Friday, April 13, 2012

#61 Bolzano Easter 2012!!!

Family!!!! Yeah!!
Well mom you said in the beginning you wanted to keep it short.. well let me just say you failed! but... you definitely made up for it at the end!!!! O my goodness! That is so awesome about the Easter you guys have shared with one another as a family! Man I got to say...I have never been so grateful for Easter in my life until, I came on my mission! I honestly did not know the significance! I knew Christ was resurrected....sure. but I did not understand HOW IMPORTANT it is! Man our Savior has done to much for us! I love my Savior so much! I love him more then anyone in the world! AND yes I'm confident to say that! I love the scriptures as well because through them we learn of this great and marvelous work that our Savior has done for us! Just his endless sacrifice and atonement....So we could overcome the bands of death and receive a body. Perfect and glorified... that will never ever receive sickness or feel bad! I read John: 20 in the Bible this last week and I could just feel the spirit so much! Mom your are 100 and million percent right... that prayer is the most important part! Really inviting that spirit in... really helps and testifies to you the truth and the doctrine.... that you are reading in that moment! I'm thankful for my Savior! I'm even more grateful for a loving family who loves the Lord just as much as I do! I could feel the spirit present in that situation just reading the email! Thank you mom so much for having such an amazing testimony and more so raising your kids in the church and all those times of making me go to church and mutual and mission prep really have paid off! I love you and dad tons! I am thankful for my family! For 3 great brothers and one great sister who have helped me every step of the way!! Thank you for sharing that experience so much! Eric is just a stud!! That kid is a boss and a baller!!!! I love ALL my nephews and nieces so much and can't wait to see them again! But anyway my Easter was awesome as well! I will admit not as spiritual but still very very spiritual! O first let me say I'm sorry for not writing you until now! This last Wednesday we had zone conference and I received your package!!!!! aww yuh!!! Then Thursday we did a scambio with the traveling assistants! I went with Anz Parker!!!! He is the MAN! He is from Mesa Arizona! He taught me so much that I need to apply in my missionary work! He is great! We found some sweet new potentials that we will be working with so thats great! We will see how that goes! hmm but anyway thats why we are having our p-day on Friday! Okay well my Easter was sweet! We went to church! It was amazing, we heard great talks on Easter and the resurrection of our Savior! It was good. Afterwards we were invited to our first councilors house for dinner! Let me just say it was very very good! Our ward mission leader was there as well they are all related! Adolfo Daponte our ward mission leader has 3 sons two are in the branch here in Bozen and the other is in Washington! Anyway we went to his sons house and it was amazing! They are awesome and it was a great experience... and great food may I say! Then we taught a member named Maribel! She is from Peru! She is AWESOME!!!!!  I love her so much! I'm going to get pictures with all these people!  The night of Easter we opened our Easter eggs! Here in Italy they don't hide eggs and find them! They seal HUGE... Easter eggs of just chocolate and put surprises in them! So me and Anz Warren, we opened them on Easter night!!! haha it was funny! I got a video recording of it and I have all my videos saved! It was great Easter fun, but at the same time I really thought of our Savior and what he did for us! So it was great!! So the work here is going  good. We found some new investigators like I said. So we will be contacting them and seeing how its goes. I don't know if I told you but there are J DUBS here like no other!!! o my goodness! It was funny me and Anz Parker actually stopped to J Dubbs to invite them.... go figure! Parker being the boss he is just went off on the Book of Mormon and they couldn't help but agree with what we were saying was true! It was funny! His invites were out of this world and truly inspired me on how to invite and his invites some of them were hilarious!!!! He is so funny! He is in his 15 transfer so he goes home in a couple of months! A tremendous missionary!!   Okay so mom today i'm going to get a package ready to send home! I need to send home alot because, I don't want to bring it around the mission with me anymore! Its heavy and I don't have any winters left on my mission! O yeah mom I got my scriptures leather-ed! They are amazing!!!!!! On the front it says Anz Nolan Scheurn and on the back it has the golden angel Moroni holding the trumpet and it says.... "I will go and do"!! Its sweet! I will send you a picture! Also we received these ties that are made out of beads!!! they are awesome! A African straight up made them! They are beautiful!! Man go Drew, getting married! That's what I'm talking about!  But thats super exciting!  I need to go! I know this church is true!!! I love you all so so so much and I'm so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me personally as well as knows everyone else personally! I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that miracles happen according to our faith!!! Also mom the letter your wrote in the package could not of been more dead on! I know that me and Lin were homies in the pre -earth life and I promised him I would find him and teach him the gospel! He will forever be my "bromie"! I did get the Cds. I love you all so much!!! Thank you mom for every detail you send in the email!  LOVE YOU ALL
Love Anziano Nolan Scheurn

My Easter was absolutely amazing! Because the Savior was resurrected for me! For everyone! So we can overcome the bands of death! I heard about the Easter lesson thats so awesome! Great idea!! I'm 100 percent D'accordo with you! If someone is not baptized by water and fire he cant not enter into the kingdom of God! Well I love you dad and I guarantee you are tearing it up in softball! Dad when I get home we need to play some more b-ball with each other! By the way i'm jealous of the fish!!! man... I wish I could of eaten some haha but hey there will be plenty of that!!
I LOVE YOU TONS!!!! Love Your Son Anziano Rhett Scheurn

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