Friday, April 20, 2012

#62 Bolzano.... Cleaning and Transfers!

I think it is a good idea to clean up a smidge!!!!

Cara Famigila!!
Okay well transfers have happened! It was a little crazy how it went! Let me just tell you the story haha! Well every Monday the last Monday of the transfer we clean the apartment very well and make sure it is clean for the new missionary that will come! So we cleaned the apartment and me and Anz Warren were a little nervous because we had done two transfers together and we were a little scared because we thought that we were going leave one another! Well the time went on in the day and you know how it is, like President can call at any second of the day! Its like a times bomb you just never know! Well it was time to go out and teach a lesson and right when we left our house and we were heading to our appointment! I was in front and Anz Warren was a little ways behind! All of the sudden I hear a ANZIANO SCHEURN!!!! There were many cars coming and I thought to myself o boy! I'm done there is a car and its gonna hit me! I kind of just froze and I looked back and to my luck there were no cars that were about to hit me but... it was in fact President Wolfgramm on the phone! We answered it and he told us that some changes would be happening!  Anziano Warren will be leaving and he is going to Firenze!! Go figure.... crazy stuff! I will be staying and I will be getting Anziano Stanley! He was in my district in my 4 and 5 transfer in Pisa! He is from Scottsdale I don't know if you remember him! He is cool!  So in Trento in the district Anziano Droggei will be leaving........... which sucks as well because he has only been there for two and taking his place will be Anz Magnesin! He is in his last transfer now! So it will be interesting and something even more interesting is I will be District Leader. Who would have thought. I am a little scare but I will always go to the Lord for help! This transfer I'm really going to kick it up another level and just go. be a machine! Another thing Anz Smith is leaving Verona.. Kind of a big bummer but something INSANE! He is going to Siena to be a BRANCH PRESIDENT!!! He will have a car!! That's insane!!  We will get Anz Parker as are new zone leader who  is a boss as well! Anyway thats whats going down with transfers! The work hmm... its going as always! This Saturday we have some sweet potentials lined up so just get ready for that!!! Please just pray for this Saturday specific! Something that is very very cool about the prayers is President has been stressing it alot! In our last zone conference he said that at 9:55 in the morning he wants every missionary to say a prayer in the mission so we will be having a untied family prayer!! How awesome is that!! I know that prayer works!!
Speaking of prayers haha! funny story! There is a member in the ward named Sorella Fontana! She is a very very strong member. She is probably about 60 something years old! She has a husband who is very very DURO! Which means like hard headed! We stopped by.... so Anz Warren could say goodbye! At the end we asked Giorgio to say a prayer! That is the husband's name! He is not a member! Anyway he was like no no no no I don't want to.... and I was like come on, Anz Warren is leaving and then he was like okay I will! He said an amazing prayer!!! The funny part was we made cookies and we took some to them and in the prayer he was like.... I liked the cookies they made, please let them bring more! At the end when he was done! I pounded the desk and was like..... YEAH!!!!! thats how you say a prayer!!!! AND I was like you know what you can have all these cookies!! It was funny and a very very spiritual experience!! We will get him in the water just need some time! Pray for him please!
But anyway mom thats crazy what a small world that you talked with Irene's cousin.... thats insane!! that is super cool! I hope your calling is going well I pray for you all the time as well as dad and, specifics that you guys will see success in your guys calling! But yeah thats super neat! Wow and Vegas, where did dad score that!! Wow what a treat!! that is awesome! I hope you guys had fun and its your guys anniversary....35 years!! WOW TANTI AGURI!!!!!! You would think me being your son for this long I would get it when your guys anniversary is but I'm ashamed to say that I did not know, but now I do because it will go down in my calendar! There is really nothing else going on here! Just keepin on keepin on! 
Well anyway im going to go because there isn't anything to big to talk about but....I just want to share my testimony that I know this church is true and I know that Joseph Smith is the true prophet who did restore this church of Jesus Christ! That Christ lives and with the Book of Mormon, we can grow closer to God reading that book more then any other book in the world!! I love you guys so so so so much and another thing mom I know I have not sent pictures yet.. but I promise I'm taking pictures and I will be sending them! don't you worry about that!! I love you all so so so much!!!! I love you all so much!!! I love you guys so so so so much and thank you for all your support, please continue to keep me in your guys prayers I need them!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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