Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pisa # 33 Be Firm!!

Hey Family! (mom)
So everything is just going fantastic here! I Love the letters that you all send me man I just feel everyone's love in it and it makes me so happy to know that I have a family and friends who just support me so much! I'm so lucky! Its like I have a double win because I know that my Heavenly Father always has my back but its even better to know about the friends and family who give me all the support in the world! Thank you all so much!
Everyone is just getting so old and looking so grown up! Those pictures of Gavin, Lucy and Ellie, man its just insane, I love it so much that everyone is growing up! I'm so looking forward to
talking and seeing everyone for Christmas its just so crazy that its almost Christmas again! Its just going so fast that I don't even know what to do but I just need to have my eye on the prize and continue to serve the Lord with all my heart might mind and strength and tell people about Christ and share this wonderful message that the gospel was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith!!!! Thank you all so much for your guys prayers!!!!! I love you all!
Ok so about the work let me see here! Donald continues to be a boss, I love him so much!!! I made him a baptismal calendar as well so that will be sweet! I will send a picture of that. Like not to be prideful but its just a knack I have of making super righteous calendars! But its only because i'm called to do this work! Ha when I get home and am released it will all leave me that is how powerful this calling is! But he continues to progress for the 15 of Oct! It will be sweet! The night before his baptism he wants to cook some nigerian food for us! Which will be sweet! I'm stoked he is so awesome mom and has such a huge testimony and he is NIGERIAN! I love nigerians they are so humble and just sick!!! He is a G!
We had a lesson with a man names Alex the other day and to tell you the truth I was just a little bummed because I thought he was going to be super bravo but... he kind of started to bash with us a little bit and couldn't really grasp the concept that we need to believe in a prophet to get
the fullness of Christ. He thought that we could just talk with him ourselves and as long as we believe in him we would be saved! That is true but not true! We need to follow the gospel! And do the things that will lead us to have eternal life! We continued to teach him how Jesus Christ is number 1, there is no one else in front of him but he just couldn't grasp it! But its ok we did all that we can and everyone has there freedom to choose but thats ok!
We have a lot of awesome appointments with some sweet investigators this week and I will have to tell you how they go! But for now that is really the only news we have about our investigators! I'm just so excited that we get the chance everyday to find new investigators! Its just never ending and that is the beauty of it! Hmm so my new companion! ok well he is a little strange! But he is ok! I will be fine its only 5 weeks! So its not bad at all! I can do anything with the Lord! And I know that is true because i'm to that point in my mission now! So we will just continue to work our butts off so that time will pass but don't you worry! He is a really big guy! its funny doing casa because people are just terrified of him! hahahaha but its good though!
O and another thing actually in about 2 weeks we will be moving in with Livorno anziani!! with Anz Free and his trainee so that will be cool because they will redoing our apartment in Pisa so things will be a little hectic but thats ok! Man I read a letter from Vaughn and it just brought
tears to my eyes! I love that kid so so so much! Just a huge stud! He has such a huge testimony, I love him! He will be a great missionary! Lin and Wang are preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood so that will be SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be so awesome! They continue to be sweet and amazing! But anyways I need to go but sounds like everything is going great there!
Its sad don't tell anyone this but, one of our new converts who was suppose to go to the temple was not able to! He was baptized by the last missionaries his name is Fratello @#%$, but he was not able to go because of smoking... its just a bummer how satan attacks! We need to be ready at all times! And poor Sorella Sarti the women who did my birthday dinner! She was not able to go either because of her leg... so pray for her she was suppose to get her endowments but just didn't work.. its sad I feel so bad we will give her a blessing tonight!
But anyway mom I need to go, I love love love you so much! And I love my whole family
and every morning and night I kneel on my knees to give thanks to my Heavenly Father for how big of a blessing it is to have such a wonderful family and loving parents who follows
this gospel and are just amazing! I love you all so much! Just keep going rely on the Lord and be firm in your testimonies!
Lots of Love
Love Anziano Scheurn

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