Wednesday, August 17, 2011


HEY!!!! Cara Famiglia!
Alright so this week has been pretty much one of the coolest weeks in my life! I'm not even joking there has been just crazy things happening and when I say crazy things I don't mean just in Pisa but I mean everywhere else!!! Ok so get this as you know the other day we had leadership training and we actually went to Modena for leadership meeting. It was my first time not going to Milano for leadership meeting so it was a little different but it was a good experience! Modena is just about, I don't know maybe 30 min from Bologna, I'm don't know i'm not to familiar around here but its close to there. So we ended up arriving and we saw all of the missionaries! It was so great to see everyone! I got to see Anz Bushman, Anz Terry, Anz Ellsworth and a lot more people it was so great! But anyway so it was one of the best leadership meetings I have ever had in the mission so far! The Spirit was just so strong and, when I walked out of there I was just pumped to just talk to everyone! It was sweet!!
But anyway so we actually received zone mail! And this is where it just gets so AWESOME!!!! ok so when I had left Lecco, me and Anz West were teaching that one chinese kid that I told you about named Ben!! Just a stud he actually has emailed me a couple times! He loves me he is such a good kid!! But anyway so long story short Anz West actually sent me some zone mail before he left! He sent two ties to me! One of which was the tie I wore for Rocco's baptism so that was just awesome! But the even better news I received were the words that came from his letter! So it turns out the kid Ben that we were teaching from China he got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! It was the best news to hear ever! BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE! It turns out that Ben will be serving a FULL TIME MISSION!!!!!!!! It just brought tears to my eyes as I read this! I'm so grateful that I could be a part of this great conversion! Its so amazing how the Lord works in just awesome and mysterious ways! But also some more news that he told me about was! When I went to Como for a scambio! There was a man that was walking by so I manned up and got the courage to talk to him! I did so and turns out that in the letter that Anziano West wrote me that man will be getting baptized as well!!!! All from an invite that I did and his girlfriend will be as well!!!!!!! It is just so killer!!!!! I know because Giove and I have just been working hard and obedient we are just seeing these mad and amazing miracles!! This work is SWEET!!!!
Ok so about our investigators! So Wang Xang is actually still doing awesome!! He is our baptismal date and he has came to church twice! He is awesome so things are still going good with him! Just please keep him in your prayers! So his friend Ling is also super solid, he has been to church 2 times as well and we will be inviting him to be baptized this week as well! He is a stud! He said and I quote! "I believe that the Book of Mormon is true! So that is so AWESOME!!! He will be getting baptized! We have a girl named Howenii from Ethiopia she is cool to but a little worried about her because she actually told us that she has seen Jesus Christ! Soooo I don't know what we will be doing about that but she is very spiritual and said she will pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not so that is awesome! We are still continuing to find these people to bring unto Christ so its pretty sweet!!! We just need to keep being diligent and things will keep going well! We need to continue to be obedient! Mom you becha I still can walk on my hands so don't worry about that ok :) Its pretty sweet! But anyway for my birthday, I just don't want things to get stolen! But I say you just wait because like towards the last six months of my mission I would want to start finding things that I could bring home with me! So like if we could save the money that would be ok to do as well.
Mom you and dad look amazing together and i'm just diggin the Hawaii Temple that is freaking swizzle!! Keep up those Temple trips! When I get home from my mission I will make it a goal to go to the Temple at least once a week because, not being able to go to a Temple really makes you appreciate how much you really need and love the Temple so that will be sick! But anyway yeah Anz Free is so sweet! He is awesome we will be hanging for p-days and what not! But anyway I love you all so much and you becha I will be teaching all of the grandkids Italiano because that is how I do! But anyway I love you all so so so much and the work is going good me and Giove are just continuing to really find the illect people and I know we can do so with the help of God! WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING ON OUR OWN! But I love you all so much!!!
o and mom I almost forgot to tell you I did see Sorella Lloyd. She was like is your moms name Tamy and i'm like yeah... it was funny but she is awesome! she is very very nice! A very cool girl! O and I received a letter, a random letter actually from a girl name dang it.... I forget but she lives in Queen Creek and she saw my blog and just decided to write me! Her last name is like .......... or something! But she just moved here from Oregon! I have no idea!!!! And do you know a family of Elsworths who lived in Queen Creek and now live in Nevada because we have an older couple here named Herndon and they have nephews and nieces named Ellsworth! I DON'T KNOW JUST CRAZY STUFF haha but love you!
Love Anziano Scheurn

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