Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bolzano #53 PUMPED!!!

Cara Famigila!
Alright well yeah everything is going great here in the good city of Bolzano! I'm loving every second of it still! hmm what a suprise :)! But yeah it has been a little chilly last week but actually the last two days have been a lot warmer and the sun has been shining more so it has been very nice! Me and My Man Anz Warren continue to run in the morning he is such a boss but this morning in fact we actually ran to a open field and yup you guessed it.... we played some football and surprisingly I still got it! You betcha! Thank you pops for the ball we played hard with it! It was fun! But yeah Warren is such a stud! I love him alot he G.E.M.s me all the time and mom I never explained to you what GEM is and i'm a little, actually very ashamed for that so my bad. G.E.M. stands for "Grow Every Missionary" and basically Sorella Wolfgramm came up with this. It basically means that every missionary needs to grow and help there companions out! So that is why I say he gems a lot he is a stud!! We are still working our tails off! Really trying to invite the people here in good old Bozen! Going from the Tuscany zone (pisa) to up here in Bolzano I can definitely tell that the people are just a little more closed up here and takes a while for them to start to open up when they talk! But hey its all good we are trying!! It was awesome yesterday I did not write you guys because we had interviews in Verona. Thats where we go because we are in that zone, we don't go to Milano! Verona is gorgeous! We went to interviews! As always I was just so edified by the spirit! I love them so much! They really help me just to continue to keep going, I love it! I had an interview with President Wolfgramm! I cant even begin to explain how much I love him!| He is so so so so great and just so inspired! His words are just 100% gold! I just wish I could keep up with my pen writing when he talks so I could get every word down, because every single little thing he says, just helps so much in the missionary work! I love it so much! President Wolfgramm interviewed me and I swear it was awesome! I told him about Marco and how tough it is a little to invite people, and he agreed that people were a little more closed up here in Bolzano.... but he said you know Anziano Scheurn, that is the beauty of it! The Lord will test and try us in every single way possible, and it really stuck out to me.... He promised and bore testimony to me, if we continue to work hard.... he said, we will start seeing success!! I just thought to myself wow, I just received a promise from a man who is called of God and inspired!!! I know that I need to continue to do all that I can and the Lord will provide! It was great!!! President is so great, I just love interviews and conferences! I can always do better! I love interviews and conference they get me PUMPED!!!
So I saw good old Anziano Giove at interviews! He is so great and just so funny!! He goes home very soon which is just insane!!!!! I cant believe it! He received a root beer in Bergamo where he is serving and it was hilarious! He came up to me and he was like shhhhh... and took something out from his coat and it was a A&W root beer and he just snuck it into my coat, it was so funny!! He is so great! I love my mission! I have made so many great friends! It is so wonderful! I have grown so so much!! but yeah its great! So about the work! Right now we have a lady named Roberta who we are trying to see. She accepted a soft invite to baptism which means, she will be baptized when she knows it is true.... which is fantastic! We taught her and she got teary eyed with us when we taught her. The spirit was just so strong! It was great! We are working with a part member family right now! We are seeing so much success with him! His wife is an active member and she is awesome! We have been seeing so much progress with this man his name is Georgio! He is amazing! We are still trying to find the elect. Its difficult, but just so rewarding! I know that your guys prayers are helping. Its wonderful thank you so much mom and family for the wonderful prayers! I swear when I pray to my Heavenly Father at night and in the morning the spirit is so strong! I can just hear my Heavenly Father telling me and whispering to me how much you all care for me... and that you all are praying for me! For this I love you guys so much!!! Thank you tons! Okay well speaking of love! I LOVED THE PACKAGE! It was awesome mom! Absolutely perfect! I could not of asked for a better Valentines package! The DVD video was amazing!! Thank you so much Posey for that!!! Wow that was so awesome and the pictures! Man everyone is just so old now!!!!!!!!!! They all just look so grown up! I can't believe it! But its super awesome thank you so much mom!   
Thanks to the Lord we are protected.... Mom which I need to say, you don't ever need to worry about me. I know that the Lord has my back! I know your my mom and its your job to worry about me but, i'm okay because.... I got the Lord with me! I'm bummed about *****! I will do all that I can for her. I think i'm going to fast for her! She is so amazing and I will do all I can to help! I will pray continuously for her as well!  Well i'm not worried about dad at all because A. he is strong and he has that old man strength and B. he is a stud with a huge spirit! C. The Lord has his back! I know everything will come back good on his biopsy. I need to go but I love you all so so so so much!!! Thank you so much for your guys prayers! I know that this is the true church of  our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I know our Heavenly Father loves all of us! We can draw more closer to him by reading the Book of Mormon!
 LOTZ OF LOVE! Tell the family I love them and tell the nephews and nieces too!!
Anziano Nolan Scheurn 

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