Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lecco #13

Arighty! So mom, I feel very bad that I did not get to talk to you on the phone for very long! You just have to know even though that I might cry sometimes, i'm just very very thankful to have a righteous and amazing mom and family who support me so much! I cant believe all the support I get. it just shows how blessed I am and how much my Father in Heaven cares about me! I love this work! I know it may be hard sometimes, but I have learned that in a mission you just need and I mean need to look at the brightside of things because if you don't.... man it will be tough to keep going so that has helped me a lot!! I loved being able to talk to everyone on skype for a short time and the phone even for a short time! It was awesome! I know I miss my family a lot but.. that time we will have in the eternities will be so glorious and... when I get home and we all are together! Everyone will be reunited again! So yeah if you could send that flag that would be amazing! I don't know what else I really need. I know that they don't have Resess here, you know the chocolate with peanut butter so those would defiantly be gold! Is there anything specific you would like from here? Just holler and let me know! I will send it A.S.A.P.! I'm really glad that you liked the pictures!! I have some more coming your way so don't you worry about that I will take a lot of pictures! When we hung up the phone we headed to Merate to go do a blitz, it was awesome! We ended up finding those Anziani 7 new investigators in one day!!!!! Man its so scary to just start talking to people in Italian. But like I know that the Lord will help me and give me the words at that very moment. After i'm done talking to someone and I get a number on how we can contact them again after were done speaking, man I just feel so good!!!! I'm like bring it on... lets go talk to another one baby!!! I love this work!! After that we headed to Lecco to do some work and gave our 6 Books of Mormon in one day!! 4 Italian 1 in English and 1 in Romanian! Man I got to work with Anziano Giove for a scambi!! Man that kid is AWESOME!!!!! He has so much faith and he is just a machine and just talks... I love him a lot! It was great and we ended up picking up two new really awesome investigators for our city!! That is basically all that has been going on right now! But mom I will send more pictures and I will try to send more key detail that has happened in the next week letter. But since I talked to you on Sunday and told you what happened this past week.... that is all I got this week! But just know I love you so much and I love my family a bunch as well! I love you and am so thankful for the support. I hope you are all doing well! Tell Dennis Ray and President Andersen they are studs and I love them and am so thankful for them in my life!


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