Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pisa #32 What A GREAT Birthday and a New Companion!!!!

sorella Sarti in Rhett's branch made Rhett a birthday dinner and invited Lin and Wang! These were the birthday plates from Rhett's birthday box we sent!

You rock thank you so much for your letters of support the best birthday present I could ever have is the support of two wonderful amazing parents who have always been there for me! Thank you for all that you do Pops! I cant wait until we kick it when I get home! We will go to high school games all the time! I love you so so so so much! You rock!!!!
Aziano Scheurn

The calendar Anziano Scheurn made for Lin!!

Wang and Lin!!

Alrighty Mom well everything is tight!!
So all is well let me just say it has been one of the most spiritual weeks I have ever experienced in the mission so far! I love this work so much at times its tough but it is just like work! Its so great!
Lin and Wang's baptism was amazing!! THEE MOST SPIRITUAL TIME IN MY MISSION SO FAR! So the baptism was not really put together that great which I am ashamed to say! Our branch president was not there so that was a bummer and me and Giove had to make the programs for there baptism! But that is ok! So first Wang was baptized by Giove and it went super well! The spirit was just so strong and I thought that it could not get stronger o but wait it did! So next it was my turn to baptize Lin! It was awesome! Everything went so well! We went into the water it was kind of cold but that is ok haha! So we continued I said the prayer in Italian! And I dunked Lin! He is a very small kid so I dunked him kind of hard and he came up and I thought he was a little upset! So we continued to walk up to where we get changed and I said Lin are you alright! And he was just BALLIN!!!! I was like are you ok and he just gave me a huge big hug!!!!! And thanked me for everything that I had done! I was crying with him! It was so great! After which we went to hear there testimonies! Wow Lin wrote a talk and it was amazing he told us his story on how he was materialistic until two missionaries found him and instantly he felt the spirit and knew he found the truth!! It was so amazing mom! O my goodness! Then next they they both received the Holy Ghost and that was a huge spiritual experience! Just awesome! He is so great and he says he thinks he wants to serve a mission!! Just a amazing kid! I want to come back and go through the temple with him!! BOSS!! These are some pictures that are awesome! O and Lin's baptism calendar I did it in Chinese! And he said it was better then he could write! I just looked in the Chinese book of Mormon and copied it, its sweet!
So we have another B date!!!!! His name is Donald! He is from Nigeria, he rocks!!!! He will be baptized Oct 15 he is such a boss! I love this work its tough sometimes but I know that the Lord will bless us if we just continue to do what we are suppose to do! We have another investigators as well so that is sick! I LOVE this work so much! We just need to continue to do what we do!
So about transfers! Ok so Anz Giove is leaving and I will be receiving a missionary named Anziano Patulo! He is from Australia it is his last transfer so we will see how this goes! I'm a little nervous but don't worry at all because I know that I will be ok! So it will be alright! Hmm so I have not received the birthday cards yet but I know that they will come so that is sweet thank you so much! I love you all so much and you guys have always been there to support me that is why you guys are so BOSS!! Hmm that temple experience is so amazing mom thank you for sharing that so much! Man everyone takes the temple for granted! I cant wait to be able to go again! I love the temple so much!
Well that is all that is really going on right now! I love your guys letters so much and your guys support! This world NEEDS the gospel! I love being able to spread it and to know that i'm a part of spreading it! Hmm well its starting to cool off here which is nice we start suit coats Oct 1 so that well be sweet! Alright well I need to go! I love you guys so so so so so much these words cant explain!!!! Well keep on doing what you guys are doing! O and BTW Vaughn is a stud!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that kid so much!! He is going to be a super amazing mega missionary! O yeah I said it! But will say it again, I love you guys so much!!
Love Anziano scheurn

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