Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pisa #48 Davide, Lo Gia Fatto!!!

Good Work Anziano Scheurn!!!
Davide Baptismal Rhett made!!!
Anziani Scheurn and Bushman!! 
Mom E La Famiglia!
WOW!!!!! Lincoln has been called to Armenia!! Thats seriously insane!!! Its crazy all of those boys, Taylor, Gannon, Colter and now Lincoln have all received super sweet calls! I feel so bad for Joe and Walker for not getting the most sickest mission in the world! MILANO ITALIA!!! NAWWW i'm kidding, every mission is great but Italy is just a little bit GREATER haha! Yeah I would of served in Armenia though, that would be crazy awesome!! 
The spirit can prompt us at any moment! It is up to us if we would like to act on the the promptings or no! But I would say that, I think we should :)
Its crazy being on my mission has really made me think about some of the things that went on with you and dad before dad came a member! I wanted to know who baptized dad, and some really other cool details!! I feel really ashamed that I do not know this stuff but I would like to know!  Its so cool to hear stories about converts it really does boost my testimony! I love it so much!!
Ok so about the work here in good old Pisa! Well we have another baptismal date! YAY! Wouldn't you know that the Lord is great and blessing us as always :) His name is Davide! He is from Pisa and is Italian! Mom he is so elect honestly I can't even tell you how great he is! He was a referral from another investigator who is actually been kind of "weefy" at the moment! We are kind of thinking about dropping him because he will not do the invites that we leave him to do! But we will see! Anyway yeah Davide was a referral from him! And let me just say this morning we had a lesson with him and we asked him you know, Davide we want to invite you to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and really ask God if these tings are true and you want to know what he said....... Lo Gia Fatto! ( i already did it!) So he is pretty much a boss and we have a baptismal date with him and he told us he will continue to prepare himself to be baptized he is so great he is about 40 years old! He works for the hospital or something but he is great!! Other then that we have some other families that we are working with, so about the family Mendoza we have been trying to call them but they have not been responding to our call so we decided to just pass by them and see how they were doing and they were home and we dropped off the restoration movie with them, we wanted to watch it with them but they were busy so we left it and we will call them in a couple of days to see if they watched it! We found a really cool Italian family and we are still working with them so just keep them all in your prayers but they are all great! the work is good! We just need to continue continue and continue with steadfastness in Christ!!!
Hmm new converts are all doing GREAT! Lin will be going back to China only for about a month for vacation and he told us he wants 4 Chinese Books of Mormon to give to his friends and share with them the gospel so thats awesome!!!!! We will see how that goes! Chen is a boss! We want him to receive the priesthood but I hate to say it but our ramo is being a little lazy in giving it to him! He asks us like everyday, when will I get the priesthood so thats not cool but we will bring that up more specific! Donald is good he has came to church the last days! Just continuing to strengthen his testimony! This work is great and its going good! Me and Aziano Neff are working hard!
Okay well what else so mom don't worry about the Book of Mormon and not having a perfect knowledge about it. There are lots of things I still don't understand but thats the beauty of it! I think the Lord does that on purpose so we will continue to have that desire to read it! The Book of Mormon is the best! I love reading it!! :) So just continue and make sure you pray for the help to understand because the Lord will help you understand! :)
yeah I love DeVincent he is such a boss and such a good missionary and works so so so hard! He is a great example for me and I love it!! I got to go on a scambio with him lest week and I learned so much! He is so great and a super stud!! I know you must be busy with  preparing for the wedding and everything but I know you can do it! If Nephi can get the plates you can do these things! :)
Well i'm going to go I have typed quite a bit for you all to soak in! This work is real!!!! I see miracles every single day!! They may not be huge miracles but they are small and as real as it gets! I love this work! Don't worry mom school will be great which reminds me..... have you looked into school because I do not want to miss that semester!! I would love to start it so that way i'm in the working habit already! Anyway mom I love you so much!!! I'm still looking for that hump package but it will come don't you worry! :) I love you all so much and am so so so so so thankful for your guys support!! Lots of love!
Love Anziano Rhett Scheurn

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