Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lecco #18... COOKIES!!!

POPS!!! MR. Councelor
So how is it going. Man i'm so stoked for you!! You don't even realize how stoked I am for you!! Your going to be a freaking PHENOMENAL Councelor. I know that the Lord chose you to do this calling because there was NO ONE else as good as you would do! Your a stud pops! Just the hardest worker I have ever met in my life!! You look like just the biggest stud in the pictures! In your FLY suit! Its awesome!! I continue to pray for you and mom in yours guys calling but I know you guys are going to rock it!! Millie is looking good!! Hey that is GREAT news that the Heat lost, truly that is awesome!! But anyway tell Kansas that he better do a good job or he is done by Anziano Scheurn! But anyway keep up the hard work! Your amazing dad I will keep up the hard work if you do because I always look up to you! Your awesome! I love you so so much! Love your Son Anziano Scheurn

Hey There Mom!!
So everything is going great here in the good old city of Lecco!!! Everything is going awesome! Me and Anziano West are really just getting it done, there is no really other way to describe it but the fact is that we are tearing it up in Lecco!!! Mom WOW keep up the prayers no joke they help so much on my mission! I have really learned the importance of prayer and how much we need to communicate to our Heavenly Father and how much he wants to communicate with us! Mom you have no idea how AMAZING Rocco and Luisa are!! They are so awesome!!! They are the most humble people in the world!! I love them so much! Just the other day as well, here is some really exciting news! We had got word from them that Luisa wants Anziano West to baptize her and Rocco wants me to baptize him!!!!!! That is right my first baptism its so amazing what the Lord does when you just put your faith into him and just give your all to the Lord and he will do the rest!! They are awesome so please continue to pray for them! So about Sara... MOM she is awesome!!!!! As you know we had the biggest lesson that I have every even thought about doing in my life!! We had to talk to her about the law of chastity and unfortunately she is living with a less active who has actually gone to church the past 2 WEEKS!!!! Miracles!! He is so sick!!! His name is Eddie he loves me so much we just mess around all of the time!! The lesson went good mom we had fasted and prepared all that we could for this lesson! Sara was almost in tears because her mom is very catholic and kind of was saying you know, what are you doing why are you doing this, so Sara was definitely taking a lot of heat from her mom! But man the spirit was so strong! It really makes me sad to see an amazing girl get to involved in the gospel and grow her testimony and... they need to get married. Its sad but I know that it is simply the Lord testing there faith. He really wants to know the type of people they want to be and there desires! They seemed pretty good about it but slowly we will see what happens. But she is amazing!!!!! Please continue to pray for her as well.. The other baptismal dates i, we have not seen yet but we are still working with them!! So here is the deal with transfers and all of that stuff! About transfers, I have no idea what is going to happen to tell the truth i'm really nervous but I know that its something I cant control so I don't need to worry about it because wherever I go or stay that is where the Lord needs me the most and that is what I need to keep in my head! Mom MAN, I wish you could see how much we have gained the respect of the members here and how much they love me and Anziano West, in the past the missionaries here have really lost the respect of the members but now they love us so much that they are calling us to come and teach with them in lessons!! The members here are awesome!! I love them. In fact a funny story, last night we were coming home from our appointment with Sara and we got a call from one of the sisters in the ward asking where we were. We said o we are on our way home from an appointment right now, and she was like how long and I was like 30 minutes. She was like ok bye... and hung up! I was like what the... long story short we came home to find cookies in our door that was made from the sisters in the ward, just telling us how they love our hard work we are doing for the ward. Me and Anziano West are actually going to buy a cardboard paper and just write how much we love the members in the ward and give it to them! They are amazing!! We are really doing amazing with them and inviting them to lessons and they just love it!! So we had zone conference yesterday!! It was amazing as always! We learned about how the "game changer" is the Book of Mormon and we need to use it ALWAYS! The Book of Mormon is amazing!! Seriously I love it so much and i'm really going to do a better job at using it during lessons because I know the Book of Mormon with prayer really is the game changer or finisher if you will! We need to use it and read it constantly!!!! It is awesome!! It was a little sad! Anziano Mangrum went up to share his testimony because he was departing! He gave an amazing testimony!! I love him so much he even wrote in my dedica! It was sweet! He is seriously a stud!!!! He told me we will chill when I get home! We took some pictures as well! I will be sending those!! And another thing, do you think that you can send some pictures with some football as well and with friends to, because the Italians love to see that I play football and they want to see pictures!!! Your amazing for constantly thinking about me with boxes and emails I love it!! Hmm so what else, man the family is looking good!!!!! Everyone is already looking so grown up!! Man I look at Gwen! What happened to her she is getting so old now its insane to see the changes that are already happening!! They are adorable!! WE NEED this gospel in our lives it is absolutely ESSENTIAL!! So we were doing some casa and we knocked on this door and a girl answered and she was like hey are you guys mormons and we were like yeah that is us!! And she was like o.. well i'm a jehovah witness.. and we were like o know here we go!!!!!!! So of course she started to bash with us but we know that bashing is not good. It just drives the spirit away and you just don't feel good after .. so we said you know what your beliefs are and we have our beliefs and we shook hands and departed! It was just funny because she was like, you cant go knocking doors when you don't even know what you guys are talking about!! It was just funny because the doctrine she was saying was making absolutely ZERO sense!! Ha it was funny but that was the story of the week! Mom I know that you and dad are going to be great in your new calling. Its a no brainer!!! Everyone loves you guys!!! But anyway I will continue to pray for you guys!! But anyway I need to go but I love you guys so much and am so thankful for the support and prayers again, truly please keep it up because I just see and feel the difference of prayers!! I love you guys so so so much!!! LOTS OF LOVE


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  1. so so proud of Rhett, he is "getting it done" with the Lord on our side, we can do hard things--Rhett is proof of that for sure, just love him