Friday, August 26, 2011

#28 Pisa "We Rejoice"

AWWW Yeah Anziano Scheurn Reporting!
Alright so there has been such great things happening this transfer it is just crazy!!!! Mom I know that your temple attendance and your prayers for me are just keeping this work moving it is just fantastic! So we are doing great with Wang Xang! But we moved his date to the 17 of September because we have another baptismal DATE!!!!! AW YEAH with Ling! Mom I'm not even kidding you! These to Chinese brothers are so ready for this gospel it just crazy!! We are seriously just like sitting there asking them these questions like why do we need repentance and they are giving these Preach My Gospel answers its crazy! So they both will be baptized on September 17!!!! SWEET!!!! Hmm what else ok so I'm sorry that I did not write you on p-day we had to do a scambi with the zone leaders so we had to change p-days my bad!!! But it went very very good the scambi! I had the opportunity to work with Anziano Henginger! He is a cool guy! I learned so much from him it was great and we found 2 new investigators who are just super solid! Ones name is Florentino and he is awesome but he is from Philippines! When we had the lesson with him it was a little difficult because he does not speak good Italian or English because usually people from Philippines they speak good English, but he doesn't! But he had read the testimony of Joseph Smith and he believes!!!!! So I think we will try to talk to president to see if we can maybe have someone speak to him in native tongue or something! It will be awesome!!!! And we also found a women named Joy!! She is from Nigeria she is awesome!!!! We even gave her a soft invite to be baptized on the street so basically we said "when you know that these things are true by praying to God will you be baptized by someone who holds the right authority of God and she said yes!!! But its kind of a bummer because I think that she is in the Firenze zone! But she will be baptized for sure! The work is just going so great right now! We are working so hard and I just see blessings coming from it! Its so great to see pictures of the nephews and nieces, man I just love all of them so much! I can't wait to see them again it will be glorious! Yeah I pray for Forrest everyday to really have that desire to serve because its not to late! Man I just see the blessings and how great it is of just being here for my Heavenly Father AND for me!! I just feel myself being converted day by day to this gospel! Its so amazing and everyone needs it in the world! Mom I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God! Its so great to know that we have the guidance of a living prophet on the earth today! I just love this church so much!!!
So mom we had to go back to the base to get Anziano Gioves foot operated on because his toe was hurting him! So we went back to get the in grown toe nail cut! So he did it and it didn't hurt him! But this morning we received a phone call from Sorrela Wolfgramm and she talked to Giove and after she wanted to talk to me! Mom let me just tell you how much I love her and how amazing she is! She is the best mission mom in all the missions! I have so much respect for her! She loves all of her missionaries! She went on to tell me Anziano Scheurn how are you and I said I'm doing great Sorella Wolfgramm and she said, but really how are you doing and I said good again! She went on to tell how much she loves you and how close she feels to you! Then I said well yeah she is the best mom in the world!!! And she said Anziano Scheurn you are so amazing, me and President Wolfgramm are so fortunate to have you in this mission. She is just so AWESOME!!!!!! Man she rocks!! But yeah its so great having her and Presdient Wolfgramm!
So Mom this work is going great thanks to our Heavenly Father! I just love this work! It is hard mom I'm not going to lie! But it is just so amazing to know that the Lord is helping me every step of the way!! I just need to give it my all!! We have to amazing baptismal dates and we just need to keep going!! Like trains just keep going and harvesting those souls to bring them unto Christ! I have been taking lots and lots of pictures as well so those will be coming in a week or so, so be ready for that! Mom I will continue to work hard! Stay close to the gospel with holding firm to the Iron Rod!
"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we prophecy in Christ and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of there sins!"
2 Nephi 25;26
That scripture is on my planner, I just love it so much! Man its just makes me realize how great I have it to have an amazing Savior who suffered for our sins! I'm so thankful for the atonement mom! Please remember it and through Christ we can do ALL things!!! No matter what!! Well I need to go but tell everyone I love them to death!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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  1. What an amazing letter! What an awesome testimony! I am so honored to be able to read his letters and feel his enthusiasm and love for missionary work. He is a great example. Thanks for sharing him with all of us.