Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lecco #17 "Miracles"

Dad, I don't have time to write you because I need to write my mission president about our week but, I wrote mom a long letter of miracles and such! I love you a lot and it makes me really upset about Ruby but, I know that she loved you! Who doesn't love you!!! Thanks for everything! I love love love you and I need the Mavericks to win!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

OK MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!!!! THE WORK IS OFF THE CHARTS RIGHT NOW! LITERALLY!!!! I will start out with 4 very touching miracle stories!
1. The First we have this lady her name is Whilmar, she is from Equator! She is awesome! I have always had a very very good feeling about inviting her to be baptized she is awesome! Because she doesn't have a male who lives with her, we need to teach her at a park but she is awesome! She loves the Book of Mormon!!! So one day we took the train to go see her! When we arrived we saw her talking with this lady and we were like oh that is cool! So we started talking to both of them! And finally I worked up the courage and I was like... hey do you want to come listen to the lesson as well, to the other girl who was there!! So sure enough she said hmm I would like to hear what you guys would like to say! I had no idea who this girl was! When we finally arrived at the park! She had told us that she had a brother in Peru who actually is a member! So we started to talk and talk and finally the spirit was just so so so strong that we invited BOTH OF THEM to be baptized!! And guess what THEY BOTH EXCEPTED! The first time meeting this girl named Maria and she accepted! But not only that... I really wanted to give Maria a Book of Mormon and another miracle was I had a BOOK OF MORMON IN SPANISH!!! Man the Lord is awesome!! I had no idea it was in my backpack!! So that is 2 baptism dates right there thanks to the spirit and the Lord!!
2. The 2nd miracle that we had was when we did a scambi! (exchange) Anizano West and Anziano Anderson.... a different Andersen! They were proselyting and when all of a sudden they saw a man and they felt very very prompted to talk to him. So they did and the man was with his wife as well! So they invited him to church and gave him a Book of Mormon and they bore their testimony on how true this church is and what it has done for them!!! So sure enough the very next day he showed up to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing!!!! It was Fast Sunday and he listened to all of the great testimonies and he even bore his testimony!!!! Absolutely amazing! His name is Rocco and his wife is Luisa! Their situation is very very sad! He worked for the Carbinerri but his wife got cancer and she has epilepsy.. So he started to care for her a lot and so he lost his job and he can't get it back because he is old... he is amazing mom.... and his wife is too. He cried during the Restoration film.. They are living in a bathroom in the hospital.. they have a job and house in September though.. I need you to pray for them! Now we have a baptismal date with each of them! They are amazing!
3. Another miracle story its short but.... me and Squarcia he is from Italia!!! He is such a stud!!! We were doing a scambi... I did 18 invited by myself!! On the street but... we invited this one man and he was not interested at all but, we kept just pushing to talk to him and by the end of the conversation he was crying because of his trials, he was having. Truly we were there to help him! He had said that he thinks that God sent 2 angels to talk to him... meaning us! We will work with him! He is awesome his name is Salvatore!
4. Finally the last is with Sara! So we had a family home evening night and we watched the restoration film but there were babies who were just crying and crying and crying!!! The spirit was not strong at all! But she just is so strong!!!!! Her testimony is so huge!! We looked at her and asked Sara do you believe that the church has been restored and she said of course!! So Anziano West told me he was scared because of the way the lesson was going but.... I demonstrated my faith to the Lord and told Anziano West I was going for it because.... it was time! So I looked at her and the room got quiet all of the sudden.... and I said Sara we have prayed and pondered and I continued to say.... we know that you are ready for baptism on July 9 and she said.... I know.... I'm ready as well!! So we have a baptismal date with her!! She is amazing!!!!!!! But there is a situation that we need to work out, she is living with a man who is freaking awesome and less active but he has came to church the last 2 weeks but they are not married so I need you to pray that we know what to do with that situation!!
Its amazing how the Lord works!! If we just give it are all the Lord will do the rest.... that is all he asks for! We have 6 baptism dates! but we just need to keep going and keep finding the elect!!
Ok so I received your package!! Let me just say.... absolutely perfect.... it had everything I need! It felt so good to hear every one's voice on the tape recorder wow... it was awesome!!! Its so great! The AZ flag is now hanging in my room along with the U.S. flag!! Ok so mom next week I will defiantly send a package with a shirt, and pictures.... and probably a tape!!! So just be ready for that because you are amazing and I know that I owe you and dad tremendously!! I do know Anziano Free but, I have not seen him in the mission yet! I see Anziano Bushman a lot! Man I love that kid!! He is a stud!!! So I know.... man I really need to see where Vaughn is going on his mission! Mom you look great in those pictures your a freaking trooper and you are stellar!!! Because that is defiantly not easy to take a 2 day trip to the Grand Canyon with kids like that!!! But I know that they all love you because you rock!!! I'm so thankful for an amazing family!!!!! My dad is a stud!!! I continue to pray for you guys every day! And tell Vance, Brogan, Grey, Emma, Noah, Gwen, Gavin, Lucy, Ellie, Gage... that i'm going to give every one of them a super smoocher when I come back! They are so adorable! Anyway.... I love you guys so much and be expecting a box pretty soon! To tell the truth I have no idea what is going to happen this transfer! Man anything can happen!! I just don't know yet! But I will for sure keep you posted!
Mom I love love love you and I love love love dad!!! You guys are amazing and have always been here for me for all that I do!!! Tell the whole family I love them!!!!

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