Wednesday, July 20, 2011

# 23 P-Day In Cinque Terre, Still in Pisa!!!

Hey!! Mom!!!! Cinque Terre!
It is about 16.55 here and we just got done with a awesome p day. We went to Cinque Terre!! It is so gorgeous o my goodness its seriously amazing! The Mediterranean Sea is just gorgeous and clear. I took a lot of pictures and I will be sending those really soon! But anyway yes I did receive the packages and let me just tell you mom!!!! THEY ROCK!!!!!!! Thank you so much man you do just not even realize how great it was to have some macaroni! It was amazing! Hmm what else has gone down! Ok well we still have not had any luck yet but its okay because its coming very soon I can just feel it! Me and Giove just need to continue what were doing and I know that the Lord will bless us!
So we had interviews yesterday! I honestly can't even tell you mom how much President Wolfgramm and Sorella Wolfgramm are AWESOME!!!! They are seriously so great! I just know that President is inspired of God! Our interview went really really well! He said my Italian is very good! And that like I guess he told me that Anziano Giove my companion really looks up to me! Anziano Giove told President that he hopes that his little brother can end up just like me when he is older! I love Giove! STUD! Hmm so we have a couple of sweet investigators! A couple of chinese teenagers! They are awesome! And then this girl named Jenny who is from Equator! I speak spanish with her haha!!! I try! Then there is Erosy she is from Brazil! She is awesome! We just need to teach the needs to these people and I know that the Lord will bless us! Its really cool what President Holland said, he said, " These people that we teach, they are not people disguised as a baptismal date. They are real people! And we need to help them"! Its so very true we need to just do all we can to meet there needs and it will work out because we all know that some way or another in this gospel something in it will trigger the happiness in someone! We just need to find out what will do that!
There is a girl here a new convert named Sorella Sarti she is about 70 SHE ROCKS!!!! She is so funny, she honestly reminds me of you its crazy! She loves me! She calls me her grandson! She rocks! Hmm but anyway! Its so amazing mom! I feel so close to our Heavenly Father right now! Even though we are so far away its just insane I just feel like the Lord is keeping us still close along with all of my other family! This work is amazing! Pisa needs me and technically I need Pisa! Its just so great to be able to serve my Heavenly Father! I'm so glad to be soldier on the front line with Him!
So here is the thing! Are district leader! Anziano Newton!!! He rocks!! It is his last transfer he goes home in 3 weeks! He is such a stud!!! He was a travel A.P. he is so awesome I love the kid so much! He has some feeling about the next transfers that worries me. But any changes is between the Lord and President Wolfgramm! I know what every President Wolfgramm says is inspired of God so that is a good thing! Hmm what else! Everything is going good! O yeah I wrote Blake, Cita and Gavin a letter I will be sending those off today so that will be a good treat I hope! Man you tell Pops he is freaking awesome!!!!!!
It was crazy! Just another kind of funny story! The other day me and Giove were coming home to the house to be in for the night! But we see a new convert kind of walking on the street and she has a puzzled look on her face so we stop and say hey Sorrella! Tutto Bene?
Lei Ci Ha Detto " No il mio catto, non posso trovarLo. which means like I cant find my cat!
So me and Giove were like ok, Possiamo Aiutare! Which means we can help!
We were going through like bushes and like forrests looking for this stupid cat! haha and sure enough we came home and the cat was right next to her house! And when we found it she was like o thanks. Like we were like WHAT... just thanks haha She didn't even sound stoked! It was funny!
But anyway I love you so much mom and I love pops and all of my family so much! Being on my mission this long has made me realize how much we need this gospel in our lives! I love it! Make sure you hold on to that Iron Rod please do not ever let go! This Gospel is amazing!!! I love you a lot mom! Don't worry time is going quick ...iiight!
Love you all LOTS!
Love Anziano Scheurn Cinque Terre!!!! LETS GO!!!

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