Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#55 Bolzano "Come What May and Love It"!

Anziani Gammel and Drogie!
Some FUN cars!!!
YO YO YO G TOWN!! and Mom!
This week has been pretty intense because as you all know we received some transfer calls this week and let me just say i'm stoked as junk because I will be staying with my boy here in the good old town of Bozen! The Lord has something I need to do here and i'm going to find out just what that is! So around the zone there are some cool things that are going to happen. Let me just say that Anziano Smith is super bravo and a ballin missionary!! He will be our capo zona here in Verona! He will serve with Anziano NEFF! But hey you know what that means! Since AnzianomNeff is the zone leader and the district leader is Anziano Warren, Smith and Neff will be coming to Bolzano to do a scambio!! So I will see Smith a lot! I'm super stoked! Its about time.... I have barely see him in the mission! I love that kid!!!! I cant wait to hangout with him after the mission! Man mom that is crazy that Azn DeVincents mom and Anz Smith's mom caught up! They are both such stud missionaries and I love them both!!! Here in Bolzano it has still been difficult. we are still trying I don't have any investigators to mention at the moment. We did find a Nigerian man named Washington! He is cool but we will see how dedicated he is. We can't tell yet how he will be. Just pray for him and all of the investigators we are currently meeting with because I know you guys do pray and it helps so much! I love you all for that! I received a letter from Blake an email actually and he is awesome, I love him so much and he is just a stud! He is awesome, I wrote him back! hmm well mom I have not received those pictures yet but I know I will get them soon  Thats crazy about Conner and Scott!!!!!!!!! Just nuts!!!! I hope Conner is doing okay and his mouth feels better! I can see Scott going to Brazil as well!!! Man i'm so old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is leaving on there missions. I can't believe it! haha its insane! Like me and Warren stopped and thought about it and we were like dang... we have 9 months.. Its just crazy!! but anyway yup thats whats going on here in Bozen!! OH wait actually funny story!!! We were on a scambio and we were doing casa and we knocked on this door and a older man answered and we told him how we were from the church of Jesus Christ and he was like no no no vai vai which means like go go go and were like but we want to share this with you and he was like no no no, hail hitler hail hitler.! He was like leave or I will kick you down the stairs hahahaha! He didn't do anything he just went back into his room haha! But it was pretty funny!
Man thats so sweet about Eric! I hope everything works our for him! He sent me some pictures that were SO hilarious and just made me laugh so so hard! He is so great i'm not even kidding!!!! I cant wait to chill with him when I get home! He is so funny and just a super boss!  He is my brother and I love him to death! Okay so about Davide yes he did get baptized! So I heard he is doing good! I also heard that the work when me and Neff left is really paying off so thats super good! The Elders who are there now are bosses its Anziano Hardy and his trainee. Hardy is a super stud missionary and is sweet and working miracles down there in the good old city of Pisa!  How could I forget LIN!!! I mean come on! He will go through the temple when I get married, He will be there for that :) YOU BETCHA!  Man its so crazy how fast time is going! Anziano Bona is going home!!! It seems like just yesterday I got to know him! Man times flies when your serving the Lord! I love it! Its so funny because Smith, Portellano and Warren all want me to go to BYU!  Anz Smith would like us to room together. Its so intense on what is going to happen! I just need to stay focused and find those who are ready to hear the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! I read an awesome talk yesterday in the ensign and it was by Joseph B Wirthlin! He said come what may and Love it! I read it and it really touched me and told me that whatever happens happens and I need to have a good attitude about it and just go on ahead with life!! Its so true everything just goes so much better with a great attitude!! Another thing! I think I might be tossing my black suit coat after this suit season! Suit season ends in a couple of months and its crazy because that will be my last suit season! I have my blue suit that is still in great condition, so I thought I would let you know that! hmm I have actually never heard of a gelato college/factory but, I could be wrong..... but that is super awesome the gelato is out of this world but.... I do miss American ice cream haha! ASHLEY ENGAGED!!!!! CRAZY! well good for her! That's super awesome!! I hope that they will do well! I truly do miss all of those neighborhood kids! They are all so great!!!! I need to go! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO SO MUCH AND YES... I WILL ALWAYS SPRINT TO THE END OF MY MISSION!! THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR GUYS SUPPORT! AGAIN I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! THIS CHURCH IS TRUE AND I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT!

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