Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lecco #11 "A Brick"

So this week nothing interesting really happened we are still trying to get our investigators to take the step of baptism and show there faith in being baptized but.... Man I tell you!!!! We ran into a couple of Jehovah Witnesses, but it was fun I enjoy it! I don't bash though because I know that when I bash the spirit is not there! So when I feel like they are starting to bash I simply say..... "Siamo qua come Missionari di invitare le persone di vinere a Cristo"!!! (we are here as misionaries to invite people to Christ) Then I just depart like the missionary I am! Last week we had ward council meeting but guess what, we got to the church to find out that our ward mission leader did not call us to tell us that it was cancelled. Hmm ok... I guess he was at the temple in Switzerland so its all good! Man I think the hardest thing for people to realize here is the fact that they need to get to church, to come unto the waters of baptism but, they just don't understand this. I try to stress that they need to take the sacrament first but.. they just can't get it. But its all good! Because I will make something happen!!! Thats my mom baby!! Helping out those missionaries! Mom I know that you have always been a giver, seriously like it is so amazing how much you just give! I love it so much and you just look out to help everyone its FORTE!! (strong). So Nick is writing me as well! I love that kid so much he is just being a beast in Paraguay right now and he is awesome! Before every football game he would tell me when we were in our pads and all he would say is "Rhett... DO WHAT YOU DO" and I would just get pumped!!! I just received a letter from him saying "Rhett... ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOUR DOING"!!!! ha-ha I love that kid so much he is such a stud! So how is the whole family? I hope they are all doing good! I loved the scriptures that you sent me from Stake Conference that is sweet! It sounds like you all had an uplifting Stake Conference that makes me feel good! Its always so amazing to hear the words of a higher authority, they are just so inspirational! So the pictures I received of you guys riding the horses were awesome!!!! Every time I tell members or investigators that you and dad met at a rodeo they are just like what!!!! Thats awesome and i'm like duh.... I know they are studs!! FORTE! OK so thats awesome about the exchange student. Actually Milano is its own zone! There is Milano 1, 2 and 3 and they make up the Milano Zone! Milano is huge!! I don't really get to talk with anyone other then my District and Zone Leaders because they banned the rule of calling other people from different zones! But yeah it is not far though.... On a train it is only about hmmm.. like 30 min away so its not bad at all, and Muggio and Monza are in Milano its huge!!! Anziano Bushman is in Muggio! He is doing good! I was the only new missionary to get placed with a native so... I don't know ...President is definitely testing me ha-ha! But hey I am a BRICK WALL... I will never come down!! Yeah mom those boxes were amazing!!! Anziano Aranda loved his box he already ate everything!!! ha-ha its awesome how amazing you are that just shows how much you serve! So its awesome man, we give out about 4 Books of Mormon a day and it just feels so good to talk to people about this gospel I love it so much!! Ok so about the calling plans! I will be on at 4 in the afternoon here ok.... so it will be at 8 in the morning your time, this is when I will be on skype! After that I will call on a actual phone so it will be six pm here, and ten am there! So, just be ready around there to answer the phone!! Those are the calling plans IIGHT!!!!!! So tell Walker that I always got his back baby!! I love him a ton! Alright well I need to go and tell dad that his vegetables in his garden looks amazing!!!!! BEN FATTO!!! (good job) I love you so much and you know that I always carry your heart with me and I am looking forward to the box coming!!! I love you so much mom and am so thankful for yours and dads support!!! Just keep on trucking!! I love Eric as well and I cant wait to see him!!! I love you LOTZ!!!!!!!
Love Anziano Scheurn

Ok so I just want to tell you I love you and I gave mom all the details about what I will be doing for Mothers Day next week. I have an awesome amazing letter coming your way!
I love you dad so much and I'm so thankful for your support thank you so so so much!! I continue to pray for you everyday! Keep with this gospel its what we need!
P.S. I love those Lakers getting whoooooooped!!! Aw yeah!!! I will give you details about that girl next week because it was in a different city so I will talk to those
missionaries and ask them what has gone on with her!


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