Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pisa #36 "O...And Hold On To The Rod"!!!

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Hey Mom!
Mom, believe me this work is so great, home stuff just isn't important as it used to be. I meanI love the family and don't get me wrong but this last year or close to last year has been so fast I don't even know where it has gone. I guess i'm just a little scared that this next year is going to go by even quicker and I don't know. But I know that this is where I need to be right now. I love being a missionary to much.
Yes, I do know Kim Delgado she is a very good friend of mine and so it Rachelle Scott, they are great, love them!
Ok well about the work! So Donald will be being baptized by our ward mission leader which is sick!!! Anziano Patullo will confirm him,and give him the Holy Ghost, and me and Anziano Free will be giving the talks in Italian so that will be sweet! A little nervous but its all good I will be fine through diligent study and prayer! Hmmm so Azula is doing ok! We will see her Thursday. I'm pretty sure she has a lot of great questions about the Book of Mormon so that will be great and good! We received a referral from the office his name is Filipo. He is italian so that will be sweet we will be setting up an appointment with him! I have only talked on the phone with him but he sounds sweet!
So for the miracle story this week, I thought I would share one!
So we went to our ward mission leaders house because he wanted to go with to our appointment to see Donald! But I was a little scared because we had not gotten a hold of Donald!!! We were going to his house to teach him right then! He lives about 25 Km away! So that would not of been cool for our ward mission leader to drive all the way there to find out that he was not home! So I prayed with all my faith that Donald would call because we were not able to get a hold of him! And right when I was done praying, literately right when I was done, I received a call from him, saying to still come so that was a huge blessing and miracle!!!! The Lord does hear our prayers and I know that is true! Donald is so awesome!!!!!!!!! I cant wait until he gets baptized!
So other then that we are still doing lots of door knocking just looking for that family who will be ready to receive the gospel!!! I love it so much its just so interesting to see who will be behind each door when we knock, its so great! Hmm so i'm pretty much stoked about Walker and Melanie. I pray about them everyday hoping and having faith that everything will go great!! I love Walker he is such a G!!!!! And I love all of my brothers and sister, they are boss! I have such an amazing family!!! I'm so stoked for Max as well to be born! I can't wait to see the pictures,a new nephew!!!! Hmm well I just don't know what I want in the box! haha I will take anything for real just surprise me! The important thing is that i'm here serving the Lord! Man its gone so fast! I can't believe i'm just about at my year mark!!! Just insane! Ok so you all are going to be needing to tell me whats going on for skype as well because that is coming up and we need to know the situation! So for Thanksgiving we will be doing a turkey bowl!!!!! The Trexlar family invited us and the Livorno Anziani over for a Thanksgiving feast! AND to play football so that will be fun!!! I'm stoked, they are the American family they rock!!!!!!!!!! But anyway I love this work so much mom and I love you so so so much and i'm so thankful for loving parents who are always here to support me!! Things are going great we will be going to church back in Pisa on the 30th of October!|!! So thats exciting no more going to Livorno thank goodness! We have not had a church in Pisa for 4 months! So it will be nice to go to church in Pisa again! O and so we have district conference this weekend so that is like stake conference but a district!! AND Lin was asked to give his testimony in front of the whole district!!!! So that will be so great to hear!! I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyway mom thank you for everything you do! And keep holding on to the rod!! O and Lin wears a 7 ring and Wang wears a 12. LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!
Love Your Son,
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