Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOAH!!! Lecco # 15

Woah!!!! Tamy Scheurn!!!!!! (saying it like eric says it)

Man I love that kid so much it was so awesome to get a email from him! I love him so much and I will see him one day so i'm not worried about it! I'm so stoked about the package that is coming my way because... I know that you send freaking awesome packages! So... its no wonder that it will be an amazing package!! Man this week we are having a killer week!!!! The work is going awesome right now! Anziano West is seriously awesome!! Me and him are just killing it in Lecco! He is from Sandy Utah and he seriously is amazing and a very hard worker! I know we are going to see some baptisms here very very soon! We just need to keep on going!! So nothing has happened this week except that we had leadership meeting!! It was awesome! I just love going to leadership meeting to just get pumped up and get ready to go out and just eat up the people with the gospel! We had some good lessons about how we should work with the members more, as well as how to set our vision better! We do a vision every transfer and it is a layout on what we want to see happen in the transfer and what are goals should be so... it was a very good leadership meeting! Still working with that girl Sara as well as some other investigators!!! They are all awesome! Honestly that is so sick about dads new calling!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not tell anyone but.... honestly so sick!!!! Man I love this work!!! I don't have any crazy stories but... I just love this mission so much!! Italy is awesome!! I'm still getting used to it but.... i'm just getting used to it and used to it and used to it!! It is awesome!! I'm so thankful to have an amazing mom and family who supports me in all that I do! Well mom I love you much much much and am so thankful to be a Disciple of Christ in Italy!! I love Anziano Mangrum as well! Man that guy is awesome!! He is just awesome! That is the only way to explain it! I love President Wolfgramm as well!! Well mom thanks for everything!!! Next week will be a better letter! With more details!! Just know that your son is working hard to get those lost sheep back in the fold!!!
P.S. I saw Anziano Smith and Anderson at transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking love Smith and Anderson!!!! Amazing pictures are coming soon... I got good ones coming!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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