Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lecco #16 "La Dolce Vita"!!!

One of Rhett's Favorite Companion forever....Anziano Snith!!! They were companions in the MTC!

OHHHHH!!! Mom!!

So how has everything been going!? it truly sounds like everything is in good shape!! Man Everything is going so good here right now! I'm not even kidding.... me and Anziano West are just BEASTING it up here in Lecco!!!! Last week we had 19 lessons in one week!!!!!! We are just doing amazing because, of the hand of the Lord!! We have seriously been working so hard its insane!! ha-ha its just so funny because I have been in Lecco going on my 4th month here and every time we want to see a member or a investigator the only way to do it is to bike up a Gigantic Hill! ha-ha but hey its good for me, so its all good! Its very funny because either the city of Lecco is very very hot or it is just pouring rain! ha-ha but its all good! For instance today we had to bike in the rain to the nearest grocery store to get groceries and it was POURING!! ha-ha you should of seen me after.... it was pretty hilarious!! I'm sending pictures of all of it! Ok so nothing to special going on with baptisms right now! We are still working with that investigator Sara but there is a huge problem... she is actually living with 2 members who are less active, but still come to church and the only problem is that, a women or man can not get baptized if they are living in the same house with their boyfriend or girlfriend and they are not married. So that is a little tough but its pretty sweet because we have a family lesson prepared for this Saturday with the 1st councilor in the ward. His name is Fratello Mazzina, he is a STUD!!!! Him and his wife are both returned missionaries! His wife went to New York and he served in England so they both speak very good English But we will talk to her about his problem at this Saturday night lesson! But she is so elect its amazing!! But anyway.... me and Anziano West are just stopping everyone on the street! I love street contacting, its seriously so fun to just joke around with Italians! Sometimes by doing huge face expressions and just waving our arms in the air like Italians do! Man I love it! Anziano West tells me every night man Anizano Scheurn i'm so glad that you make me laugh.... he is awesome! So I have not received your package yet but I feel that I will get it very soon! So how is the family doing!? I hope well! I pray for you all individually night and morning! Man Dennis Ray is seriously a stud! he is the man, i'm so glad to have had him for my priesthood leader he is BOSS!! So here is another funny story!
When we were proselyting we heard a voice form behind us! And it said "Hey Elders"!!! We were like what the heck... first off who would even know who we are to say Elders and also why was it in English! So we turn around and its this African American! He is kind of a small man he is 27 and his name is Richard! So we found this man and he didn't tell us all the details about his experience but he lived in Finland and the missionaries found him there and started to teach him! He is from Ghana! So we are like O yeah... this guy is ready, he is ours!! Ha so we made a appointment to meet with him at the church to teach him for the first time! So we get in the church and we start teaching him the restoration! And.... something prompted me to invite him to be baptized, so I went with the spirit and.... asked him to be baptized!!! Sure enough this was his response! "I would love to be baptized but I have already been baptized"!!!!!!! Hahahaha I felt like such a fool!! I was trying not to laugh but it was awesome!!! Now we are teaching his two brothers who are awesome and we should be getting a baptismal date with them very soon but just a good old story! So we have had leadership meeting two weeks in a row and I love it. Every time I come out of leadership meeting it just gets me pumped to invite the first person I see on the street!!! President Wolfgramm is awesome.... I love that man so much! Truly an inspired great man!! Also I cant express how much I love Anziano Mangrum!! No joke every time like i'm just sitting down he is like "Anziano Scheurn, I love you, You are the man! He is such a beast and a stud! We learn lots of goodies there so its very awesome! Also two weeks ago I was un-able to go to transfers because my companion was getting transferred and for transfers we go to Milano! I saw MY BOYS!!!!! Anziano Anderson and Anziano Smith....I freaking love them!!! Right when I saw Anziano Anderson we just gave a huge hug! He rocks! also Anziano Smith , I love that kid so much, he is such a hard worker!!! Its been great here in Italy!!! Man my Italian is getting so good I just need to keep studying and relying on the spirit on what to tell me at that exact moment! Mom I know you miss me! Because I miss you a TON!!!!! We watched a movie in Leadership meeting and it was Anziano Holland! You can find the video on but... he basically says we all have struggles in our lives but there is only one way to do it! "DON'T YOU QUIT"!!!! Just keep going and the Lord.... HE will do the rest!!! I know that you are a amazing mom because you just help everyone you can! Like there is nothing else you do except serve and its amazing! And for dad as well! Man I brag about him everyday about how much he has given to his children! He is such a stud!!! I so look up to him! I love you both so much, words cant even describe!! I'm keeping on going and I hope that you guys will do the same because, honestly now my mission is just kicking it into overdrive!!!! I can't even keep track of days anymore.... literately! Its insane how fast time is flying! Oh and tell Vance, I love him and happy birthday!! As for Tyrell that kid is a stud! Tell him if he is not doing what is right.... i'm going to "whoop" him into shape!!!! Also tell him I will be able to see his senior year of wrestling which will be awesome!!! But anyway I have to go. I hope everything is going well and mom don't you be afraid, you take out that pellet gun and bust a cap on those chickens!!! But anyway, I love you all, and my WHOLE family!!! It is great because they support me so much!!! I give thanks to my Heavenly Father everyday for all of you!! But I love you so so so much and I have pictures coming soon!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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