on how it will help there lives. Anyway me and Anz Warren were actually doing some casa, this was about a week ago. We were doing casa and we received a call from this lady named Margot. she is from Peru. She is super cool. She was going to be baptized with Anz Warren but a week before her baptism she lost her job and went up to Belgium to visit her sister.. so she was not baptized then with those missionaries. We have been looking forward when she would come back so we could start to teach her again. We received a call saying she is in fact was back but.. she lives about a hour and a half away from Bolzano... which is a bummer. She is searching for work here in Bolzano. She is super super great. Anyway we met with her yesterday and she still has a huge desire to be baptized!! She needs to find work here so she can go to church and progress. I would love it if you all kept her in your prayers, she is so great!! Other things that are happening well.... just a quick and another funny story. It was funny me and Anz Warren were doing casa and normally Italians aren't tall at all! They are all pretty short. It was so funny we knocked on a door and a man answered and he was HUGE!!!!!!! Me and Warren both just looked up at him!!!! He had a football shirt on! I was just like hey man I like your shirt and he was like hey thanks, you want to come in!! Well yeah as long as you don't eat us.. haha kidding.... but he was super nice and actually plays football here for Bolzano! He is awesome we have only met with him once but we will see him again this week he is cool! I will get a picture with him! hmm but other then that the work is going! slowly.. but sure as heck surely its going!!! Its good! We also found a super cool girl from Australia named Camilla she is awesome!!! We are just trying to do what we can and putting the rest in the Lord's hands!
O and I almost forgot its pretty crazy!! I haven't told you all but the branch here is a little crazy because it is made up of people who speak German and Italian. I hate to say this but they don't really get a long with each other because.... They get mad because in the branch we speak in Italian and the members who speak German aren't a huge fan of that so.. what they did was they split it up into two branches! Pretty crazy! We still have the Bolzano Branch which will be in Italian and that is where we will stay. There will be another branch in Bressanone! Which is crazy! That branch will be part of the Alpine mission! It was awesome, the mission president of the Alpine mission came to our branch! He is awesome! We got to meet him, just a super nice guy! I translated a little bit for him which was sweet! He is cool! we got to see a lot of German members. Yeah I just wanted to fill you in on a little bit what was going on here in the branch. Let me just tell you that the Italian members are STOKED that this split is finally happening haha!

Hmm well mom its so good to hear that everything is going well! The answer is yes Slla Wolfgramm does go to the meeting and she is amazing, truly an amazing Missionary mom!! Honestly I would not even think about asking for a better missionary mom then her! She is so great! The package was great!!! I loved it! Now there are some Italians.... and it turns out mom you are inspired! Because get this! When you sent the package! Afterwards we visited a family named the Vetteratos who are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much he looks like Jack Black and he is into rock! His family is so solid in the gospel! Anyway the daughter wanted to try spray cheese!! Sure enough I have some!! Thanks to an awesome and amazing inspired mom! So she will be trying that! I'm stoked to see how that goes haha! Anyway yeah Giove is great!! He goes home soon!!!!!!! Weird i'm getting so old in the mission!!!! All the young people are like dang Anz Scheurn your OLD!! Its funny! I bet you guys are just tearing it up in the singles ward. who wouldn't love dad, I mean come on! Just the name TOM you could spell it like BOSS as well TS NO BS!! Mom fasting is so spiritual and so powerful and hard but its so rewarding, I love to fast for a purpose!! I need to go but.... I love you all so much and mom you say how you are thankful for a great and humble missionary, I think its the other way around you guys are such a great support! I could not ask for more from you guys!!! Thank you so much! I will never lose my testimony! Just Like Helamen 5-12 says, we need to build our foundation on the Savior and everything will work our just fine!! Thanks for your guys prayers!! I pray for you all everyday and night!! LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! I'm sending a CD today I got some great pictures!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

AWWWWWWW YEAH!!!!! GILBERT TEMPLE.... WOOT WOOT!!! Throw them hands up in the air if your stoked!!! Your hands better be up Pops I don't care where you are because mine are! Thats so great how well its progressing!!! It will hopefully be done by the times I get home!! I'm so stoked to go through that temple but.. also as stoked at the same time, to go with you!!! It will be sweet!!! Yeah Pops I will keep that football for the rest of my mission! After all it has saved my life and kept me sane :) haha but we are going to go play today for p-day in fact! Your awesome for knowing how much I would want that football :) Its such great news to hear you and Kirby are doing well!! I will continue to pray for all of you! I love you so so so much!!! Dad thank you for everything!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY we will see what goes down with Bater Vediamo! ( we see in iatliano!) Dad I love you so much and thanks for everything!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU! Stay strong as well

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