Thursday, June 30, 2011

#20...Ciao to Lecco amd Ciao to Pisa!!

Rocco Patrizia Villem Squao!!! Congradulations Fratello Squao!!!

Anziano West and Luisa Squao!!! Congratulations to you too!!!

Ward mission leaders!!! Fratello and Sorella Mazinni and Anziano West!!

Sara and her husband! I feel sure they will forever hold a special place in Rhett's heart!!

Anziano Mangrum, the A.P. Rhett has spoke so loving about him since they first met!!!

So how is everything going!! So I told mom the big news with transfers man its just insane!!! But we will see I know that the Lord has some amazing work waiting for me when I get down to Pisa!!! Dang Mexico!! Hey lets play them in baseball and see who wins!! huh!! haha but anyway it has been very very hot here!! So HUMID! As you can imagine I sweat like crazy!! I carry a mini fan with me everywhere haha! Its hilarious! Dad its funny because I know that you ball Joe up! That is not even a question! I mean come on I ball Joe up!!!! I mean if you both want some tips on some basketball just Holla!! But anyway I love you!! Keep up that amazing work that your doing in your calling. I was telling mom we need to just have faith in the Lord! Whatever he says goes!!! Because he is never wrong!! But anyway! Tell Conner I love him he rocks!!! And he better do a good job! Which I know he will!! LOVE YOU!
Love Anziano Scheurn
Alrighty!!! Well there is a lot happening this transfer let me just tell you that much!! So I will start off with transfers! Ok so there is a missionary and his name is Anziano Anderson he is actually in the group above me and he is awesome!!! I love the kid he is ginormous! He Rocks!! But I was doing a scambio and we were in Lecco with Anziano Anderson! So we knew that is was transfer weeks so every missionary gets very nervous because they don't know what is going to happen! But anyway we were sitting on our beds during lunch when all of the sudden.. it was Monday at lunch.. and you got to understand when mission president calls on Monday that means something big is happening , either someone will be training or going zone leader.. but anyway we looked at the phone and it said President Wolfgramm.. my heart started to beat and Anziano Anderson was just going nuts.. I just didn't even want to pick up the phone because I was so nervous on what was going to happen! But anyway I picked it up to hear a warm welcome voice saying "Hello Anziano Scheurn!!" I LOVE president he rocks! But anyway I picked up the phone to find out that Anziano West will be training in Lecco! Which therefore means I'm bouncing!!! He told me that I will be heading to Pisa! Which is one of the most south cities in the mission! A very funny thing is my new companion will be Anziano Giove!!!!!! I love that kid! He was in my district here up in Lecco!! He rocks!! Just a stud! But President went on to tell me some stuff that really scared me a lot! So apparently Anziano Giove is having a rough time down in Pisa! So yet again I'm being sent to a city that has not seen success. President Wolfgramm told me straight up on the phone that the work in Pisa is not going so hot and it hasn't been going hot in a while.. but anyway I know I'm going for a reason.. President Wolfgramm also said another thing that hit me.. He had told Anziano West that he had realized that there would be two cities whose work just would go crazy and Pisa is one of them.. So that is pretty cool! But we will see I'm excited to go down there and just go crazy!! But anyway that is the story with transfers. I'm going to miss Lecco a lot! The members here are awesome! But its ok I know that the Lord needs me in another city so I will head there to do work!! So the baptism went so good!!!! I will send some pictures right now!! But I'm actually going to send off pictures today!! So I'm not really sure when you will receive them but it will be soon! So that is so crazy about VAUGHN man that kid is a stud he is going to do freaking awesome things in Tennessee I know he will! Seriously its so perfect honestly Tennessee just fits Vaughn he is so awesome, a mega stud!!
But anyway Massi that one kid he just tries to bash now.. he is talking with his eve angelic friend and now he just tries to bash but that is ok he can do what he wants we have tried everything we can to bring him unto Christ! Man we have a kid he is from CHINA!!!!! and he is interested in the gospel. Mom he is the most sincere kid I have ever met!! His name is Ben he rocks!!! He is trying so hard to understand this gospel! He is a mega stud as well! He will be the next Stake President in China!!! I love that kid!! Hmm what else, Sara continues to do well! We saw her last night they are devastated I'm leaving.. but its all good! Anyway I took lots and lots of pictures! Mom the baptism was amazing!!!!! I baptized Rocco and I did not mess up on the baptismal prayer in Italian not to mention that his full name was Rocco Patrizio Villem Squao!! But it was so spiritual I loved it so much! Its funny before we received are calls for transfers! Our ward mission leader was like man I need to write President Wolfgramm and tell him to let you guys stay in Lecco!! haha it was funny but he is a good man!! So its good to hear that everyone is doing well! Mom I knew that you and dad were going to do amazing in your guys calling!!! I've learned on my mission that the Lord knows EVERYTHING!!!! So whatever he says just needs to go down!! But yeah this mission is so awesome!!!!!! Man I just love the people!! But anyway I cant really think of what else has been going on but I just know that this church is true... I love you guys so much for the support!!! I'm so grateful to have friends and family who just support me so much!! This work is amazing! It is the Lords work! Its awesome we were listening to a talk by Elder Eyring and he says in this talk...
" You missionaries will be tested like you have never been tested before. You will get the feeling that you all are inadequate and he goes on to say well you are inadequate to answer a call like this. But with the Lords help you can do anything. You all have the power that you have never had in your life before!"
But anyway!! That is what is going down!! But I just want to tell you all how much I love you guys and how thankful I am for your guys prayers!!! You all are amazing!!!!! Keep up the good work! Because I know that the prayers are helping!! Its just crazy how something so simple and small can help! I love how the Lord works!! He is amazing!!!!!! Anyway I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!

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