Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#26 Pisa," Bisquick and A NEW Bike Sea"t!!!

Pops, it is nice you won the Hawaii trip! You are such a hard worker you deserve a awesome vacation! I love you so so much and I hear your just tearin it up in B ball!! I mean I knew you would so its all good! Mom told me that! How is work? I hope good! Everything here is good! I hope your doing good Pops your amazing and i'm so thankful for you and your example! O BTW I got Bisquick from the base so I need you to send me how to make Toms pancakes so I can make them awww yeah!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

So how it be doin!? Ok so let me start out with transfers you are really going to get a kick out of what is going on with transfers! :) Ok so this is what is going down! Me and Giove are actually staying in Pisa, nothing is happening to us! And you know that Anz Newton is going home so that means someone is taking his place! ANZ FREE!!! He is going to Livorno! He will be in my district which is freaking awesome so that is cool, I will get to see him a lot! There is a missionary named Anz Bona i'm not really sure who he is but he is going to La Spezia with Anz Winward and Bona. They are going to be the new district leaders! Man its going to be hard to be used to not having Anz Newton! But hey its all good we will see what happens with Bona! Hmm so one of our zone leaders is actually leaving his name is Anz Armenise he is awesome and so funny!!! He is italian it kind of sucks he is leaving too but... guess who will be replacing and taking his spot in Firenze as my new zone leader! Yup you guessed it Anz Aranda! YEAH!!! Its so funny but its all good! So that is all that is going down with transfers! Everything else is the same so you can send packages!
So about what I want in my birthday package, mom it doesn't really matter! haha like i'm a easy guy, like your packages are already amazing so like I don't really know what you could do different! It doesn't matter to me it could be a birthday surprise! But i'm sending the pictures TODAY! I promise so you will get them in about a week or so! Hmm so what else is going on! My boy Anziano West is going home this transfer! So I found out when we were in Lecco me and Anz West, we had a chinese investigator named Ben, I might have told you about him but he is a stud! But President told me that he got baptized!!!!!! o yeah!!! I was so siked to hear that it defiantly made my day! I love Anziano West he is awesome! So I received a email from Anz Mangrum! Man I love that kid so much!! He is seriously a stud!!! I look up to him so much! I will defiantly hang out with him when I get home! He rocks!
So now we have a baptism date! With a chinese investigator named Wang Xang! He is awesome! He came to church last Sunday with 2 other chinese friends and they are all interested in the gospel, so pray for them because we might be looking at 3 baptism dates here!
A very funny story with Wang Xang, he was like O my gosh Brother! He calls us brother its awesome!!! But he was like brother I had an awesome experience with prayer!!!! He went on to say that a few nights ago when he was coming home late, he was waiting for a taxi and he was like so I prayed just like you guys told me to, to my Heavenly Father and boom a taxi was there for me right after I prayed! So that increased his testimony very quickly! So I went on to invite him to be baptized for the 3rd of September and wouldn't you know that that is his birthday!!!!! Its just crazy how the Lord works miracles! He is awesome and amazing! we also found a portuguese investigator named Veronica who is freaking awesome as well! We are trying to work with her! She has kind of had a rough time but she continues to tell us that she thinks that religion is the one thing she needs in her life, she is sweet!
Nothing else has really happened to much but the work is going good we just need to keep it up!
So Paul looks a little fruity... but he looks alright! I'm sure he is a very nice kid but i'm just saying that it will be very very tough to be Kentish!! Because I love that Kentish kid so much! I kind of expect Kentish to be waiting for me when I get off that plane!! Because that would be pretty killer! This work is awesome mom! By the way your clock is awesome!!!!!!! I sent letters to Gavin and Cita about 3 days ago so I don't know when they will get there but they will soon!
There are times of trials mom but we will always have them, trials in our life that is just how it is! We can either take them and get stronger or we can just collapse and be weak! But like its just so crazy If the world just knew that if we were to turn to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the world would just be such a greater place! I love this work its tough... but I just love it! Mom you don't need to worry about me at all, I know its tough sometimes! But when you find yourself in trouble just kneel down in prayer and everything will be alright! I cant believe it has been almost a year now!! its just going o so quick, I don't even know what to do with it. I just need to "keep going and live every minute of it".... as Anz Mangrum would say!! Well I need to go I love you so so so much!!
Love Your Boy Anziano Scheurn

O YEAH!!! I almost forgot! The reason why I took a picture of my bicycle seat is because... when we were at a appointment we came out to see that my bike seat had been stolen!!!! But its ok though because it was replaced my a hideous seat ha-ha!!!! I will send that picture now so you can see see!!! Just hilarious!!!!!

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