Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#72 Milano IT SHALL BE DONE!!!

Milano 2 Zone!


Alright well as we know satan is a powerful one but, I got to tell you he isn't nearly as powerful as me okay? Okay Good! Things have been a little crazy here in M. Town! But hey... we continue like soldiers! About the investigators! We have some problems! R***. He is a boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continues to progress and accepted everything, all the commandments but just one problem... he is currently living with a women.... which is a bummer... but hey, its all good because he is looking for a job and we wanted to see if maybe he would consider marrying the girl he is living with. BUT.. he has not got a divorce from his last wife because in the P********* they do not do divorces... so thats a bummer.. but hey we were working on it. The ward loves him and he is continuing. As soon as he finds a job, he will move out.. and he will be able to be baptized. All the others like R***** and Obas and Peter are good.. but they just can't come to church because of work... we don't know what to do. I have fasted and prayed constantly.. and I just pray that it works out because I know that there hearts have full intent and they want to change there lives but like I said... satan is just attacking in anyway he can.. but don't fear it will happen, IT SHALL BE DONE!!
We went to a zone conference and I saw Anz Wilkey.. I love him but anyway... president told us, you know what, its good when tough things come, in fact its great! When that happens you just tell the Lord to bring it on and keep it coming!! Because, when you have the faith and continue... that is when the miracles come!!!! So anyway the district is doing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No thanks to me. I'm just praying, its all the Lord. Its funny because Anz Webb and Anz Rodriguez or "A Rod" we call him.... they think we are doing a phenomenal job but its all the Lord!! I love them. The whole district has all taught 20 lessons 3 weeks in a row! So please keep up those prayers! Super cool as well because the whole Milano One zone got 20 plus lessons two weeks in a row! That has never happened!!! We are being blessed! About the city well, i'm usually on metro but, I walk a lot! I don't have a bike but the walking is awesome because I can just invite whoever I want!!! So thats awesome! Milano is sweet! My comp Anz Collins is a stud and I love him! Honestly we have so much fun together! In fact we will be going bowling today!! YEAH MAN DATE!!!! haha he is a boss! Anyway things are going good here in Milano! Honestly we are working on getting some new investigators, really working on it! We know through great goals and the faith to do these goals we will achieve them!!! Because... the Lord is great! Other then that, nothing to big going on!
So mom there is actually no spanish ward but.... don't tell anyone.... but in September..... Crazy stuff!!! The work is just growing like crazy! Its a good thing trust me!  I love Milano!! By far my favorite city! i'm sorry but I had to say it! So awesome!! I love this work!
Well its good to hear that the YSA Ward going well.  Mom no joke that you tube video is hysterical! Your just like Stacy I think you might even be a little mermaid as well but.... thats just what I think! I think Stacy is not the only one with a secret of being a mermaid ehh...?? haha but it was funny! Joe is honestly hilarious!!!! I love him so much! Man I tell all my companions about how awesome all my brothers and sister are and how much I look up to each and everyone of them! I'm thankful for a wonderful family who is so firm in the gospel! Thank you so much! No way Taylor Conway!!!!!!!!! thats awesome they are having a girl!!!!!!! I love him. Lincoln, Vaughn and Conner wrote me, I love them!!!!!! My "Bromies" for life!!!! Can't wait to hangout with them and go through the temple with them all together!!!! awww yeah!!!! I will pray for "Walk dog" and his back situation! I already do! I will fast for him this weekend! he is a boss!!!!!!

Mom I love this great cause that we are in! I love this battle that i'm in right now!! Its so great to be a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to miss it so much , for that reason I will work until the end!! Time is just going so fast. I don't know what to do. I just want it to slow down! Every missionary in the mission asks me... hey how old are you in the mission and i'm like uh.... old I guess.. Mom this church is so true! We had a lesson with Peter and mom... I got to tell you I have NEVER!!!!!! AND I mean NEVER... felt the sprit as I did with him in that lesson. Anz Collins and I after.... were just like what the.... and even the member that was with us said the same thing! I love this gospel! I love my Heavenly Father! Mom the Book of Mormon is true! God loves all of his children. I know that my Savior lives and HE loves each and every one of us! Only HE could have suffered and went through the things that he did! satan is attacking at every front...and he will NOT prevail!!! Its up to us to be strong in our Heavenly Father! Mom I love you so so so so much and I love my family so much! This plan of salvation that God has given us is TRUE!!!!!!

Lots of LOVE Anziano Scheurn

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  1. Awesome letter! He is always so positive. I just love reading his letters. He has such a strong testimony and great sense of humor. Love all his pictures also!