Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#83 Milano... I love My MIssion Mom!!!

(Note from Tamy, This is probably 30 minutes of free time Pres gets in a week or possible a month and he still spends his times with his missionaries!)
Anziani Scheurn and Webb!


Well how is everything going? I can't seem to figure it out because mom you tell me that everything is boring but man..... I got to tell you those ASU videos and pictures are killing me and... it seems to me that it is not boring haha! But I need to tell you that close to every teenage kid, here in Italy just has the dream of going to America and... let alone go to all of these games and stuff! I can't help to think how blessed Gabe is man... you guys are ballers you and Pops!! Who doesn't love you guys honestly!!!! You guys are fantastic and I know that you guys are doing a fantastic job with Gabe because, I know that he loves you guys! I can just feel it. 
We are seeing some super sweet miracles!!!  If missionaries could just be positive things would just go so much smoother.  I have a huge testimony of that!!! But we all have our free agency so its up to us if we really want to be happy or not. 
Anyway are super super star is defiantly Giovanni still!!! He is a baller!!!!! From Salerno! He is progressing so well, he has a spirit that I cant even begin to tell you how big and great it is!! He is reading the Book of Mormon and praying with real intent! He is fantastic! He is a example to me! His date is for the 29 of September! He is working good towards it but please please pray extra hard for him.... I will admit its been a little tough in Milano 2... We have had all these awesome investigators.. and some times I feel like I'm not succeeding.. because I have not seen a baptism and when I'm working as hard as I am the baptisms just stop... and I know I'm not perfect... and I can always be better but man. its been a little tough! I just want Anziano Sexton to see a baptism so bad... Just pray for him and don't worry about me because I know that I can do it and things will get better.. but F****** won't answer his phone right now... don't know whats going on with that...  but we will see what happens with him. We will continue to try and contact him. R***** is doing great. Still having some things happen. but he is fantastic and we are seeing him and he just really is changing his heart! He is great! We have found a couple of new investigators named Giodenis and as well as Letizia! We are trying with them to see where things go.. and we have a Italian couple names Roberto and Carmella who are awesome!!! Just trying to see whats up with them. They want to change as well. butt thats about it... O and S******** he is great and has such a great heart but... the smoking is difficult. But he is great and has an amazing heart we are letting up on seeing him a little but still seeing him! Pray for him as well please... that he can get through this. Other then that we don't really have anyone else that we are working with but we are talking to everyone and trying to do all that we can to find the elect!! Its fantastic!! 
The weather is good here. So for running.... me and Anziano Sexton get up at 6 45 and we run 3 miles every morning and I do push ups and sit ups because thats all we have to do because... I didn't say this but weights got banned in the mission because they were destroying apartments and as well as missionaries were getting hurt so Pres just banned them. But yeah and about that guy, I have not seen him again.. but he will be back.. and I wll be ready for him... IN MY RUNNING SHOES!!! Yeah whats up!?  Am I  looking really thin??.. I'm sitting at about 173 pounds I think, which is good! I'm eating super healthy too. I honestly think that has something to do with it! Anziano Sexton and I eat so healthy its incredible!! So thats good and that is a habit that I'm getting in right now as well! Anziano Sexton is so great, mom! Just so humble and I have a feeling that I will be getting transferred next transfer and he will get a new companion. It will be really really hard to leave him.. but I know I need to do it to get on with the mission and... the Lord calls us to do greater things! We need to accept his calling! Transfers are in 3 weeks. so we will see what happens... I mean I could stay another transfer but I don't know we will see. So about the classes mom, well like I said I would love to take Chinese and Italian or Italian and Spanish. I need to just get my credits done first. But for now I really just want to get the classes I need to get done.I have no idea what I want to major in, I'm so confused. We will see what goes down, I trust you because your my mom and I swear you know me better then I know myself haha so I trust you! 
Mom about the stake.. its going to be very interesting but... I hate to say it but... Elder Nelson is not coming.. but who will be coming.. drum roll................ Ronald A Rasband!!!! aww yeah you  heard me!!! He is a baller!! He has given my favorite talk I have ever hear in conference which is the one where he talked about missionary calls and how it happens! He is in the Presidency of the 70's he is so great!! So that will be cool!  I'm not sure exactly. I'm sorry I forget say anything before but yeah its going to be Milano West and Milano East now! So they will basically divide it right down the middle and it will be a Stake! So like Milano East will consist of Lecco, Merate, Milano 2, Pavia and like that... then Milano West will be Como, Muggio, Milano1 and like that area! I'm not sure but I know thats how its going down!! It will be very interesting to see what President does with the missionaries but....He is inspired so we need not to worry!!! About the golfing. It was so much fun O my goodness! Well anyway like usually Pres will take some missionaries to go golfing on P-day, if they are lucky. So Anziano Webb had talked to him about it and one day he called Anziano Webb and was like hey lets go golfing and he told Anziano Webb to take someone with him so he asked me because,  Webb and I are in the same group and odds are we will be leaving Milano after this transfer so, he took us both and it was a treat! So Anziano Sexton went with Anziao Webb's comp to Scalase! It was super fun! I didn't do so hot but I did okay! Another thing... we go bowling for p-day sometimes and just know... that I'm going to destroy when I get home! So tell Pops to watch his back. 
SO mom I thought of something I want to do and tell me if your down!! Okay so I want to punk Walker!!!!!! So what  I  want to say is that I'm "extending" but everyone will know I am not except Walker and so what I want is that Sunday.. for dinner or Saturday for dinner... I just want to show up and sit next to him!!!! With him thinking I'm extending!! What do you think? I think it would be hilarious!!! Lets do it!!! Please!!! Let me know!! 
I love my mission mom!! I know that I need to stick it out strong because.... I got to tell you I'm not going to lie! Its HARD right now! So close to going home its difficult but... I know that when I work and concentrate more and do what I'm suppose to do.... that missing of home goes away!! I know that your prayers have helped me so much!!! I llove the gospel AND.... love you and my family!!!! You guys are fantastic!! I need to go because umm well.... you know... we are playing soccer today with everyone and... I'm about to own everyone!"! Thats right you heard me!!! 
Well lots of love!!!!!!! 

Love Your  Son Anziano Scheurn

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