Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#24 Pisa~ Uncle Rhett, Will you send us a sucker...PLEASE!!

Anziani Giove and Scheurn!
"I love you this much"!!
Anziano Scheurn loves Anziano Newton!!

Uncle Rhett, could you bring us all home a sucker that BIG??!!!

Anziano Newton!


So whats up pops? Everything is going awesome here, let me just say that your boy is going nuts trying to get this gospel to people haha because, everyone needs this gospel one way or another! But anyway I love you and your harley is sick!!! I'm a cowboy on a steel horse I ride! Also a real horse because thats how you do and you are a stud! I'm sure your just tearin it up in your calling! Keep going. love you lots

Love Anziano Scheurn

Alright so first off let me just say that i'm trying to do all that I can to take pictures haha its just so hard to send them off because i'm so rushed but im sending some pictures now so that will be awesome! So thats cool you guys are getting a foreign exchange student from France! But I don't know about the french haha but we will have to see what goes down! But you guys will do amazing anyway! Really really stoked about the box coming! As you know I absolutely love the boxes they are cosi forte! But yeah they are amazing! There has been a lot going on here! I mean we are defiantly still in the building process but I just know that we are going to see the Lords help here very soon I mean truth be told we have already seen the Lords help! I love this work so much I know that everyday is just a new day and we need to do all that we can to just wake up and begin a new day with that will power to just go and talk! It makes me feel just so selfish to think that I have this amazing gospel as well as my family, but by me not talking to people I really feel selfish when i'm not sharing it with people! But I know its what I need to do because the Lord needs me to do this!!!
Hmm so we have got into contact with some more members, we had a lesson with a family named La Famiglia Renose! Let me just tell you they ROCK!!! They are from Equator! They are so humble and I try to speak spanish with them haha they rock! We had a very spiritual lesson with them and how the family is just so important in the eyes of our Heavenly Father and how HIS plan is centered and focused on the family! He is so funny too! I love them to death! Hmm we had a couple of different encounters! We talked to this one girl and we asked what she believed in and she said well i'm a Jehovah Witness so we kind of were like, o great here we go again! They just want to argue! But it turned out to be quite tranquillo! She just was so confused poor girl, like I just felt so bad! She had told us that there was no need for the Book of Mormon and how the Bible doesn't say anything about the prophesying of the Book of Mormon which in reality it does! It talks about the stick of Judah and stick of Joseph but I was very proud of myself because, I sinced that Giove kind of wanted to continue to go on and kind of argue but I said before it could get out of hand, that prayer is so important. So I left her a little restoration book and asked her to pray to find out if the religion she was in was true or no! So I was really proud that we did not bash! But that was crazy!
Hmm about Anziano West! Man I seriously love that kid mom! He goes home this transfer but he is a stud missionary! I love him so much and he wants me to go to Lake Powell with him when I come home haha! He rocks! I learned so much from him as well! But yeah transfers are in about 2 weeks! So we will see what goes down! Hmm what else there really isn't else much going on! We are seriously doing everything we can to find investigators right now! But I know that this is just a faith builder and the Lord will always give us faith testers! And when HE does we need to be ready for them! And just put our trust in him and everything will be ok!
Anyway thats all I got right now! Mom I love you so much and tell everyone how much I love them! Almost one year out already time is just flying! But anyway I love you so much remember to always express your testimony, the world needs this gospel!!! ITS A FACT! Well I love you so much and am so thankful for your support and all that you do for me!
Love Anz Scheurn

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