Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lecco #19 Keep Praying!!!

K... DAD!!!!!
SO...that is freaking awesome!!!!!! About the D Backs!!! They better keep it up!! Yeah my italian is getting better! Not perfect but better I just need to keep speaking it and it will come! Its awesome!!! I love it, just to think that i'm speaking italian it is just crazy!! But anyway that is good to hear about Millie that she is doing well!! I'm so happy that she is doing well! Tell Rob K that I give him props as well I mean, he can't be like you with them horses but he will do well! That will be fun hat trip to see Stacey I bet she will love that!!! I just love you so much dad! Thanks for always being here for me i'm so thankful for a dad who is a convert. I brag about you all the time! I get these really catholic people and there like I can't change i'm just like this! I say to them wow!!!!! Don't give me that crap! My dad changed because he did what the Lord wants him to. Anyways its just funny to see there reaction! Well I love you dad so much I continue to pray for your work and your calling!!! I know your just beasting it up in the calling as the first councilor but anyway I love you alot!!
Thanks for everything!!!
Love Anziano scheurn

So how is everyone doing!? Ok so before I forget to put what you want in this email let me start out with that first!! Ok so first things first we can print emails so it would be very great if you could send them! It would be neat to look at them before I go to bed at night! So mom there is nothing else I would really need in the box! But yeah just some "cool" pictures haha but anyway. So the work just continues to be amazing here and I have learned by now that its just all your guys prayers that are going to keep the work just going forward!! I love the power of prayer! I'm trying to use it more and more in my mission but not just do it but really reflect on the spirit! when I pray! Its awesome!!! So we have some awesome investigators!! There is a man about 25 that about 5 months ago he was getting taught by the missionaries but it turned out a eve angelica talked to him out of baptism but... the miracle of the story is we actually saw him when we riding our bikes. His name is Massimiliano! HE'S AWESOME we taught him a quick lesson outside! But then we asked if we could see him again. We told him to meet us at the church on Tuesday at 12 and he said hmmm I might be there, I don't know for sure! We said well we hope we can see you there!! So it came Tuesday we already had an investigator named Carlos waiting for us because we taught him at 11:00 so he said that a man had come BY!!! Sure enough it was Massi so we missed our chance to see him... but anyway we started to teach Carlos when all of the sudden we heard the door open! Massi walked in the room!!! Just a miracle something prompted him to come back!!!!!!! So we taught him and he felt the spirit so much!!!!! It was punching him in the face basically!! So he said he would pray to know!! So please pray for him!! He is awesome!! So Rocco and Luisa are still doing amazing!!!!! They rock!! I will defiantly send more pictures with them during the baptism!! They are awesome and just so strong in the spirit!! We will continue to teach them and help them with everything that we can!
O my goodness!! A huge miracle story as well! So about Sara! When we had taught her about chastity they said they could not do it unfortunately... so during church last Sunday the sister of Eddie who is dating Sara said that she doesn't think that Sara will be baptized anymore... I was devastated... I have never felt so terrible in my life.. but I knew that we had done all that we could do and that the law of chastity lesson needed to be done!! But so anyway in fact... on the way of checking internet today we were walking and sure enough we hear "hey Elders"! It was a man from Peru who is actually a member so we were prompted to go back and talk to him! So we did and we told him where he could find a church in Milano!! BUT all of the sudden!! I here a voice behind me! IT IS SARA! She had been praying to come in contact with us! Sure enough it had happened! She told us how she can't be baptized yet but she went to church a catholic church and she said that she did not feel the spirit at all and it just did not feel right!! SHE LOVES THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS!!!! I'm so glad that we listened to the spirit and stop to talk to that man form Peru because if we didn't we would not have seen Sara! Man the Lord knows! EVERYTHING!!!!! I'm so thankful for the Lord in my life! For a great family who supports me and also just a wonderful mission! I Love the miracles that have been happening! The ward loves us so much to!!! Anziano West actually told me the other day! He said man its just crazy Anziano Scheurn! There has been a faith curse here in Italy!! For a whole year there has not been a baptism but the crazy thing is you changed that!! I said o no I didn't change that it was the Lord that changed that! I love the work in Lecco but now I know that wherever the Lord puts me its for a reason and I have seen that in this transfer so much! I'm thankful for a KILLER mission president who just rocks!!!! I know that he is inspired of God because he told Anziano West that one of the first changes he made for transfers was Lecco! Its just amazing how the work works here! But anyway I need to go I love you guys so much next week you will receive the news if i'm getting transferred or not!! And keep up that work in the singles ward!!! I know you guys are doing just perfect at it!! I continue to pray for you guys as well! Tell the whole family that I love them so much!!! I cant believe how fast this transfer has gone!! I mean wow!!! It is insane!! Well I love you a lot mom and i'm so thankful for a perfect mom like you!! LOTS OF LOVE LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE

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  1. all I can say is WOW..the power of prayer is amazing and these missionaries are so close the spirit. so glad that rhett is doing so well, and that he regards you as a "perfect" mom is awesome I don't think my kids think that about me..I love you