Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pisa #39 Donald and Nuova Compagna!

Anziani Free and Scheurn, and Donald!! Oh HAPPY Day!!!
"Silly" Anziani with Donald!
A day Donald will never forget!! Anziani Free, Patulo, Scheurn and Devincent. (notice the water or lack of water in the font!)
Familgia!!! Mom!
Come State! Io Sto Benicimo!!!
Ok so first things first lets talk about transfers!! Transfers are going to be so sick! So tomorrow we will head to Milano, to do transfers! I will be receiving a nuova compagna named, Anziano Neff!!!!!!!! I hear he is a boss and I have met him before!  He has been out just a little longer then me! He is sick! I'm so stoked to work with him!!!! It should be fun but we will work and see so many miracles I know it! But yeah thats transfers, it will be sweet I will be able to see Anz Smith, Portellano, Wilkey and Bushman at transfers so that will be sweet i'm stoked for that!!!!! But that is what is going on for transfers! I will probably be here for one more transfer then I will probably leave! But that is transfers!! Free is staying so thats awesome!!!
But anyway about the work! So things are going pretty good I would say! So about Fillipo we haven't really gotten a hold of him but hey we will give him some time he says that he is just so busy and he gave us his mothers number so we will keep trying to get a hold of her because he said that she would probably have interest but we have not gotten a hold of her yet!! But we will continue!
Azula! Hmm we are still trying to work with her but I just don't think that is will happen because she does not want to take the time to act and pray and read for herself to find out the truth so, I don't know about that we will be giving a drop lesson real quick here, its sad but its got to happen!
O My goodness I cant believe I forgot! Donald was baptized!!!! OHHH YEAH!!! It was so sick! He is such a bog and huge boss!!! I LOVE him so much! It was crazy so our ward mission leader said go 4 hours ahead of time to fill up the font so we did and guess what when it came time for the baptism it wasn't even half way filled up yet..... so we were filing buckets of water up and dumping them in! Wang and Lin were there helping too!!!! They are so sick! But anyway sure enough that water was bad.. it was a little brown..... not cool at all.. but we apologized to Donald telling him how sorry we were and luckily he is so sweet and was like do not worry about it... so thats cool but I still feel terrible.. so when he was baptized it wasn't full enough and he had to get dunked on his back.... all the way in on his back, but he did amazing!!! My talk was good I recorded it!  But it was good the spirit was so strong! I loved it, its so great to see people receiving eternal life.. makes me so stoked!!! We will be teaching him about priesthood this week and he will receive it soon!!
Ok so we found a family!!!!!! They are from Equator!!! They are so sick the husbands name is Tony! So when we found him on the street he was smoking a cigarette but when he saw us he said he felt so ashamed he stopped smoking!!!!!! Its so sweet! We went with a family from Equator in our ward and they are really fellowshipping them into the church so we will teach them the plan of salvation this week and they will receive dates, I know it because when we gave him a soft invite he said of course!!! But we know he need more knowledge!! So thats sweet! But he has a family of 4!!!!!!!! So please keep them in your prayers!!! I want that family to be an eternal family so bad!!! Other then that we are still trying to find the elect and I know we will with the help of the Lord and we need to continue to do all that we can have faith and the Lord will do the rest!!!  Hmm okay there are some new coverts in our ward as well who were baptized in Sicily and they are form Congo!!! They are so boss!!!! I love them so much the wife has been a member but we just baptized the husband and they are so solid!!!!! Okay well about me here nothing else is really going on its so good to hear that you are going to the temple mom! The temple is amazing and the most sacred place on the earth!  Plus your amazing anyway! Bummer about Williams Field but hey thats okay they will still be fine I know it! 
Mom I love this church and I know its true and i'm so grateful for a family who is so strong in the gospel! I know that it will bless each and every one of us!!! Make sure your reading those scriptures too! I mean you probably already know that but they are so great and I know that most of us take them for granted at times. But anyway I need to go and play some b-ball with Anz Free, Devincent and Wang Xiang, Lin and more!!! Lots of Love!!! Lots and lots of LOVE!!! Thank you for everything you do and I pray for you all nightly and morning! Keep doing what you all are doing!!! Lots of LOVE!!!!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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