Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbye Bolzano!!

Verona Zone!!
I will miss Oriana and Simone! So hard to say goodbye!!
This sister is from the Ukraine a very strong member almost a new convert. Fullvio is not yet a member, but they are bosses!! 
Sorella Rojas and her husband,. The husband is not yet a member Sorella Rojas is so strong in the gospel! I LOVE HER! Sorella Rojas was really sad I was leaving!!!
English members!
Marco from southern Italy. When we said goodbye he kissed my cheeks from side to side like they do in southern Italy! I will miss him so much!!
Saying goodbye to Sorella Bruna was hard. She is awesome and very strong on the gospel. She fixes our pants when they are ripped. 
One of my favorite families the Vetteratos.He reminds me of dad. He builds motorcycles and rides! He built this one for his wife. An amazing family!

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