Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#69 Milano 2...A Little Stressful!!

These pictures were from two weeks ago.
Anziano Smith, Rhett's companion from the MTC! Eternal friends!!! Rhett was so happy to spend a day with him!

They even got a run in at 6:00 am like old times!!!
Memories for ever!!!
Alrighty well... I need to tell you guys that this week was a little stressful it was intense! I'm still trying to get use to this enormous city!!! o my goodness its honestly huge! Our area is the biggest area in Milano because there is three zones in Milano! We are Milano 2 Zone. The ward here is AWESOME!!!!!!! They are all Hispanic most of them at least 80 % they are so great! I'm trying to pick up some Spanish! Well first things first as always the work!! The work is going great! When I arrived in Milano They just had, had 3 baptisms and I was super nervous because I was scared that I would be compare the Anziano that was here. The missionary that I took the place of, left last transfer, and he was a great missionary! So now I feel like a little.... hmmm....well luckily because the Lord is fantastic.... we set a baptismal date :) YEAH BAPTISMS!!! People receiving eternal life! It is with a man name Obas and he is from Liberia, Africa. Usually all Liberians are muslim but some of them are catholic and he is catholic. So thats cool he will be baptized the 7th of July so please keep him in your prayers to progress. Then we have our Philippino investigator named Rudy! He is great! We had a lesson with him and he really is looking for the true happiness in this life! He says he feels good when he reads the Book of Mormon and prays! I think tomorrow we will get a date with him so please pray for him! Those are, our two superstars right now! We have lots of first appointments lined up so just pray for us and for the appointments to go well! The Lord is just blessing us like crazy!!! So about the district! It really is helping me and giving me the opportunity to grow. I love it! Yesterday we went to a district leadership training and it was so great! I learned so much stuff that is going to help me in this work! Its wonderful how inspired president is, truly inspired! In my district I have Anz Collins who is my companion and he is great!!! His Italian is way better then mine when I was at his age in the mission and he is super funny! We have a lot of traits in common and he is cool! So anyway we will continue to see miracles as long as we are obedient and continue to work hard and plan well and... have faith! In Muggio there is Anz Gessel and his trainee names Anz Hackamack who is a boss! They are both such awesome missionaries and are working super hard! We then have Sorella Soh and Sorella Silva who are in Milano 2 with us! Then Sorella Jacobson and her companion in Milano 2, I forget her comps name but they are all so great! Then the zone leaders are in my district and they are Anziano Webb who is in my group and Anz Rodriguez who is in the group below me. They are doing awesome! In fact today for p-day they all came to Milano 2 and we hooped it up.... played some b-ball and some football! It was so awesome. I still got it as well, still a baller, you know it!! I am really trying to learned how to care for my district and help them to meet their needs! My prayers have gotten so specific and its fantastic! I know that I can't do this work without the Lord and I know you all are probably thinking man what a baby! But it is difficult, with the Lord I know I can do it! AND thats the beauty of it!

So anyway mom I'm sorry about Tanya's dad. I will send her a quick note, and I will continue to pray for them as well. I have a letter actually coming Gavin's way very soon. I'm going to mail it off this week! So just expect that, I probably will just send it to the house! Our house. I can't believe that Lin is going into his one year mark since I baptized him. He will be receiving the Melchizedek priesthood so soon! YEAH! I love him! He is doing so great!  I was able to see the Duomo of Milano today as well. I have to tell you.... it was sweet!!!! Its super crazy mom how fast time is going, its insane! Anziano Collins always ,makes jokes about when we see a plane he is like hey Anz Scheurn how far is that plane for you and I'm like, HUSH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its pretty funny! This calling I have, has been so awesome! I have not thought about home at all! I know I need to be an example for my district and work super hard! I'm always occupied and concerned with there problems and how there work is going as well, so thats good! This new ward is great.... super funny! Its a huge ward! HUGE!!! I had to get up for the first Sunday and share my testimony! It was nerve-wracking as always but, I got to admit it wasn't that bad! I felt like I did good! So that was sweet! Its great to be here for real! I just feel like its going to be great! Its always hard in the beginning but it just gets easier as it goes!

 I hope that your cruise went well!!!!!  Well  thats basically about it that has been going on here in Milano 2! AND BTW our apartment is HUGE!!! There used to be two sets of missionaries so its ginormeuous!!! Thats basically it here in Milano 2!  I will send some photos next week! I forgot my camera today! Wouldn't you believe it! CRAZY! Also Walter and Emilana should still be good for there baptism. So anyway about picking me up, I'm about 99.9% positive that once you guys pick me up... and I'm with you guys.... We can go to Rome and the Temple in Switzerland! And yes my temple recommend will be okay! It will be renewed! So that will be good! I guess just what ever you guys make plans to do, just let me know! The ball is in your guys court! I know you all will do great!  
I know this church is true! I know that Joseph Smith is and was a prophet of God! This IS the TRUE church of Christ on the earth AGAIN RESTORED!!!! The Book of Mormon rocks!!!!! I know that Jesus Christ lives! I see miracles every single day! I know that if we have the faith and that we put in the effort, the Lord WILL do the rest because I have seen it! Well I love you guys a lot! AND I'm thankful for all of you and I pray for you all everyday! Like I always say!! "KEEP TRUCKIN".....AND treasure the gospel!!!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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