Friday, July 8, 2011

#21...We Love Heather Brown!!

A big THANK YOU to Heather Brown and her family who were on vacation and took this picture of Anziano Giove and Anziano Scheurn with her beautiful family!! LOVE the Browns!!
Inside the cathedral in Siena!!!

Anziani Warren and Scheurn! (I think these Anziani need some "Gap insurance" the way their tie's looks) Alrighty!!!!!! So where do I begin!!

So let me just say that Pisa is not the prettiest city that everyone thinks it is but I will say that its different! Its different in the sense that I came from this such like high class city down to this gangster ghettofide city! haha but I love it, I feel at home! Anyway let me just start out by saying Anziano Giove is a stud I love that man so much! Such a hard worker and I know that me and him are going to start seeing miracles through hard work! I know that we need to just keep going! Every morning we run in the morning and we run by the Tower of Pisa its pretty sweet but I have seen it like a million times haha but its cool though! So what else has been going down! Ok so the ward here is pretty sick well actually its a branch! Our new mission leader loves me and Giove! He just tells me all the time I just feel like we are going to work together and its going to be a great! I know he is right! But anyway its a little tough to get use to a new branch but I will get the hang of it! Hmm o yeah so about our church building, on the 17th they are actually closing down our building for construction so we will have to go to Livorno for church! That is where are district leader is! He is a stud his name is Anziano Newton and he was a travel assistant! He is actually in Anziano West's group he rocks! I came into this city with no investigators haha but anyway its ok we will find them don't you worry! Just keep those prayers up and I know that we will see a difference! Hmm there is actually a less active in our branch but she went to church last week but her name is Sialla Sarti and she is HILARIOUS! She is about 65 and she just reminds me of you mom she is so funny! Our apartment is a little ghetto I will be sending you pictures but its cozy though! We have mosquito nets and mine falls on me all the time in the night but its all good!! hmm so for this p-day it was me and Giove and a bunch of other missionaries including Anziano Warren who is actually from my MTC group he rocks!!!! It was fun we went to Siena its a city south of Pisa and its gorgeous!! It was cool to see the churches!! hmm that is about it thats going down right now but how is everyone doing! Tell dad that when I get home I got his back and I got the names of the people who did that! Pops is a freaking warrior!!!!!! But anyway yeah it was a very funny story with that Heather Brown we were just riding our bikes and all of the sudden we just heard this MISSIONARIES and we were like first off who is calling us missionaries and why would they be calling us it in english! So it was her and she was really nice she was from Utah!! But anyway! Giove is a really fun guy we high five each other all the time like the Todd on scrubs! Ask Walker and Joe about that they will be able to explain it a little more then I can over internet! Man I cant believe that general conference is coming up again! Its just crazy! Well how is everyone doing let me know! The work here is just about to explode! I can just feel it! I am literally talking to everyone!!! Inviting them unto Christ!! Just to think of what the Savior did for me I mean how can I not go out and just preach this gospel it truly is a blessing to have all of it!!!! But anyway I love you all so so so much!!! Its just funny down in the south the people just have a little more crazy sense of humor and I love it!! But anyway actually Anderson is not my zone leader he is from Verona and i'm in the Firenze zone!!!! o yeha you heard me FIRENZE!! I will need to send Joe Walker Blake and Ben and dad a tie they are 2 EURO!!!!!!! Fantastic! But anyway mom I love you so much and am looking foward to the box!!!!! I love you and am so thankful for your guys support just keep on turckin!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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  1. love the miracles in his life that are happening--eric and I are going next month-maybe we will be close enough to see Rhett