Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lecco #9 April 20. 11


Man you can always count on a fantastic and the best missionary mom every to write a super duper long letter! I love it and I love dads letters too!! Ok so not much has happened still getting used to the whole new companion thing but hey everything is going to be alright because i'm Azniano Scheurn and I have our Father in heaven with me to help!! So before we go into the letter let me say I did not delete the pictures!! WOOOH HOOO !!! So I will resend them again as soon as I can!! Im so happy for your guys anniversary!! My parents are freaking amazing!! Man I love Ruby a lot and its kind of a bummer, hope she does well!! I saw the pictures of the puppies they are pretty adorable and a great name for a girl in Italian is, Giuseppina Bella!! Sorella is gorgeous she looks like a solid horse! Tell dad that if he would like me to teach him a couple things about roping I can. I'm always here to teach! That is pretty sweet you got dad a new saddle too! I bet he loved that as well! Ok lets take it easy with that ice machine ok!? That is awesome!! I'm sure you and the grandkids will love that! Keep it working for me when I get home so I can use it!! Yeah that Atonement lesson is so solid!! I have used it a lot more since I wrote you!!! Man Brother Ray is a absolute stud!! I miss him so much, he is so solid!! That man will do anything to help out the church or sacrament meeting and his wife is amazing as well!! They are so perfect!! How is Noah doing in football! It is so great to here about the grandkids its awesome!! So about Walker, I love him so much and Joe and Blake and Posey they are all awesome and im so thankful for there support! Walker did tell me a little about his ragazza so that is pretty sweet!! I really do hope that everything works out with him and her! That story about Walker and the truck is fechin hilarious!!! I can just see Walker saying that and just pulling up in his truck, that is so funny!!! He is such a good kid!! Yeah in Italy everyone does close around noon to go and eat lunch. Lunches here are huge! But dinners are very small its so different then the United States! Yeah you definitely need to keep me posted on the foreign exchange student I can speak Italian with that student if you get one!! So my interview with president went very well! He is awesome! I love him a lot and Sorella Wolfgramm is amazing as well! Ok so there have been a couple of funny stories! One was we were walking down the street doing street contacting when there was a Catholic Priest who walked by and started to make fun of us it was pretty funny!! Another was we ate at a nigerians house and he fed us very very very spicy food and we just were not feeling good after it was awesome!! So every transfer we go on scambi (exchanges) with the zone leaders and our zone leaders are Anziano Curtis and Peterson. Anziano Peterson goes home this transfer, man he is the biggest stud ever, I love him, he has taught me so much its insane!! He gave me a little demonstration with faith and I thought I could share it with you. In order to do this work we obviously need to have faith that is a given!! He told me that he likes to look at it like this! God is in heaven and he has a map in front of him which is the world!! He looks at the map and every time he sees a light turn on that means that someone has faith and he will come down and work miracles! In the United states there are a lot of lights turned on! But in Italy not so much! But I know that when I wake up I need to have that faith so our Heavenly Father says.... ok Anziano Scheurn has faith lets go help him! I loved this analogy so much that it is just changing the way I look at life and I love it! Im constantly caring a book of mormon in my hand to share with people because I know I have that faith that I WILL give it out and it is awesome! Dobbiamo Avere Fede di Fare Queste Cose! (we must have faith to do these things)
I Love Anziano Anderson a ton! He is a stud!!! He will do amazing things in Verona!
I also Love Anziano Mangrum the A.P.... man that kid is the biggest stud!!! He just oozes with faith! Amazing missionary!
Well mom I love you so much and I love this work! I'm growing to love it more and more each day! I know that this work is going to start just going crazy because I know that the FAITH of Anziano Scheurn is going to just sky rocket!!! I hope you are doing well I pray for you and dad constantly, to make sure you guys are doing well! Man we need this gospel so much its crazy!! My language is coming a long amazingly well. I know it is because of your guys faith and prayers in me!!

I know this church is true and that Joseph Smith restored the true gospel on the earth!
Io Amo questa Chiesa! (I love this church.) E molto importante nella mia Vita! (It is very important in my life.) Dobbiamo Seguire il nostro Salvatore Gesu Cristo! (We ought to follow our Savior Jesus Christ.) Io so Le famiglie loro posono esere inseme per Eternita! ( I know families can be together for eternity.) Questa Lavoro Sto Facendo E la Vero Lavoro della Nostro Salvatore Gesu Cristo! (This work I am doing is the true work of our Saviour Jesus Christ.)
Lots of love and I told you in my last email on what I can do for calling on the Mothers day so reread that if you will and respond on what you guys would like me to do! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!

Love Anziano Scheurn

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