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#70. Milano Anz Scheurn Representing!!!!

Anziani Scheurn and Collins. "Us Ballers"! 
Love Anz DeVincent! (side note from mom, I think these two look alike)
My MAN...Walter!!
Frances. The super elect from Africa in Bolzano
Anziano Collins
A soccer activity , Anz. Collins just scored a goal and we were screaming like girls haha!!!
Anziano Scheurn Representing Milan ITALY!!! THE GHETTO!

Okay first off I can't even explain to you all how much I love your guys letters! Literately they just make me so stoked and happy to hear how everyone is doing! Every single night I thank my Heavenly Father for how great my family is and how much I love them all, and will support them in anything they do! Especially my parents! They have put up with all of my junk in my life and for that I'm thankful for them! Thank you for the letters and the support you give me!
So Milan is on FIRE and when I say fire, I mean just going crazy with what I like to call, the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Anyway Obas continues to progress he is a boss! Hence the name "obas" he is awesome! We are scared that he can not read because he is a refuge, and every time we ask him to read in the lessons he always tells us to read so we are going to clear that up with him tonight that he can read. Man he has a heart of a lion and just wants to know the truth! He is great and the members are welcoming him well. In fact we arranged for him to go to a soccer activity and it went super well! So just keep praying for him! We have Rudy!!!!! RUDY RUDY RUDY!! He is a stud!!! So he is by far one of thee most humble men I have ever met in my life! He will be baptized the 7th of July as well! He feels the spirit so well like honestly better then I feel it! I love him to death! We have a Philippino in our ward so they are really getting involved with him! In fact its funny, there is a lady in our ward named Tina and she is awesome! She has helped us with all the lessons with him! Its super funny because she is single and he was with a lady but she left him and Tina is looking for a good man.. hmmmmm. hint hint! Yeah thats right! It was funny, I called Tina because she wanted us and Rudy to go to her house Sunday for lunch and she always asks how is Rudy doing and I'm like good! AND Rudy always asks how she is!! So we will see how that goes!!! Rudy is truly prepared! just a stud! We will be teaching him the word of wisdom so please please pray that it goes well! We set another baptism date as well!!! hmm blessings from the Lord, go figure! Anz Collins was sick last Friday.  I was doing area book and kind of working as best as I could inside, and we received a random call! From a man of 26 years old and I could not understand him that well but.... he said his name was Peter and that he wanted to, and I quote "join our church"! I was like hmmm okay! When I told Anz Collins that Peter called he was like o yeah.... I remember him we taught him a while back... but he told us he is orthodox and would never be baptize ever again! When we met with him, he had told us that something had been telling him to call us back! So he did and now, he tells us he knows its right and wants to follow Jesus Christ and will be baptized on the 14 of July!!! He is form Egypt! He is awesome really humble but he can't come to church because he works to much!!!! But he wants to quit! Just please pray for him that he will have the time to come to church because he is one of the most elect people I have ever met in Italy so please pray for him! We set another baptismal date!!! With a man named Austin! Turns out he lives in Milano 1 area! We will give him to Anz Rodriguez and Webb! But he is a stud! So four baptismal dates in 1 and half weeks! I would say thats pretty good! I have NO ONE and I mean NO ONE to thank but the Lord! I know that great planning and setting goals with the Lord and if we just put it in practice the Lord will bless us! This work is so real! I can't even explain it over words but just know its real and miracles do happen, I am a witness of that!! The work is on fire like I said with the gospel and I know its by prayers that these things are happening!
Mom I have learned so much stuff up until this point! One of those huge things being that when we need help or feel temptation we kneel and pray or go to the scriptures!!! I know going to church will keep that fire burning! I can't wait to go home and continue to share this gospel and get those missionaries referrals!! I have learned how important it is to set goals as well! I love setting goals because it works! Thats all I can say about that haha! Mom it did not take long at all to get to Milano just about 4 hours! Not bad! The train definitely cooks it.... so thats a good thing and a blessing! Man time is going so fast it really really needs to slow down! I just became a missionary! AND I'm enjoying it WAY to much! So just pray it slows down! I love my comp, Anz Collins is super hilarious and a go getter! He and I are just seeing stream of miracles and we are witnessing it together and.... I know the reason why we are seeing them! Its because we are being obedient and doing everything the Lord is telling us to do! Man i'm sweating as i'm writing.... just letting you know that right now! 
Mom couldn't agree with you more! I have seen what addiction does to destroy families and I have seen how happy families are without it! The loss of trust in someone, it is so terrible and just of the Satin! It really does kill us spiritually! 
Okay just a quick funny story for you all! We were on a scambio and I was with Anz Rodriguez and it was hilarious we had to go all the way out to find a new convert/less active who is from Ghana! We were trying so hard to find his place so we could teach him and he would not answer his phone! So me and "Anz Rod" or "A Rod" as I like to call him, we prayed and we prayed we would find this mans house! As we were done praying we saw to men and I'm not even kidding right after the prayer we see two men come down and we were like hey lets ask them if they know Andrew, was his name, and they said yeah we do, he lives with us and we were like what the heck!! They we will go see if he is here so they went to go see! They came down and said no he is not! So me and "A Rod", were like well we didn't come all the way out here not to get a lesson so we taught them haha! We were talking and as missionaries in every lesson we are required to give 5 invites which are.... baptism, read, pray, come to church,and ask for referrals! SO we did those five and I invited them to baptism right on the street, o yeah thats how I roll and they said YES!! There names were Collin and Gabriel! We went home and talked to Anziani Webb and Collins and we were shared we invited someone to baptism and they were like yeah!! WHO? We said Collin and Gabriel, and Anz Collins looks at me and goes wait..... they are NEW CONVERTS/LESS ACTIVES!!!! We invited less actives to baptism again!!! hahaha! Funny story!!! But anyway it was good!
Well mom I will send pictures now! About the temple recommend I will be okay! We will be able to go to Switzerland! Don't worry! I actually need to go because we are going to go eat. O and by the way I still have my skills in basketball! Just owning it up, so fun! I love love you guys so much! I'm so thankful for all that you guys do for me! This church is true and this work is true! President Monson is the prophet of God! I have to tell you I miss and love the temple. The Gilbert Temple looks so awesome!!! I can't wait to go to it! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I'm thankful for it! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and I love him with all my might and.... I will serve him until the end!!
Anziano Nolan Rhett Scheurn

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