Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pisa #31 An Early Birthday Dinner!!

Another letter to La Mama!
So what has been going down since the last time that I wrote you guys! Everything is going sweet here as always thanks to the Lord of course! So Are baptism dates continue to just grow stronger and stronger! Lin passed the interview he will baptized this Saturday by me! He chose me! Our return missionary in our branch will confirm him and give him Holy Ghost! Wang will have his interview tomorrow so please pray for him! I'm sure he will do just fine! They are so humble and just so smart and just want to learn everything it is absolutely just amazing!!!! We watched the John Tanner story with them! I'm sure you know this video or story its true during the time of Joseph smith and he gives so much money to the church to save it and travels more then 1000 miles! Well long story short at the end of the movie Lin was bearing testimony! And sure enough he had cried by the end of the video! He is amazing mom I love him so so so much! and Wang is just studs!! Hmm they are so BOSS!!!!! I will let them know about the CTR rings in Chinese i'm sure they would absolutely love that so so much! They are awesome! The work is just awesome! Its been a little tough but the Lord is just and will do what he wants if we are willing to give all of us to him! I love it!
Azula continues to do awesome!! We will see her soon! Also we found a new investigator named Elenora who is freaking awesome!! She seems pretty elect she read in the Book of Mormon and is doing good and asked the golden questions like why are we here, and what is the purpose of this life and where do we go? So we will talk about that the next times we see her! She is sweet! Floretino actually moved back to Philippines because his wife's mom had died but he says that he will investigate the church in Philippines which is sweet! And he is a man so we ok on that! But work continues to be good! Me and Giove just continue to do what we need to do to find these lost sheep! I love it so much its just an adventure!
Thats so funny about that story you told me about Noah and Gwen! O My goodness I love my nephews and nieces so much! I brag about them all of the time! Ha its awesome! Mom your new car is awesome!!!! I love it!!! So basically when I get home I will be driving that! So its all good haha! Hmm but what else for real! We continue to do what the Lord wants us to do!
If you can record Vaughn's farewell, do it like tape recorder that would be fantastic!!!!He is such a stud, I love that kid so so much! Awesome kid! Well I need to go but mom I will get lots and lots of pictures of the baptism!!!! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH YOU AND DAD ARE AMAZING AND JUST CONTINUE TO BLESS MY LIFE SO MUCH! I know that we are so close to each other but far away!! I love you all so so much give the family my love!!!
o and by the way Sorella Sarti in our branch told me that she is going to have a birthday party for me and invite Lin and Wang and some new converts!! haha I want you to meet her mom she is HYSTERICAL AWESOME lady!! I will take pics of that as well!
Love you so so much,
Love Anziano Scheurn
Rhett's Birthday is not until September 20th, but it was nice he could take his comps to dinner!

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