Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#22 "Come State Oggi"!

La Mia Familgia!!

Io sto bene qua in Italia! Man my italian I just cant believe how much my Heavenly Father has helped me with the italian language! Man its insane! I'm so thankful to have HIM in my life to bless me but I know only by our obedience and efforts we are blessed! But anyway so how is the fam doing!! Everything is going great here! Ok so just a couple of new stories for the week! haha you all are going to get a kick out of these stories! I have to very big stories and they both happened on the same day! Ha its just funny! But anyway so we had just finished studies and it was time to head out to do some finding work! So we went out! I didn't tell you this yet but Pisa is GHETTO and I love it! There is a place that we literately call it the Ghetto and there is just endless casa that we do there and its just awesome!! But anyway we were in the Ghetto and we were street contacting this one kid and we were really touched with the spirit when all of the sudden!!! We heard car breaks behind us!! They slammed very hard! We were like what the heck!!! So we looked back and there was a man with his car stopped right in the middle of the road and had this biker pinned down so the biker could not go anywhere! It was crazy! But anyway he was threatening the biker because I guess the biker did something to make this driver mad! So I looked at Giove and he was like just let it go it will settle itself out.. so finally the biker kind of started to get away but the man followed him and kicked him off his bike and this biker fell flat on his back and the biker was about 55 NOT COOL!!! So me and Giove dropped are bags and helmets and we ran over there and the man kind of got frightened! So we separated it and the man got back in his car and drove off but.. just when you think its over. it isn't over. In fact as the man was driving off very slow, the biker kicked the mans door and dented it hard!!! So the man in the car stopped again and came out and started to kick the mans bike! So me and Giove separated them again! And the man just took off in his car! It was intense! And this in the same day! We were doing parco which is park and we were talking to these two egyptians and they just started going off on bashing with us about how Muslim religion is right! I knew it was wrong to bash but he just was not making sense.. saying that Heavenly Father is a spirit. When we gave him the examples in the bible how Moses saw the hand of God and as well as Abraham talked face to face with God.. just funny but anyway we don't need to bash but those were the crazy stories of the week!
Ok so about are branch! Here is the deal I was not informed when I was coming to Pisa that our church will be shut down!!!!!!!!!!! For 4 months! Because it is one of the oldest churches in the mission they are going to redo it! So now it will be super tough to get investigators to church! Because we have to go to church in Livorno now, which is about 15 min away in train so it will be difficult but I guess its kind of a good thing because now we will really be able to tell the elect. But anyway our branch president is cool. I don't really know him yet but he seems cool. His dad or Babbo that is what they call dads here, he is actually the Ward Mission Leader and he is really awesome! But I love our branch i'm still trying to get used to it but in no time I will be used to it! But we have hmm probably about 40 people in our branch and yes they have everything that you said so its a good solid church! I met a man from Brazil who actually lives close to Eric! Which is sweet! But anyway! Its cool I like our branch!
The work has actually been going better we have found so many potentials!! Its ridiculous so we are going to get some baptism invites coming up in here very soon! But anyway its a guideline to have 20 lessons in a week if you can do that President Boyd K. Packer said that are baptisms will double!!! So we are definitely working extremely hard to reach these goals! But anyway it has been just a scorcher! Its FA CALDO... but its ok because the blessings will come as long as we are working hard! I'm stoked to get your package soon! Hmm what else ok so everyone is looking good in cali! Sounds like you all are having a blast! But hey its ok i'm having a blast! I just need to find those people who are elect to have a blast with me!! haha but anyway its so good to hear from everyone and see pictures! But I love you so much mom and am so thankful for all your support that you give to me! Its awesome! Thank you for all that you do! For the prayers and for the packages! My parents are awesome! Am so thankful for them and there support and even for my whole family! But anyway I need to go! We are actually going to Firenze today!!!! O yeah for p-day it will be sick, but I love you guys!!
Love Anziano Scheurn
P.S. tell those girl cousins to take it easy. Eh. haha love you!!!

Livorno, Italy where Anziano Scheurn will go to church!!!

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