Friday, May 6, 2011

Sorry Rhett!

We finally received some pictures of Anziano Scheurn. When I received the envelope with the CD I first check it out on my computer to see if there were, in fact pictures on the CD!! Why you might ask??? About a six weeks ago Rhett emailed me telling me he had sent a CD with a lot of pictures on it and he said I was going to love them!! What mom would not... Right! So after waiting 3 weeks for it... I did not check it and went straight to Costco to have them printed! I was SO excited to see them! I put the CD in to print them AND... It was BLANK!!!! WHAT!!! After waiting forever!! Rhett had written and said he was having a interview with his President that week on Thursday! With the mail situation from Italy, the worst and knowing Rhett had sent the pictures over three weeks ago... Tom and I were sad and worried that Rhett had already deleted them from his camera! Tom wanted me to call Rhett's President, knowing they had interviews the next day, and ask the President to tell Rhett that the CD was blank and ask him if he deleted the pictures! Okay us Missionary Moms are always being accused of being somewhat nuts when our missionaries are out BUT... I now know Tom is way worst than me! I told Tom that I felt pretty sure that that would not be a good reason to call President Wolfgramm!! You might ask how we got through two other missionaries without ever calling their Presidents.... I do not know! BUT for the record let me make this CRYSTAL CLEAR.... I did not call President Wolfgramm nor would I let Tom! Rhett was smart enough not to delete them before we let him know we received them! In the envelope with the CD this time, there was a hand written Mothers Day letter that so sweet and tender.... I feel sure that these pictures came when they were suppose to come just at the perfect time! This will be a Mothers Day I will treasure!! Rhett asked me to post a few on his blog but with fifty pictures how do I pick!! Sorry Rhett... I put more than a few!! We love you Anziano Scheurn and we are so proud of you!

Aziano Scheurn's Church building!

Lake Como in the back ground!

Rhett's Companion is on the right, Anziano Anderson!

Anziano Bushman from Gilbert High! Rhett and him will forever be friends!


P-day, they went hiking in the mountains! Looking at Rhett's wing span....No wonder why we can never find sleeves long enough!

Bowling on another P-day!

Check out the Italian bowling shoes! NICE!!!

Not sure what this is all about!! But it looks fun!!

Someone need to tell Rhett to take his helmet off before pictures! But maybe he does not want anyone to see his helmet hair!!

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