Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pisa #37 A New Nephew & Happy Halloween!!

I'm so glad that you received my letter it it just something small that I could do for you! I received your card and money in the mail, thank you so so much for all that! I love you so much and thank you for everything that you have done for me in my life! You are such an amazing example to me! Just continue to do what you do! This life maybe hard at times but we need to look at the bright side of things and what the Lord has done in our life and everything will be better! I love you more then words can describe!
Love Your Son Anziano Scheurn

Mama! E La Famiglia!
So how is everyone doing! Man its so close to Halloween! Its crazy that its already here! I can't believe it! Its so crazy not seeing Halloween decorations! But I see very little so thats okay haha!
We had District Conference and it was sweet! Lin did not give his testimony but, we had the opportunity to hear Elder Lopez of the Area Seventy speak here and he was so awesome he spoke in Spanish and an Italian, translated it! He is from Spain and I could actually understand alot of the Spanish it was sweet!!!!! It was so uplifting and I learned so much! I loved it! Ok so yes mom I did receive Grandma Joan's package and I freaking loved it! Talk about just a huge blessing!!! It was so great to receive it! I wrote her a hand written note so I will mail that today and I hope she enjoys that! Hmm ok well what else so Max is born!!!!!!!! He is so freaking studly! He will be a boss, I can just tell it! I love it so much I have been telling everyone I have a new nephew so that is really cool! So Lin and Wang continue to be sweet! Lin came with us to teach Donald! We are really trying to get new coverts to come with us to lessons so thats sweet! But they are awesome! Our members are pretty sweet our ward mission leader thinks i'm some sort of great someone but i'm not, I just try to do what I can and the Lord does everything else, so thats sweet he is cool! Our Pisa chapel opens up this weekend so i'm very very stoked for that!! It will be so sweet to finally be able to go to our own chapel! It will be nice!s okay haha! So first lets start with the work!! Donald is continuing to be just the biggest boss in the world! Every time we commit him to do something he always says "Why Not" like he needs to do it! I love him so much! Its so BOMB to see him just following Christ! We are still trying to work with some other people! We will see Azula tomorrow and we will see how it goes with her! If she won't read the Book of Mormon then its not looking good for her because she needs to do her part to know that baptism is the thing that she needs to do to progress and she can't know that without reading the scriptures and praying! So I will let you know how that lesson goes! We will see how it goes down! So right now we have a couple of Italians that we are working with as well! There is a man named Massimo! He was a past investigator but we are going to see if we can;t get him back involved. He had been to church tons of times so we will get to the bottom of that! We have a man named Fillipo who is Italian with a family!!!!!!! So we will try to work with him as well. I'm stoked for that! But other then that the work is going alright! We continue to do some casa and just find the elect so thats pretty boss! I love this work even though sometimes it may be tough. I have said it already and I will say it again! With the Lord and some faith on our part miracles... they HAPPEN because I have seen it so many times in my mission!
So it really sounds like you guys are tearing it up in the singles ward! I told President Wolfgramm you guys were called and he said man they must be very great people to receive that calling and I said, I know they are amazing! So thats cool! So how is the whole family! So next week I will receive a new companion for sure! Man this transfer has been a little rough! But thats ok the next will get better, I know it! I will be staying in Pisa for sure but receiving a new companion so that will be sweet! Mom I will do everything I can to record that talk I give! Man Vance looks like the biggest stud in his football gear!! He is such a boss!
Well it sounds like everything is going great in the Scheurn house! Man I have learned so much this last year on my mission and i'm going to have a very good new years resolution to do all I can to bring people unto Christ!! I love this work so so so much mom and I know that it is real! I'm preaching the unique message to the entire world about Joseph Smith!! He did more for the world then any other man besides our Savior Jesus Christ and i'm so thankful for that! This is the best work
in the world and i'm doing all that I can do to learn and grown and developed those Christ like attributes!!! And bring as many people unto Christ as I can!! I love you so so so much and am so thankful for all you and dad and the whole family does for me! Thank you for everything again!!!!!!!
Love your son Anziano Rhett Scheurn

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  1. Hi Tami,
    Congratulations on the arrival of your precious new grandson. He's beautiful! I'm so looking forward to becoming a grandma. :)
    Thanks for sharing your blessed news!
    Joanne Ginolfi