Monday, April 9, 2012

#60 Bolzano Conference 2012!

Miss this Young Man!!!!
Looks like a great day!! I wish I was there!!
Our cute Anziano!
One silly Anziano!! 
Wow long letters! I don't have much time right now let me just say that.... but I will try my hardest to type everything I can because we are going to Trento with the Anziani there to play some football as well with some of there members! So that will be fun! I will basically just own up on all of them!! haha but shhh don't say anything haha! Hmmm okay well about the work!! Its been difficult to tell the truth! Me and Anz Warren are trying so hard!!!!! But its just not clicking obviously we are doing something wrong and need to improve on something! The Lord is just waiting for us to find the error and correct it! Last Thursday was rough! We had to investigators drop us! It was rough and.... one of them was Jon. But hey its all good! President wrote me and was just like you know its hard to see people go like that but we need to respect there free agency. So it was a good email by him and really helped me out! Zoya is doing well! I mean she is just super super busy and hard to see her and its sad because she is just so elect but just super busy! We are trying to see her! As for the untouchable unicorn hahaha!! i'm glad that made you all laugh a little bit.... she is good! Her and her boy friend are south for the holiday, in Salermo. We will see them next week! She is great! They came to conference and that was sweet! They are sweet story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell anyone but the T@%#&*#@ 's have family here! They have been less active for the last couple years and have not come to church and..... they came to conference!!!!!!!!!!!!! We invited them to come with a question to conference and they agreed and sure enough the questions were answered!!! Now the wife is just amazed and she said she wanted to have another question to be sure.... and it was answered as well!!! So we are seeing them this Sunday and the husband said that that was the first time they had been to church in years!!! So thats super awesome!!!! MIRACLE!!!!!
Thats the work right now we are just really working on finding new investigators so we will see how it goes!! Anyway so a quick funny story! Mom I don't know what the deal is!! I have been talking in my sleep a lot!!! The other night, Anz Warren was laughing so hard! He woke up in the morning and was like bro what were you dreaming about last night!! I was like what? He was like you were talking! Apparently I was talking on a phone!! I was like't yell... and then real loud I was like MAMAMIA!!! Then quickly I was like okay ciao.. hahah! He said he was laughing so hard!!! So that was funny! So other then that nothing to big is going on!! WHAT the boys didn't go to conference what the heck!! Well jokes on them because it was amazing!!!! My favorite talk was Eyring's! When he talked about the trials and how we need to go through them and things will be much easier if we put our trust and faith in the Lord!! Everything will be good!! :) So that was a awesome talk! For sure the "STOP IT" by President Uchtdorf was amazing!! Every talk was was good!!!!!!!! Rasbands! President Monsons!! Its just super hard to pick a favorite! Conference is just out of this world great!! It truly helped me to know that I need to do better in missionary work!! I'm pretty much stoked to put things into practice what I learned! Thank you mom for the money. I bought two pairs of slacks that i'm super stoked to wear!! aww yeah!!! Thank you again! I'm so blessed to have you as a mom! You are there for everything! I almost feel like I'm spoiled and this mission hasn't been as hard as it should because I have an amazing mom who just is always there for me! And a super awesome dad as well !!! Thank you so much! I received Gavin's letter and Forrest! The Fattelehs wrote me which was SWEET! So I will be writing them all back!! But anyway yes for zone conference we go to Verona! It just depends on where you are in the mission!
Hahaha o my goodness thats hilarious about the nephews and Eric! Thats right they better no whats up! Because when I get home its no more easy way out! Its on like donkey kong with them! I will wrestle each and everyone of them haha!  Wow no more calls left in the mission  after Mothers day and one more conference!! Crazy stuff! I truly miss going to priesthood session with my dad and brothers and cant wait to do it again! hmmm but yeah mom I will receive the package next week so thats good! I will tell president about the Jefferies so that will be cool to see what goes down with that!! Man I feel like im so old in the mission! Its just weird to see new missionaries come in! Crazy stuff! Well anyway about those new people that moved in, get in on that! Go over there and bring some HARD T or testimony! They will feel that spirit!! That is all thats really going on here in Bozen! I have thought about learning Chinese that would be super great! I'm thinking about it! Its funny because every time i see Anz Smith he is like dude! BYU!!! And i'm like bro I dont know yet, but I would love to room with him!! He is a boss!! But we will see! I'm thinking when August comes or September that is when I will start looking at schools and such and see what I want to do..... so you might need to help me out with that! But anyway I need to go! I LOVE YOU all so much! I'm thankful for everything you guys do! I know that this is the true gospel! Conference was just a huge booster for my testimony as I hope it was for all of you! I love you all so much once again and I hope you all are keeping it real!
Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn

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