Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#52 Bolzano Tough Week & Bitter Cold!!!

A Frozen Wave!!

Bozen Reporting For Duty!!
Alright well some sad things have happened this week.. it has been pretty trialful but with the atonement and my Savior i'm hanging in there but anyway. I will start with the work as always so anyway that really really bravo investigator Marco who had the baptismal date and yes had.. the baptismal date has had a rough last week.. so I will tell the story..
So anyway we had talked to him last Thursday again and we told him that we wanted to meet with him three times a week to really get him ready for his baptism and he totally agreed and was so excited to meet with us! So the next day came which was a Friday and we tried calling him to see how his reading was doing but no answer... it was very odd and me and Anz Warren were very concerned.. but anyway we went to bed Friday night not hearing from him but anyway the next day we continued to try to call him but nothing... So it came about 6 o'clock that Saturday night and we received a text from, him and he told us that something bad had happened and that he was sorry that he did not respond or call us back! So me and Anz Warren were very nervous and thought that we did something wrong. We called him and he said elders i'm so sorry for not answering but something bad has happened, We were so nervous.. so he said can I meet with you guys tonight and we said of course! He was just crying so he came to the church and he went on to tell us that he has been at the carbenerii for the last couple days.. Turns out that he has a grandma who lives a little ways out Bolzano and he would go up to help her. She is old and isn't there fully.. so it turns out that the grandma had 2000 euro stolen from her in jewelry.. and every old lady has a badante is what they are called but basically a maid that helps out.. but anyway he got accused of stealing from her because he goes up to help.. and he thinks that its just badante that stole. But the rule in italy is, if they find anyone's fingerprints everyone goes to jail it doesn't matter.. so he said that they would find the finger prints because he helps out... so its just all a mess and now we have not heard from him in a couple of days again.. its just sad!!!.. We went to try and go visit him but he wasn't home.. so just please please pray for him.. its just a bummer how such an amazing story can just go down like that.. but hey its okay we need to go on and I know we can.. because we have our Heavenly Father. I will admit I was mad and a little ticked that this had happened but its not over yet we just need to do what we can do.. and thats to pray and hope and have faith that everything will be okay!!
But yeah Bolzano is going okay the work is super tough here I will admit people are just pretty closed up here and its difficult to have a good long conversation with someone and add the bitter cold It just doesn't go good with one another. but I need to continue like I said to really find these people who are waiting. I know that the Lord is testing my faith and these trials will blow over! You know the Savior obviously was the perfect example of this, but I also think of Joseph Smith and how many trials he went through, but now look everything is amazing! I know the good stuff will happen. I just need to work my butt off and find these people who need help.. Thats the work right now.. we are trying hard, we just need to try harder. Everyone is not feeling that great all the members are sick and its just kind of a big mess, even Anz Warren is feeling a little under the weather. Hey its all good it will all get good. Mom about that girl on the corner that is the best thing you can do is just be there for her, I know that members are just a huge roll and so important in missionary work. I'm actually in the Verona Zone and its sweet! I got to see Anz Neff the other day that was sweet, I love him. The Trexlars are doing well we actually got a hold of the moms sister and we will be seeing them this Thursday!!! Thats awesome because they have lòts of family that lives here! I want to really help her sister come back in the church! I'm super stoked! It was crazy we called them and the husband answered and was like hey are you from Arizona.. and Anz Warren was like no but my companion is and so they were like oh yeah we are related to the Trexlars! So that was cool and the Trexlars actually didn't come up because of the blockage of the roads by the snow. They are expected to come up again so I will see them soon, I miss them so much! They are probably my favorite family in the mission! They are all just so great and amazing! I'm getting use to the members here as well we met with a family named the Vetteratos and the dad reminds me of Jack Black and he loves harleys!!!!!!! I need to get dad hooked up with him! He would love that! I will send dad his email he does speak english but dad can use that thing called a I phone I think.. haha but yeah he is super awesome and super solid family!
But yeah I miss Eric alot but hey thats all good I know I will see him, so its all good. Don't worry about that he is amazing and it will just be that much better when I see him again! Yeah i'm still good on the work don't worry just having a huge growing experience!! I'm glad I have my Father in heaven as well as an awesome comp Anizano Warren! I have not got the valentines package yet because we have not had interviews yet but I will get it don't worry.
Well I have talked a lo!t Tell the family I love them so much and I love you mom a lot! mom thanks for all that you do and tell the Rays I love them!!!! Brother Ray is a huge boss!!!!!!!!! This church is true and I love my Savior and as well as the Book of Mormon! Thanks for all your support and I love you all again so much!!!
Love Anziano Nolan Rhett Scheurn

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  1. very cold for a desert boy--good thing the Lord is watching over him so he can be warmed by the spirit