Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#71 Milano...Stoked To Be On The Front Line!

P-day in Bolzano!

Milano Reporting!!!!!!! Cara Family!
Well I know as much as you hate to hear this, this letter will be just a little short because we do not have to long here and we will be heading to the Duomo with the district! We just played some b-ball and you betcha I balled it up, 5 threes! Making it rain! Well mom and family I got to say the work right now is on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are truly getting blessed by the Lord! We set another baptismal date with a man named Reynaldo from Peru! He is a boss! Rudy continues to progress thanks to your guys prayers! He accepted the word of wisdom!!!! He is super stoked to be baptized so we are preparing for his ceremony! He is so great just so strong in the spirit, its intense! Then Peter from Egypt!!! He is a stud! He also accepted the word of wisdom but he works a lot because he is alone in Italy so he is doing all he can to come to church! Please pray for him, please!!! Then Obas! Still doing good but we had to move his date because he has not came to church but he says he is committed now so thats awesome! The members here are really doing a great job working with these investigators and they are super pumped for these baptisms! This ward is huge!! All Spanish!! They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking love all of them! I just mess with them all the time but they have just such powerful testimonies and it helps me to keep going as a missionary! Thats all about the work right now! We have a lot of potentials that we will be seeing as well so thats awesome! I just cant believe how much the Lord is really helping me with my calling as a district leader, It was funny president emailed me and was like hey your doing a great job and the Milano zone is all getting 20 lessons a week because that was a promise by Pres Boyd K Packer that if we get 20 lessons a week our baptisms will double and as you see it works because, we have got 24 lessons! Pres also said you know your district is half of the Milano zone and he said to just keep it up! I love Pres Wolfgramm!! Just a stud! Anyway thats the work and I know its your guys prayers and I thank you all for that a million times!
How is Bishop Porter, I have not got a letter from him but man.... you need to tell Pres Anderson that I love him and am so thankful for everything that he has done for me! His patience with me! Just a great man! Mom about picking me up you can start planning but I received some news and its not set in stone yet but I think we will be spending 3 Christmases in the field! I don't know yet for sure! I will keep you posted on that! But mom about the trip you guys can organize it but I would like to go to the cities I have served in for sure and just hit up some cool places! Mom I need to tell you that when you say you will put money in my account for birthday stuff! Like honestly none of that matters!!!!! I love this gospel!!! That is the best present that you, dad and our Heavenly Father can give us! I'm stoked I can be a soldier on the front lines for my Heavenly Father, because this war is big mom! You have no idea what Satan can do! He is powerful but he will never overrule the gospel! I will fight till death!! I love it so much! I love being a missionary! I am really in a timed situation but next week will be a bigger email. Anyway thats about it right now with whats going down!
I love this gospel mom and I know its true! I know that Jesus lives! I see miracles every day of my life and I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for my family! Its so crazy how great and better my prayers have gotten this transfer. I seriously pray for like an hour every night because I pray specifically for my district and there baptismal dates! It works!! Muggio has a date and I got the news that they can be married which means he can be baptized! Miracles are happening everywhere and I'm a part of it because I have a loving Heavenly Father!! I heart you mom so much!!! I love my family!! I love this gospel and I'm thankful for your patience you and dad have always had with me!!
Lots of Love,
Love your Son Anziano Scheurn

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  1. The newest picture of Elder Rhett carrying the other Elder in his arms reminds me of our Scout hike into the Black River when we got detoured and Rhett ended up carrying many of us on his back until we found our way out. Rhett you will always have my love and respect and you are awesome.

    Dennis Ray